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On 31.10.2017 at 2:17 AM, phoenix240 said:


Thank you so much! 


Here is my image. 



He no longer knows the name of the men he was. He does remember that he always had felt "wrong" in his body. Everytime he had looked into the mirror, he saw a person that was not him. Deep down he knew, that he was meant to be a women. But he also lived in one of the more conservative US States. There was just no way for him to get  Sex Reassignment Surgery and he lacked the resources to go any farther.


She was one of the few purely female Succubi. While her species of demon were shapeshifters, she always identified as female. Who she had to seduce to consume their soul did not really mater, as long as she could do so in a female body. Still among Succiby being stuck in one form was considered a Handicap.


They were a group of Dark Magicians and they needed a willing sacrifice to summon her, the She-Demon, the pure Succubus. But as the process would replace the hosts personality, none of the group was willing. But then they learned of him. Promising him "the body he always wanted" they used him as a unwitting (but willing) sacrifice. But then the process just failed:

Maybe it was superheroic interference.

Maybe it was poor skill by the magicians.

Maybe the human realised what was really happening and tried to reject the process halfway through.

Maybe it was the succubus revolting at the idea of being summoned into (and having transform) a male body.

Maybe it was all of those or nothing of those. In any case, Hybrid was born.


Hybrid is stuck between many places: Male and Female human body. Human and Demon. Light and Dark. And needless to say it has enough psychological issues to spawn a whole new field of psychology.

The succubus wings never fully materialised, instead becomming spines similar to the ones worn by the Queen of Blades*. While they can project a energy field between them that allows short gliding and even limited flight, primarily Hybrid uses them as weapons.

Hybrid is neither a clear hero nor a clear villain. Not even a anti-hero or anti-villain.  His actions ranges from helping people that have similar issues to the men that once was (using the Succubus Sensory powers to find them) to acts of outright cruelty and murder towards beings he deems "evil" (including a perfectly innocent group of nuns in one case). His allegiances are shifting from day to day, sometimes hour to hour on logic that no man or demon could ever fully understand.



*Yes, I mean Sarah Kerrigan fomr Star Craft 2, HoTS and LotV variants

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1 hour ago, Christopher said:

I noticed that, but it was also the face itself. Way to "boney" for me. Yet at the same time, way to Muscular arms. As you can see, I did find a solution eventually.


I guess she just looked like she wasn't that attractive (IMO) but still female, but mileage will vary. :)

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55 minutes ago, phoenix240 said:


I guess she just looked like she wasn't that attractive (IMO) but still female, but mileage will vary. :)

When I saw the face all I could think about was this minor villan form the Avatar Series:


But as you said, mileage may varry.

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While many people have heard of the bone manipulating terrorist known as Marrow, even some were surprised when the costumed villain was revealed to be a woman considering many superheroes swore Marrow talked like a man. The UN believes that she might be a master of disguise.


The truth of the matter is that Marrow is really a alien parasite resembling a skeletal serpent with the power to expand it's molecular structure such as creating bony spikes all over it's body. The woman is currently it's sixteenth human host.

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First, I'm sorry for being so late.' There's been three submissions for a few days. 


I like the Marrow concept quite a bit but Bloodspike fits the image in tone and mood of the image, IMO while Hybrid is the most fleshed out full origin. Its a tough choice since they all have merits I like. 


But I am going to go with Marrow as the front runner by a notch.  You're up. Steelcold. 

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Another being is origins are shrouded in mystery. Some say that the Animator draw his image from a painting or picture and gave him life; others that he is a being from another dimension; No-one knows for sure as telepathy fails outright and mind control only works for certain commands. He appears as the bodyguard or second in command to a criminal group. The sword can affect those who are spirits and can also detect the invisible and can cut through any substance. Also the sword can be summoned back to his hand much to the horror of those who have used telekinesis and disarm to knock it out of his grip.

He has been nicknamed The Mask of Dimitrios as his face is not human but somehow metallic. He can summon forth a variety of magical effects like force fields if he is being overpowered or needs to get away/save his colleagues. This is not dependent on the sword. He does not speak which is unnerving when you realise he can understand you.

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Nur Al-din Ali is a fighting man from another world, where the society of al'Kitab alf Laylah wa Laylah (the Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night) is actuality, including ill-tempered sorcerors and vengeful Djinn. To lay with a wizard’s concubine is a dangerous thing, even with the wizard’s permission; he did not have that permission, and was forced to flee, along with that concubine. Yet his flight was overly headlong, and though he knew it not, he broke an ancient bottle that held a mighty Djinni, who was pleased to be free but very irritated at the loss of his home. As he begged for his life and that of his companion, the wizard caught up with the pair, and wrought a mighty charm to fling the faithless concubine and the betraying guest into a thousand other worlds. But the Djinni interfered, and so they were flung away, into a far different world. Something in the translation altered his armour and his weapons; they are seemingly indestructible, and the armour can at least blunt any strike, and the blades can cut, it seems, anything, at least slightly. Particularly hard, strong materials can only be scratched. Beyond this, he is simply a very capable fighting man; his goals are quite simple: find Anis al’Janis, the concubine with whom he lay and thus started this whole mess, and return them both home. It has not yet occurred to him that Anis might want to stay.

