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Real-World News ripe for Pulp Hero exploitation

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I see my take on this being something more in the Strange Tales/Weird Fiction pulp style. The real story has all sorts of interesting lead-ins. A base called "Treasure Hunter." A polar bear (according to Wikipedia, the polar bears on Alexandra Land are genetically distinct from other polar bears). Trichinosis. A captain going mad and having to be restrained for his journey back to the Fatherland. Google Maps shows an interesting undersea topography nearby. Wikipedia lists a peak called Kupol Lunny (Dome of the Moon) as a prime geographical feature. The Soviets set up a northern outpost there and a plane crashed in 1996 while landing on the airstrip.


There is just a lot of potential for pulp or even backstory to a Dark Champions game. I am way intrigued. Murky, unrealized story bits are floating around the ol' noggin. If I can coalesce them into something substantial, this might be a neat adventure idea.

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On 11/5/2017 at 3:39 PM, Lucius said:


Cornish child finds sword in pool that legend says was the last resting place of Excalibur.




Lucius Alexander


American finds palindromedary in tagline

 "Just 'cause some watery tart lobs a scimitar at you, that's no basis for government" !


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