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Steve Long

MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

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How many character points do your gods have? 


The honest answer is that I can't give you any real information, because I haven't calculated the costs yet. When I write a HERO System book, the adding up of the character sheets is the very last step. That way if I make any changes or discover any omissions, I don't have to go to the extra work of changing costs already calculated. I developed this method in self defense, and it has worked superbly. ;)


However, for purposes of satisfying your curiosity, I can quickly run through and add up a few sheets as they now stand. These are not final numbers, mind you, but they should give you some ballpark ideas.


Zeus:  2,654

Loki:  1,286

Kali:  2,759

Huitzilopochtli:  1,742

Perun:  2,459

Olorun:  1,647


Note that one of the factors affecting a god's or hero's cost is how well he's described in the sources available to me. Any god who gets a full character sheet is important enough and detailed enough to merit that treatment, but some are much better described than others. That means more stuff on their sheets.


Also worth noting:  gods rarely have Multipowers. I might use one for a multi-purpose weapon or the like, but usually not for specific divine abilities. I buy those separately so the god can use his Divine Power Pool to augment the power when necessary and desired.


The gods listed here provide some examples. Zeus is well-described and has lots of powers; so is Kali (in fact, the Hindu gods and heroes in general are expensive, because they're loaded down with powers, magical weapons, and whatnot). Perun isn't well described (no Slavic god is), but has lots of powers. Huitzilopochtli is generally powerful and well-described, but unlike Zeus his weapon is bought as an OAF, which really saves him some points. Olorun is neither well-described nor has lots of powers. Loki I'm surprised to see come in so low, but he's not that complex a god for HERO System purposes, and in any event there may be more to add to him.


I hope that offers a little insight into the process. ;)

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What I would like to see are the "limits"to Godly powers due to agreement of the

gods or other things.  For insance if a God goes to earth his Avatar is much more limited and not omnipotent as he might be in the dimension that is the Realm of the Gods, O;y,pus, Asgard erc.


Also I'd ;ike the rules to cover sons of deities uncovering their powers.


Certain powers can be used but not for certain effects.  For instane Zues cannot just hit Persues with a lightning bolt from heaven and kill him but can give limited magic items to his enemies, etc.

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Progress! It's taken me months longer than it should have due to my ongoing health problems, but I've finally finished the Incan and South American Mythology chapter of MYTHIC HERO. Woot!


Now to move on to the last major world mythology left to me (though by no means the last one I have to research and write about): Celtic! First task: update my bibliography. That should take me the rest of the day, at least.

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