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Found 2 results

  1. I’m curious how fellow Heoites feel about allow the neck to considered a limb for stretching purposes. I know for martialmaneuvers it is considered a limb. I’m thinking the use would be for a classic elastic guy to poke his head around corners or a few meters away (limited of course by stretching bought.)
  2. Hello, new to this forum, but not to champions or hero system, although a few things have changed since the last edition I saw. Played a lot of superhero champions and a few fantasy hero games in the 80's, and thinking about trying to introduce it to current pathfinder/D&D group. That said, I'm trying to make a power and not getting where I want to. I'd like my villain to be able to make shields as a blocking action (like, abort his next action) that are barriers. I can build the barriers (X rPD, X rED, Non-anchored, cannot englobe, instant, larger (+1 by +1 M), 1 Body, always same Red Hex shape). but I think making them is an attack action, and so he couldn't make them except on his attacks. Am I right? How could I build this? I'd like to make a slightly but not horribly annoying mini-boss, who can defend himself by making a wall that blocks the next attack shot at it; so if he builds a few walls, he can protect himself from attack from a few different directions. Hopefully I'm explaining this well enough; if not, please let me know. Thanks, Stel