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Found 5 results

  1. You're at Campaign City Bank again. This time, by an astonishing coincidence, Negator (see this thread) and Magic Word (see Hermit's The Adventures of Fish Guy) show up to rob the bank the same day. Neither is particularly pleased to see the other. The two approach each other and Negator says, "Nice tux, the Hunger Games convention isn't until next month." To this, Magic Word replies, "PLEASE, go take a long walk off a short pier." As a result, Magic Word is now in a fetal position on the lobby floor, crying inconsolably. As for Negator, He turned and walked out of the bank, and appears to be headed in the direction of Campaign City Harbor. WWYCD?
  2. WWYCD: Negator

    Your character is a Campaign City Bank (in Secret ID if applicable) when a figure in a three piece suit and a rubber Don Rickles mask walks in. He announces, "Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Negator, and this is a robbery." The bank security guard approaches with his gun drawn and says, "Get a load of this jerk, he's not even armed." "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Negator says. "You're not a very good shot. You might hit an innocent bystander, or worse shoot yourself in the foot." The bank guard drops his gun and falls to the floor crying like a child. Negator then approaches a man standing in line and says, "Nice haircut pal, I see your wife got a new pot." The man falls to the floor crying and sobbing. Negator approaches a woman in the same line and says to her, "That is a lovely dress. Was the Salvation Army having a sale?" The woman falls to the floor crying and sobbing. Nagator approaches the bank teller and says, "It must be hell counting and handing out so much money on your crappy salary." The bank teller falls to the floor crying and Negator hops over the counter. He immediately begins emptying the cash drawers into a black drawstring trashbag he brought with him. WWYCD?
  3. In honor of today's astrological event... What would your character be doing during the 2017 Eclipse?
  4. WWYCD?: The Castle In Campaign City Park

    Roughly ten years ago, a fellow gained reality-bending powers and became a supervillain. Being the raging egomaniac he was, one of the first things he did with his powers was to create a very imposing-looking castle for himself right in the middle of Campaign City Park. True, he was effectively building a private residence on public land, but the people whose job it would've been to serve him an eviction notice decided--after seeing what he was capable of--that they had better things to do with their time, such as going on living. Eventually, a local team of heroes vanquished him and the army of minions he created, but city officials decided not to demolish the castle. Their reasoning was that it added something of interest to the city skyline and it had become popular with the tourists. Indeed, not a day goes by that someone isn't having their picture taken with it in the background. Just this night, however, a light came on in a part of the castle known to have been the "Master's Sanctum," and reports have come in of His Royal Highness's troops appearing on the street again. WWYCD?
  5. (Semi-)WWYCD: New Base, New Living Quarters

    Your character's team recently acquired a new base (either via government sponsorship, a wealthier member of the team paying for it all, or the team simply taking over the base of a villain or villain group they recently defeated, whatever works for your group). The new base is big enough for each member of the team to have their own private living quarters and an office if they want it. Living quarters and offices may be furnished and decorated according to the new occupant's tastes. What would your character's new quarters/office be like?