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Found 1 result

  1. No, this isn't a sick internet porn thing. I'm creating a giant spider creature, and I'd like it to have the ability to lay out fine strands of criss-crossed webbing throughout an area that, if anybody touches / breaks a strand, the spider would feel it through the web and know where the person is. Ideally, with care (moving relatively slowly and/or using something like Acrobatics) a person could pass through the area without touching a web strand and alerting the Mega-Spidey. My initial thought is to use the Wide-Band Vibro-Sense from the 6E Champions Powers book (p. 353): Detect Physical Vibrations (Touch Group), Discriminatory, Range, Targeting, 360-Degree Arc, though swapping out the Contact with Ground for Limited Range (10-20m). But how to model the strand avoidance? Link it to an AoE Change Environment? Or some other idea?