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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


I think that Susano was a bit too subtle. If I translate correctly' date=' it's Gorillas in [u']The Mist[/u], as in mixing Diane Fossey with Stephen King.


Though it could be Gorillaz in The Mist, which would blend in yet another source.




You are correct sir. Note the capitalizations. :D

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


This Island Earthquake (in Sensurround!) angst.gif


That Thing You Do From Another World. :idjit:


The Beast from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.


The Amazing Collossal Man of La Mancha. :nonp:


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (No. Wait. That's a real movie. Never mind.) :ugly:


Gilligan's Monster Island. (Alternate title: Gilligan's Revenge.) joint.gif


Leave it to Jason (Voorhees?) shock.gif


Make Room for THEM!

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