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Alternatives to Turn & Speed predictability?

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The official, IIRC, was pretty draconian.


If you are SPD 4 and change to SPD 3 on segment three, the next common segment to both SPDs is segment twelve as SPD 3's segments are four and eight.


If you are SPD 3 and change to SPD 4 on segment four, the next common segment to both SPDs is segment 12 as SPD 4's segments are six and nine.


I think I would rule that the switch from 4 to 3 would mean you would go on on segments eight and twelve and the switch from 3 to 4 would mean that you go on segments eight, ten and twelve.


My thinking is that if the SPD 3 character uses segment four to up his SPD then he would next be active on segment 8. If he had been SPD 4 from the beginning the next active segment would have been six but he has to delay that until eight. The chart says next would be nine but two successive actions is often pretty powerful and so I pushed segment nine into segment ten.


Not a straightforward rule but pretty plain (I think) and fair. I don't think it would be possible to game the chart using this method and it does not penalise in the way the official rule does.



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CC says (p137) 

"A character can change speed on any of his Phases. After he has changed his SPD, he cannot act (though he may Abort, see below) until both SPDs would have had a Phase." (my emphasis)


So with Doc's example, my reading is that if SPD3 declares a change to SPD 4 on their Phase 4; SPD 4 would get an action on segment 6, and then the character is free to take an action on segment 8, which is the first Phase where both speeds have had a chance to act. They are now properly SPD 4 and act on segment 9 and 12. In effect, this example gets all four phases, but suffers an enforced delay on their second Phase for shifting gears.


This would also mean that if you want to take advantage of the segment 12 double tap, declare the speed change at the end of your second last phase, NOT at the end of Phase 12, since you'll have to wait for the first subsequent segment in the next turn where both speeds have had a chance to act.


4e didn't allow voluntary mid-turn SPD changing (always done as a post 12 choice). As usual, I'm clueless as to how 5e did things, and am waiting for the 6e clarification that shoots me down :)

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