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I wouldn't call Steve Long's Pulp Hero book "trash." I know people who swear by PH. It's a different approach than JI: much longer on substance, but less in the flavor department. JI is more, "Here's how it should be," while PH is more, "Here are your resources and options." That's been Steve's go-to approach for all the Hero genre books. Which approach one prefers will color one's opinion of either book.


It's Steve's Textbook approach to all of the Genre books. It gives a lot of information that can be hard to get elsewhere in one volume. On the bad side it tends to suck out all of the soul and fun from a genre. 

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It was released almost coincident with 4th edition, which always made it feel like a great missed opportunity (for it to have been a flagship genre book for 4e).


Yeah, but IIRC it was designed for 3rd edition and not 4th edition. It was also pretty well plugged into the built in campaign world.

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I love Pulp Hero.


It's a great source book for people and events of the period. Not to mention loads of little details like standard travel times and fairs. Plus the various package deals allow people new to HERO to be able to get stuck in pretty easily. A few years ago (the last time I got to play any Pulp, (sob, sob)) I started a PH game with 5 people new to HERO, 2 of them new to gaming. And everyone picked it up very easily. It is my favourite source book.


And I have got to disagree with it sucking the soul out of anything. Maybe it's just me, but having a big, detailed world to dive into  really gets the juices flowing. And the players don't have to read the thing cover to cover. Not needed. Hell, the GM doesn't have to. Just use it for the bits you need. Want to know what interesting things are happening in the world of aviation in 1935 so as to use it a seed for a Nazi spy plot? Check. Need to name drop some famous aviatrices?*  Check. Need game stats for a luger? Check. What is the air fair from Nairobi to Rome and how long it will take? Check. (Okay, check-ish. We aren't told if there were direct flights from one to the other. But this is where creative license comes in.)


Add the rather cool and appropos package deals like svengali, WW1 vet, etc. and I'm a pig in mud.


As for the James Bond game only played it once or twice in the late 80s'. It was pretty cool. One thing I remember is that the rules made it ineffective to shoot the big, bad henchmen (your Oddjobs and Jawses.) You had to go hand to hand to defeat them.




*I just really wanted to use that word. It's one of my favourites.

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