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+5 for double quantity questions

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#1 dsatow


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 01:27 PM

So, if you have a +5 for a backup power, does this mean:


  1. The back up power is immediately available for use?  (IE: Prowler has a crossbow and +5 for a second backup crossbow.  Spoilsport destroys Prowler's crossbow.  Does Prowler immediately draw out their second crossbow or do they have to go get it from somewhere.)
  2. If a character uses some finite resource in the power, does the backup get a full charge or is it too at reduced resource. (IE: Prowler's original crossbow had 16 bolts but they've used 7 of them before the crossbow was destroyed.  Does the backup crossbow have 9 charges or 16?)
    1. If it has 16 charges, can Prowler, once they have used up all 16 charges, can they just pull out their backup with full charges?
  3. If a power has burnout or jammed limitations, can they use the backup? (IE: Prowler has bought the limitation on the crossbow, Burnout "Crossbow string breaks".  If the string breaks, can Prowler bring out the backup?)
  4. Does the doubled quantity for 5 points apply to frameworks?  IE Prowler's crossbow is bought as a multipower.  Does Prowler have to pay for each slot doubled quantity or just the multipower?

#2 Steve Long

Steve Long

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Posted 22 August 2017 - 06:54 AM

1. That depends on common sense and dramatic sense. For example, it’s relatively easy for a character to carry two pistols at once. Crossbows, OTOH, might be so big that the character prefers to leave his back-up back at base or in his vehicle.
2.  The second piece of equipment has its full Charges (or other finite resource). Switching to “back-up” gear when the first piece of gear runs out of Charges is entirely legal — and darn sensible to boot. ;)
3. The second piece of equipment is not Burned Out, Jammed, or subject to whatever other Limitation the first piece of equipment has “triggered.” Switching to “back-up” gear when the first piece of gear won’t work is entirely legal — and darn sensible to boot. ;)
4. The +5 point doubling rule applies to equipment. It doesn’t matter whether a piece of equipment is defined as a Skill, a single Power, a Power Framework, a Computer, or a $5.99 burrito — the rule applies, because it’s equipment.

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