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Shrinking Bricks and stretching

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Tried to post this but it did not post the first time. I appologize if you get this twice.



I have been having trouble trying to game balance the advantages of shrinking with the disadvantages. I have been reading FAQs, books, and posts trying to figure out what would be reasonable disadvantages to shrinking.

Here is my problem:


I have a brick who wants to use shrinking to get around the DCV limit I have set for brick characters in my game. I am trying to be open minded and say that the brick can use shrinking but will suffer from x and y disadvantages such as he would with growth: being easier to hit and having trouble using small devices or fitting in normal size areas.


However, there do not seem to be any disadvantages to shrinking. One I thought would make sense would be that you would move slower, but the rules explicitly state that your movement is not effected.




1.) What are the disadvantages that a shrinking brick would suffer both in and out of combat?


2.) If a brick buys stretching and shrinking does stretching still operate at the same distance while shrunk?


Thank you!

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Re: Shrinking Bricks and stretching


I've moved the bulk of this to Discussion, but there's one rules question that can remain here:


Shrinking has no effect on Stretching — it does not reduce the distance covered by a Stretched character. Thus, a character who Stretches for 2” (13 feet) and who can Shrink down to one inch (2.5 cm) in size can still Stretch for 13 feet of distance even when he’s only an inch tall.

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