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Solving Puzzles

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Depends on what the player and GM want the character to do.

"PS: Rubik's Cube 14-" is rather specific.

"PS: Puzzle Solver 14-" may be the best approach if GM and player agree on what it means.

"Deduction 14-" may be useful if you want a wider approach.

PSLs vs time penalties on puzzle solving will let him solve a puzzle freakishly quickly?

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In genre people are *usually* shown to be exceptionally good at puzzles if they're meant to be exceptionally good at solving ... well, everything.  It's the fastest way to show someone is supposed to be a genius at solving problems in general.


With that in mind I'd go with the deduction roll, myself - though I really like the penalty skill levels vs time if someone actually wants to spend points to be exceptionally fast at solving puzzles.  


Or... skill levels for attribute rolls (int), bought for 'puzzle'.  Think I recall seeing in the builder that you can buy skill levels for base attribute rolls.

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