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Found 2 results

  1. I have a multipower and in it I have a standard barrier power Wall of Earth Barrier 4 PD/4 ED, 6 BODY (up to 12m long, 4m tall, and 1m thick), Opaque (Sight Group) just for an example from the book I use it and put it up infront of me during my first phase. Then on my second phase I can act again I switch to another power in my multipower slot Now what happens with the wall According to the text in the rule book for 6:edition it should stay there since it is a physical object? A Barrier, once created, is a physical object that remains in existence until destroyed by attacks, the passage of time, or other factors. Or does the "other factors" imply here and remove the barrier?
  2. As I understand it, base STR used with a HA that has an advantage like Affects Desolid is prorated (so, say, 30 STR with +3d6 HA Affects Desolid would do 4d6 + 3d6 = 7d6 Affects Desolid). (And am I correct that it doesn't do 9d6 vs. solid targets, and only 7d6 vs. desolid targets?) Would this prorating apply to additional STR bought as a slot in a Multipower? In other words, would 30 STR base with 15 STR Affects Desolid in a Multipower have 35 STR vs. all targets (whether solid or desolid), or would he have 45 STR vs. solid targets and only 20 STR vs. Desolid targets?