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I challenge you!

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#1981 Sundog


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Posted Today, 03:45 AM

Trans Fats because there are so many more puns you can make.


Parsley vs Sage vs Rosemary vs Thyme

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#1982 death tribble

death tribble

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Posted Today, 03:53 AM

Rosemary as she is quite the character (wrestle in Impact and GFW)


Bowie Battle


Thin White Duke vs Tin Machine

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#1983 Sundog


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Posted Today, 04:20 AM

Tin Machine. Bowie as functional human being not cocaine-fueled machine.


Kit built vs flat-pack.

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#1984 Pariah


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Posted Today, 10:22 AM

Either way, IKEA wins.



Lost in Space!


"Space Oddity" (David Bowie) vs. "Rocket Man" (Elton John) vs. "Major Tom" (Peter Schilling)

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#1985 Cancer


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Posted Today, 10:27 AM

Since I know a couple astronauts in RL, I have to go with Rocket Man. It's closest to reality.

Songs about unmanned spacecraft:

Telstar (choose your performance, several available) versus It Came Out of the Sky by Creedence Clearwater Revival
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#1986 Bazza


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Posted Today, 04:55 PM


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#1987 Tech priest support

Tech priest support

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Posted Today, 05:16 PM

Long as I can see the light. It's a popular saying among navigators.

Body spray vs Cologne.
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