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I'm returning after being away for quite a few years, and while I see that the forum goes back to early 2003, the special forum set up to provide discussion and input for the then-upcoming 6th edition release is no longer visible.


As I see the Wayback Machine did not archive any of this stuff, I was wondering if anyone knew how to access this still.  Is it still here, but moved?  Archived offsite?


I don't think there's ever been a more thorough discussion and analysis of the Hero System rules in the entirety of its history, and I was really hoping to have access to this material.  There were whole volumes of great ideas, variants, mechanical explorations etc that I think would be valuable to have access to.



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No, it was around for a long time after 6th came out, just locked.


I'd just really like the chance to archive it.  The discussions there were often brilliant.

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