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Jessica Kahn was a vainglorious journalist working as a host for a weekly cable network show called iSightings which showed paranormal sites and activities. She didn't really believe in all that mystical mumbo jumbo, only ratings and pleasing her bosses was all that mattered.


Until she and her film crew ignored the warnings of the crazy old man when they entered the supposedly haunted house.


The basement of the mansion was a interdimensional prison for a powerful demon called Baalcifer held there for centuries by the ancestors of the old man. When the film crew began to be nervous with all the glowing symbols and pentagram in the room, Jessica began to get angry as they were on a strict deadline to tape tomorrow's episode. So she arrogantly crossed over the pentagram while yelling.....


"MORONS!!! There is no such things as ghosts, witches and the like! Never has been or never will. After five years of doing this piece of crap of a TV show, you all should know better by now. I'll show you once and for all!"


And all hell broke loose, literally.


The old man quickly entered the house as Baalcifer suddenly broke free from his bindings and killed the entire crew save for Jessica though he tore out her eyes out of spite. The old man risked his life to save her but not before passing all his magic and knowledge to her via an ancient Greek artifact called The Lanternstaff of Charon, the mythic ferryman of the river Styx. In the end she barely managed to contain the demon.


Weeks later, a blind Jessica brought the house and took up residence there. Her career was ruined but she found a new purpose in her life as the Lanternkeeper, mystic defender of the surrounding area seeking not only atonement but also to keep the demon locked away, hopefully forever.

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9 hours ago, Whitewings said:


Velvet Reaper


In Folklore reapers carry two weapons for reaping: A sickle for the common folk. A sword, for royalty*. However there is a partial missinterpretation of things in that Folklore. Due to them being based of previously reaped souls, it is usually possible to block or imprision a common reaper. As people have been trying "cheat death" literally since the start of human history, such indicents became very common. Any such "blind spots" could cause issues with the balance of souls. And there were even cases where reapers themself became corrupted, taking the reaped souls for themself and using them to become too powerfull for any normal reapers. That is where the living reapers come in.


Every "common" reaper has a sense for people that might become a living reaper and are tasked to accordingly reap them with the sword, when their time comes. For most cases those people still just go to the afterlife. Not every prospect is a instant win. Usually it is those candidates that "have something worth living for" that are the most likely to become a living reaper.
Being a living reaper has a number of perks, but also disadvantages:

  • they effectively have another shoot at live. By all rights (down to having a Reaper come for them) they should be dead anyway.
  • Wards against normal reapers do not apply to them. While there are special wards against them, their living nature allows them to think "outside the box" to overcome those.
  • As they are still alive, it is entirely possible to kill them. And doing so usually ends their career and sends them straight to the afterlife, usually without becomming a normal reaper
  • They are practically cursed to the job or a quick death, if they want it or not. People that try to cheat death naturally want to see them dead and developed tricks or even senses to detect them. Some of the oldest entities might even be to powerfull to be normally overcome by a living reaper
  • As they are not quite dead yet (they only had a "brush with death" from their contact with the sword) they miss all the usual reaper powers, so they have to complement them with equipment:
    • The purple Robes seemingly made of velvet (both ancient signs of Royalty) give them protection. They come with a build in mask and even a enchantment to "hide the face in impenetrable shadows" as long as they want and there is even a bit of natural shadow. This is a very powerfull protection against having their identities revealed and it even works into the modern age of cameras
    • The "Soul Sickle" is actually just a holder for the Latern and ceremonial weapon, not a combat weapon. This latern allows them to see souls and normal reapers in their surrounding. As they are still alive, they lack any of the special senses unreaped souls and normal reapers have
    • Most importantly for the job however are the "trinkets". These small items can store the other gear and even store their personal gear. They are usually related to their cause of death and/or reason of wanting to stay alive (engagement rings, memorial lockets, etc.).
    • The rest of their equipment is unique and stored in the remaining trinkets. As such their nature varries highly between any two living reapers

One current Living Reaper goes by the living name of "Purple Velvet". And no, that is not a joke. Apparently Velvet is a old family name for Velvetmakers. And her parents really were into the rockband Deep Purple when they picked the name. Her "unfillfilled wish" was to become a Hero herself. Her trinkets are a locket of with a image of her mother - who died in childbirth - and a limited edition Defender Fanclub Ring (again, no joke).

Accordingly she is very active in the superheroic scene (usually relying on the Powers provided by the Ring), on top of her normal "duties". Interestingly living reapers have no issues with "nobody should have survived that" or "resurrected" cases. Apparently those people were not actually fated to truly die that moment. Unfortunatley she also can not tell if the person is still alive or who will die when, as that is something normal Reapers will simply not discuss.


*To be honest I have issues finding that now. I am pretty sure I read it in Terry Pratchet but I have issues finding a reference now. It is also something Royals would totally talk themself into believing.

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