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Standing in the shadows was Ripley Greenlaw Linda's high-school paramour who had been driven from society by his father's public disgrace involving fraud embezzlement and a ponzi scheme that had targeted the cities luminaries.


Ripleys father had died in prison before the trial and he had disappeared into public school.


All grown up but still recognizable in a exquisite tuxedo Linda had no idea what he was doing here.


If Linda had been following international news she would have been aware of the stories of the gentleman theif sought by interpol for dozens of high profile crimes across Europe. The so-called midnight mask had stolen art jewels and bonds from half of Europes glitterati. Appearing on the few occasions he had been glimpsed as a tall athleticly built man in an impeccable tuxedo using a range of high tech gadgets.



If Linda had tracked down Ripley after he left their private school she would have discovered that his father was framed by J.M.R. Zyron and Ripley was here to take him for everything he could steal plus evidence of his many crimes. Revenge would be a served as a birthday cake.


Linda was also wondering what on earth was more interesting to Ripley than a jet booted blonde and why was he staring at the rooftop pool...

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The reason why Ripley was looking at the rooftop pool was that someone was


Coming out of a cage

that was made of some twine

why didn't he drown 

because he wasn't tall ?

It looked like he was a fish

How could he be so remiss !

It was only The Fish, it was only The Fish


Now he's starting to creep

imitating a crab

while shielded by smoke

carrying off his swag

He's off to rob the roof's lead

and his balance is slick

He starts to feel dread

as he sees other guests

His plan's in a mess

losing his flow


He just can't look, it's as bad as tea

smells just like petrol

Larceny, hurling loot into the sea

Swimming through masses of dead fireflies

Working up new alibis

But it's just the price he pays

Destiny calls out to he

Propose a new disguise

as Norman Whiteside


The Fish aka Norman Whiteside managed to infiltrate the party via the pool (Don't ask). He wanted to make a splash in the newspapers and figured this would be the way to do it. He had not counted on the others turning up. But why not team up ?

Which is when another figure suddenly appeared and announced themselves as......

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sparkle loves sequin covered couture dresses Shiney gold jewelry but most of all DIAMONDS! she just does not like paying for them fortunately she has a mutant power that generates flashing strobes of light blinding distracting and disorienting everyone around her letting her grab what ever she wants and make a quick exit. 


while Sparkle dazzles the crowd with her radiant presence another unwanted guest is about to literally crash the party at high speed. 

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The vault was sealed in 1956 by order of President Eisenhower.


All records of it were redacted or destroyed, except at the highest levels. Even knowledge of it for the Executive branch was deemed on a need to know basis; the contents deemed too dangerous to release except in the most utter of extreme emergencies.


That day has come.


Facing certain annihilation at the hands of the invaders, with the heroes defeated, dead or missing, and the villains co-opted or likewise destroyed, Special Operative Jane Hammond receives the order, verified personally by the President, the UN Secretary General and the VIPER Supreme Serpent to unlock Secure Containment Facility 666: Pandora's Vault


Inside, five half-century old cryogenic containers start to warm up as lights flicker and hum to life. There is an acrid, metallic stench.


First to awaken is a slim figure of middling height and piercing eyes. He stretches catlike as he climbs from the capsule, decades of forced hibernation seemingly a mere inconvenience. He walks up to Hammond and gives her a thin smile that chills her to her bone.




Hammond looks away and nods.


"Well then. I suppose it's been awhile. Better catch up, eh?"


With lightning speed the man grabs Hammond's head - her eyes jerk wide open and she starts to scream, but slumps to the ground, lifeless, before it can escape her lips. The security detail attempt to fire their weapons, but nothing happens.


"Oh, don't bother boys. I've already mind locked you. Hmm. Interesting."

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Alan Crule, sometimes known as The Mind. Most powerful telepath in history. Emperor of Earth between 1954 and 1956, though I imagine no one remembers all that thanks to the fellows that put my companions and myself in this little holiday retreat. Obey my every whim and we'll get along just famously."


The Mind gave a little chuckle.


"Oh, that's right - you don't have any say in the matter. Silly me. Ah, here comes someone else out from the arms of Somnus..."

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With a hiss the chamber opened. A male figure rose from the released gasses, and promptly fell on his face.


"Oh great. Where am I now?"


The man looked around, but not at anything in the vault.


"Well now that's interesting. Earth's been invaded. Whole cities are devastated. And I'm officially annoyed."


He looked over at the Mind.


"If this was your doing, you realize I'm going to kill you. Otherwise I'm gonna kill them."


The Mind grinned a cold smile and remembered his first meeting with the man he called the Unstoppable. He fell out of a clear blue sky and said the exact same words he said when he got out of the chamber. The man proved inhumanly strong, able to shrug off most damage, and knew things he couldn't possibly know. Even the Mind only proved able to temporaily hold him. His only weakness seemed to be when enough damage was done, he was sucked into a pocket dimension. After being gone for a bit he would be randomly spat out  into this dimension. The man's real name was Derek Sarlin, and he had only one moral compass. Don't get in his way and life. Annoy him and die.


"By the way we have company." The Unstoppable pointed at a chamber. Moments later it activated to release...

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Gork,Son of Grond waddled out of the chamber. The four armed, four legged man was created during the short time they sent the man-monster Grond away from Earth. Gork thought for a moment, being a bit smarter than his father. While not as strong as his father, he can still rampage like no tommorow. And he had only love for himself.


Gork looked down upon the Unstoppable and the Mind. He recognized the Mind as being the voice in his head during his long forced sleep. Gork assumed that Unstoppable was a friend of Mind. "Who does Gork need to smash?"


Just then the vault activates again...

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The next figure to emerge from a cryogenic container was glowing.  He didn't walk; he levitated, floating about a foot over the floor.  Even so, the tile beneath his feet began to darken and blister.


"Hello, Michael," said The Mind with a nod at the newcomer.  "So good to see you again.  But if you could, please turn down the Roentgens."


"Oh.  Right.  Sorry."  The glow dimmed until it was barely noticeable.  He turned to The Mind.  "But I prefer my chosen name."


The Mind rolled his eyes.  "Of course.  But are you sure we can't come up with a new nom de guerre for you?  I'm sure we can come up with something preferable to... Ato-Mike."


As the two discussed the radioactive man's super-name, there was a hiss and the final figure emerged...

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Sporting military fatigues the figure eyes the other four and then snarls 'So which one of you do I kill first ?'

The Mind says 'They will be a better test for you' indicating the invaders  Grinning the figure bounds off to fight the invaders.

'Who is that ?' asked Ato-Mike

'He was named Rocket Fist, America's answer to China's premier martial artist. He is capable of a devastating punch and an uncanny ability to find a weakness in any defence. Sadly for the good old USA, he turned out to be a complete misanthrope. So they put him here. I'll subtly point him at other targets as he'll resist outright commands. Now what should we all do first ?'


New Team: Three Wise Men 

These criminals are very careful plotters not prone to overconfidence nor stupidity. They can assist others by giving them the way to pull off a caper or escape justice through the courtroom and/or jail or they do jobs as consummate professionals. Who are these three cerebral villains ?


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Myron Cates is the Case. He looks a place over, plans when to go in, when to get out, traffic patterns, access to safes, or vaults, how to get around security. He never goes in, and takes his ten percent from the loot after the job is done.


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