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Thia Halmades

I can't Mind Control myself... can I?

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Hey Steve;


I'm doing some basic spell conversions and I came across this bizarre question.


The spell looks roughly like this:


Oh, it's Just One Little Favor: Mind Control 6d6 (Human class of minds), AoE Nonselective (3" Radius, +3/4) (52 Active Points); Set Effect (Only to make a Single, Reasonable Request; -1/2), RSR (Enchantment, -1/2), Spell (Ench., -1/2), No Range (Spell is centered on caster, -1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4) Total cost: 15 points


A fairly low level effect. But, the caster is standing in the middle of the Mind Control field. I'm leaning away from using Personal Immunity because I'm not seeing the dramatic, or common sense in "whammying" myself in my own enchantment. Or, if I don't take PE, would I also be subject to someone else making a Suggestion?


Your thoughts?

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Re: I can't Mind Control myself... can I?


Mind Control, Area Of Effect, No Range typically should be built with the Personal Immunity Advantage to eliminate any concerns about abusiveness (see, e.g., the Satyr on HSB 112). Making the Area Selective and not attacking one’s self, or using Hole In The Middle, would also work. However, I can see some instances where the GM might not require this for a Set Effect Mind Control, in which case the Set Effect would be defined as something akin to “everyone but me do so-and-so.” That’s not permissible as a general rule, but that’s why we have the all-wise GM to help us out. ;)

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