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Create a Hero Theme Team!

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#2281 csyphrett


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 12:35 AM

i started the Argonauts, so I'll step aside for anyone else who has a team handy.


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Posted 19 July 2017 - 08:24 AM

OK I have one the children of Peace


John "Warspite" Warren was a royal Navy commando  while in the bahamas training mission he was dragged into a previously undiscovered cave network exposed during an undersea earthquake. he would have died lost in the dark suboceanic caverns if he had not discovered a lost cache of mystical atlantean armour and weapons. When he touched the strange glowing metal of the armour it  bonded to him granting him not only the ability to breath under water but enhanced strength speed and toughness.


Due to Treaty obligations the UK does not allow Super powered individuals to serve in the military operationally he was offered a choice he could serve with Britain's national superteam or be seconded to the UN.


John chose the UN after all you join the navy to see the world.


It was during a Peacekeeping operation in Sierra Leone that John's Life would change once more when he encountered what he now considers the greatest evil in the world and the thing he now devotes his life to eradicating the scourge of Child soldiers. During the operation he encountered the forces of a local war lord who was working with a rogue VIPER chemist who was attempting to develop a super soldier drug based on a plant native to the the region. He was using the warlords child soldiers as test subjects. Warspite and the rest of the UN force sent into a literal hell dozens of children enhanced with experimental drugs that granted super human strength and durability but also Psychotic Berserker rage. The battle was brutal destructive and the decimation of the local community was heartbreaking. The death and suffering broke something inside john and he knew that he had to stop this from happening ever again. At first he worked with the UN arresting warlords who used child soldiers for war crimes and bringing them to justice but then he started encountering super powered kids forced into conflicts used as weapons.


He started to rescue the kids getting them psychological help and training them to use their powers for good eventually he had a team who supported each other as they worked through the things they had seen and become true heroes.


Over the last 15 years John has trained over a dozen powered child soldiers created by magic science or nature many have returned to their home nations as Patriotic heroes attempting to end civil wars or keep a fragile peace . there are currently five members ranging in age and origin from war-zones worldwide

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Posted Today, 12:34 AM

Attacked near the West Bank, mutilated, then transformed into a monster, 15 year old Israeli Benjamin Boze just wants his life back. He knows he will never get it back as long as he has to live as the Rag, and make bodies out of nearby cloth.


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Posted Today, 12:49 PM



This girl came from Chechnya. She has left Russia never to return. She is useful as she speaks Russian and can fight like a soldier but she harbours a hatred for the Russian government after the events of the 2nd Chechan War. John keeps her away from Russians as she, and they, can react badly to each other. She can burn with energy and blow things up with no upper scale yet reached. However this depends on how mad she gets. John makes sure that Putin is not around when Kutuzov is.

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