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Found 4 results

  1. Nest Leader Creation by Committee! What could go wrong? Scott Bennie's excellent VIPER work really showed us what Nest Leaders could be like in their motivations and such. And as I Hope, one day, to get back into gaming my local group in a setting that includes "The people of Campaign City" (See the link in my sig for that if you haven't already) I thought I better bring a VIPER nest leader into things after all. But I miss my days of Poll madness so... hence the nutty "Nest Leader by Committee" Idea. Please vote. While there are many many more options, I think I've got enough options to appease EDIT: And I should say the poll was settled well over a week ago so that's done and I've dropped the poll. But read on to see the results.
  2. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Who is your favorite VIPER Dragon Branch member? Is it Ripper? Half-Jack? Occlon? Freon? Dragonis? Power Crushed? Boa Constrictor? Someone else?
  3. SHIELD Helicarrier

    So working in my Champions Campaign and my group has received a base of my version of SHIELD (UNTIL in Champions universe). I got a copy of The Ultimate Base and saw this photo. It looks a lot like a Helicarrier but I can't seem to find stats for it. I looked in The Ultimate Base and my UNTIL guides and didn't find it. So where do I find it's stats or if there is no stats, has anyone made stats for it? It would be useful info for my campaign.
  4. Viper Paper Miniatures



    A set of paper miniatures for VIPER characters. Print out and cut, fold, and use for your game!