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Steve Long

DOJ's 15th Anniversary!

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Today -- December 19 -- marks the 15th anniversary of the day that Darren Watts, Jason Walters, and our other business partners and I bought the Hero Games assets and went into business as DOJ, Inc. :hex:


We celebrated that night by going to see Peter Jackson's Fellowship Of The Ring, which also debuted that day. Fortunately, choosing what turned out to be a wretched piece of crap to see in the theater did not ruin my general good mood after such an awesome day. :):

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I remember the public announcement of that sale. It was a glimmer of hope for long-suffering Hero System fans, but at the time I'd been burned too often and too recently by previous owners/publishers to get very excited. Fortunately the DOJ era proved the most productive in Hero Games history.


Fifteen years. I remember when that seemed like a long time... :(

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