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Brian Stanfield

Weapon Speed

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Think I've found it, p. 147 CC, Unequal Reach, basically the one with the shorter weapon has an OCV penalty until they succeed with an attack roll, at which point the penalty falls on the person with the longer weapon(the assumption being that the short weapon bearer moved into their ideal range, and past the long weapon). Is that correct?


Seems a perfectly good mechanic for it, with the caveat that, when the situation begins in the ideal range of the shorter weapon, the process reverses, with the longer range weapon bearer having to succeed on an attack roll in order to lose the penalty.


Ah, rereading the entry, I believe they imply that that is exactly how it works, cool!


If that's the case, for the crazy good knife fighter, I'd also focus on making them stealthy and/or with good presence, so they could often get their way close-in before combat even begins and be the one to benefit from range at the outset.

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Yup, that's the one. It pretty much addresses part of my concern, and I think the relative weapon speeds has been rendered by the very good points brought up here. In game terms, I think it only fits to make a player pay for extra attacks, whether it's a multiple attack or rapid-fire or whatever. I think I was overthinking the rules with a D&D hat on. 

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