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What Have You Watched Recently?

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#7841 Grailknight


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Posted Yesterday, 03:36 PM

Strong Girl Bong-Soon, A Korean super romcom on Netflix. Our heroine comes from an ancestral line of women who have super-strength as long as they use it for good and stay humble.  its fun to see a 90-lb female slap gangs around.

#7842 DShomshak


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Posted Yesterday, 05:18 PM

Finally saw Heavy Metal. Wow, that's 90 minutes of my life wasted.


Dean Shomshak

#7843 bigdamnhero


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Posted Yesterday, 09:20 PM

Finally saw Heavy Metal. Wow, that's 90 minutes of my life wasted.

It was awesome when I was 12.
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#7844 Ternaugh


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Posted Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Beauty and the Beast (2017): Surprisingly not horrible. The Beast was a little bit too CGI for my taste, as his expressions didn't always work right. Lots of extra songs pushes up the running time to over 2 hours, though I'm not really sure that most of them were needed. Watched on Netflix.


Judge Dredd (1995): Not surprisingly, horrible. My local SF club received free passes to a special showing when this movie came out, and probably the best part of the whole thing was the writing pads that had a pale picture from the movie poster on it that were given away as free swag. In a role that will have you yearning for Jar Jar Binks, Rob Schneider stars as an annoying version of himself, with Sylvester Stallone playing his straight man as Judge Dredd.  Armand Assante plays his "brother", and the plot involves a really large cloning facility inside the Statue of Liberty. Watched on Netflix, but mercifully, it was released by Hollywood Pictures/Disney, which means that it will most likely become "exclusive" content for the new Disney streaming service in 2019.

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