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Drains on Defense Powers in Unified Power Suite

Unified power Adjustment Defense Powers

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#1 BoloOfEarth


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Posted 18 August 2017 - 06:13 AM

Under Unified Power, it says:


If a negative Adjustment Power affects any of the powers in a Unified Power suite, it affects all of them in the same amount.


However, if a Defense Power (e.g. Power Defense) is Drained, the Drain has only half effect. 


If a Defense Power is part of a Unified Power suite and it was Drained (at half effect), would the affect on all Unified Powers be similarly halved, or would it affect them at full power.


For example:  PowerSucker hits FireMan with a 6d6 Drain on Resistant Protection, rolling 20 points of effect.  FireMan has his Fire Shield (Resistant Protection) in a Unified Power suite with his Flame Blast and Flame Flight.  Due to halving, PS only Drains 10 points of Resistant Protection, but would he also Drain only 10 points of Blast and Flight, or 20 points of each?

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#2 Steve Long

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Posted 18 August 2017 - 01:42 PM

What stays the same here is the amount rolled on the dice — the Drain’s effect roll. That effect is “the same amount” the rule refers to. Then, if one of the powers in the Unified Power is a Defense Power, the effect of the Drain is halved, per that specific rule. So they are all being affected at the full power of the Drain, it’s just that said full power is halved for Defense Powers per the rules.

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