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Darren Watts

Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

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I know there is some proofreading to avoid posting of offensive materials.  Mostly, I suspect it's the backlog of articles, reviews and forum moderation, though. 


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Did a bit more testing on DriveThru RPG... even internal searchers there don't pick it up well unless you actively type in "Golden Age Champions", since there's no reviews posted at all (Anyone who knows anyone who bought a copy there, PLEASE get them to post something). "Golden Age" brings up the M&M product and a bunch of other stuff. "Champions" lists "Darren Watts' Golden Age Champions" way down the list (possibly because of no reviews, possibly because of alphabet sorting, possibly because the keyword is later in the title than a lot of other HERO products).


If you could get those particular searches to bring up the product higher in the list, it may help a bit, Darren. I don't know if the site owners can adjust things for default searches within a company's products, but it might be worth asking.

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