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Found 2 results

  1. Halloween adventure

    I Know it maybe a late, but I also hope people can share their stories,liking interesting adventure, exciting games, or play with relatives and friends. For me, as a game fan, like to play exciting games, Friday the 13th, the game was made from the movie prototype,with terrifying atmosphere, it's a fit to Halloween theme.
  2. It's already the middle of December? Inconceivable! I suppose that means it's time to start thinking about Superdrafts for 2016. We had a pretty great year in 2015. Collectively, we trashed VIPER, collaborated on two different drafts, saved the universe through music, built archetype-based teams, and faced some of the deepest horrors ever presented in the NGD. Participation and voting were, almost without exception, as high as we've ever seen. What will we do in 2016 for a follow-up? Let's get some ideas on the table, ladies and gentlemen!