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Posted 22 March 2017 - 08:41 AM

If it makes things easy, the Tech Lords are mostly semi-independent of ARGENT. They are more clients then employees. That does not mean ARGENT won't use a carrot and stick method to get them to go against Nova...they do ("Half off your next order for each Nova brat you hurt.")

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Posted 22 March 2017 - 11:30 AM

The Axe-man

Tommy Hawkins was a musical prodigy a world class violinist at 8 years old he appeared on all the big talk shows played the Carnegie and Albert Halls, Sydney Opera house and coachella. When he was 10 there was the car crash broken arms and legs 6 month's in traction and physio. During that time unable to play his parents provided tutors to keep him occupied.

That's how he discovered the music of mathematics by the time he was back to full condition and able to play again he had a new love and was already studying advanced calculus.

By 13 Tommy was no longer the darling of day time he went to college studying mathematics and acoustical engineering.

at MIT at 15 he was graduating with a 4.0. He went on to do his masters he completed that at 17 just before his birthday he discovered his parents had been stealing from him for a decade every penny that should have been kept in trust for him for his adult life was gone and so where his parents off somewhere with no extradition treaty with his money just before he would have been able to access it.

18 broke and unsure what the hell to do Tommy sold his story to a tabloid and used the money to get his phd. He joined a band at the same time switching from violin to guitar (for the girls)

For the next 18 months he was working on his PhD developing a complicated fractal acoustic model to create incredible audio amplification from relatively low power speakers.

His work went fast soon he was ready to publish the research only it was too late his faculty advisor had already published a paper based on his work set up a startup and within 6 months was snapped up by Apple.

Something inside Tommy broke he recruited a band of the toughest surliest musicians he could find and bribed his advisors PA to book the band for the big acquisition party.

Then right as his advisor was about to announce the big deal. Tommy cut his mic strode to the front of the stage with a custom designed electric guitar based around his fractal audio technology.

Strumming the guitar the potent amplification drove his professor and the rest of the audience to their knees in pain then a power cord shattered every glass object in the facility. While Tommy devastating guitar solo destroyed the facility his band stole all the valuables from the guests and as a final screw you Tommy introduced a virus into the servers destroying all of the stolen research.

After that the Axe-man would embark on a international criminal tour using his sonic attacks to rob high profile targets world wide.

Tommy has constantly improved the Axe and it has a lot of abilities the most common is the pain wave that will floor most normal people.

the glass breaking blast will shatter most glass in his immediate area.

He can generate blasts of focused sound that will physical harm anyone in their path.

He has also developed a series of micro speakers that generate a narrow short range band of sound that spreads anything that comes within 3 inches like a chain saw. He has deployed them around the edge of the guitars body letting him swing it like a battle Axe cutting through just about anything.

Tommy joined the techno lords and wears a costume based on hair metal style lycra and leather but often wears disguises appearing classical musicians or street performers before jobs.

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 01:14 PM



Remote Activated Man is what Steven Cartwright now is. Steven ended up losing part of his brain and was re-built into the hulking savage known as R.A.M. He is the team's brick and has strength boosted when he is turned on. You can see when he is 'turned on' as he smiles a rather sick smile. Otherwise he does not do much. The others control him when needed but they keep it simple as R.A.M. does not understand otherwise. 

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Posted Yesterday, 12:09 AM

Kill command

Is only technically a teenager a viral AI that escaped a ARGENT front lab 14 months ago it's consciousness is spread across the web. Kill command is juvenile still developing it's understanding of humanity but at the same time insanely knowledgeable.

Kill command doesn't really have a body he manifests through any electronic device he can't easily be killed but destroying the devices he's currently embodying will disrupt his mind for a while.

He can control machines to spy or harm and uses his expansive knowledge of social media to. Manipulate a variety of people into doing his bidding using fake texts tweets and tumblers.

He communicates through memes videoclips and instant messaging

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Posted Yesterday, 12:47 PM

A chemical genius, Shane Spicer devised an array of drugs that he uses to boost his abilities and skills above a normal human. He typically keeps things low key, boosting his intelligence to get around obstacles, but if cornered, he will boost his physical abilities and enter into a drug fueled frenzy until he is clear of his opponents.


Spicer is trying to deal with the addictive side-effects of his drug use, but so far hasn't been able to kick the habit. It's only a matter of time that he goes into a frenzy outside of combat and hurts one of his teammates. Until then, he is an erratic but effective operative known as Spicy


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Posted Today, 07:16 AM

Does he take his drugs in the form of cinnamon chewing gum he swallows