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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

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I see two problems: the drab, black costume (a few colorful highlights are not enough to make up for this, IMO), and the helmet. In the comics, Wasp never wore a helmet. It's an odd choice for the movie because covering up Evangeline Lilly's face seems like the last thing you want to do. And the only reason I can think of for shoving her into a helmet is to make it consistent with Scott's costume. Or to meet some bogus standard of "realism". Both reasons are lame and inconsistent with the source material.

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3 hours ago, zslane said:

, and the helmet.

Yes, but it fits with the movie continuity. Pym told Lang early that the helmet is what helps protect him from the deteriorating madness that infected Yellowjacket, because he didn't have the right technology. It is also why Pym couldn't wear the suit himself, because even with the helmet, the cumulative effect had meant he couldn't.

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