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Found 4 results

  1. I’m curious how fellow Heoites feel about allow the neck to considered a limb for stretching purposes. I know for martialmaneuvers it is considered a limb. I’m thinking the use would be for a classic elastic guy to poke his head around corners or a few meters away (limited of course by stretching bought.)
  2. Version


    One of the great perks of being a Hero System gamer and member of this forum community, is that we're able to ask rules questions of the guy who wrote the rules, Steven S. Long, and get a prompt reply. In the past Hero Games has compiled these very exhaustive rules questions into a FAQ, viewable on the website as a webpage, and later as a downloadable PDF. Several years ago Hero Games management redesigned the website, and according to Jason Walters, decided at that time not to include the FAQ. But since I still frequently see Hero fans asking rules questions on these forums, there's obviously still a demand for info like this. So I decided to upload my own copies of the rules FAQ. Jason has approved of this. Here you'll find three separate PDFs, each with rules questions relevant to one edition of the Hero System: the original Fifth Edition (updated until 2004); Fifth Edition, Revised (updated 2005); and also a more abbreviated FAQ for Sixth Edition (as of 2010). I hope you find these helpful.
  3. Classic Cinematic Battles in Hero

    I have an idea I want to pursue in the coming months as I have time (and others should contribute as they think of battles as well) in which I break down a classic TV or movie fight scene in Hero terms. The first one I want to do is the final confrontation in Unforgiven where Sheriff "Little" Bill Daggett dies. Some of them are so long or complicated they're really tough to pull off in a description for a game, but there are a lot of great ones. Like the lobby scene in The Matrix or final battle between Bolo Yeung and Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. What are some other film scenes that would be fun or interesting to do?
  4. A player in a game I'm running noticed the Possession power in the Hero Designer, but none of us can actually find the source material. Is there a way to find where this one came from? I don't see it in any index, can't find it on a forum or internet search... just, nothing so far. So, I guess it's a simple one, but every time I think I've got all the major rules, there's another thing hidden in there. ...like something about taking Computer Programming causing a character to be in direct competition with the writer of the Hero System... *cough* *cough*