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Suggestions to make a campaign world from the anime "Princess Principal"

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This seems to want to go in 'other genres'  -its a mix of Anime, Steampunk, and Spy Action.Might fit Pulp, but not quite.



I am thinking about a campaign world set in the world of the anime "Princess Principal"


in the late 19th century, the Kingdom of Albion discovered and maintained a monopoly of the anti-gravite substance "Cavorite". With its fleet of Cavorite-equipped Airships, it became the dominant superpower, gaining control of much of the world.


About 1900, however, there was a Socialist/Democratic Revolution that overthrew the kingdom and created a brief civil war. The war ended with a draw, and a gigantic wall running through the west end of London separates The Kingdom from the commonwealth.


10 years later, a secret war between spies and intelligence agencies is going on, with both sides trying to keep incidents out of the public eye lest it brew up not just a renewed civil war, but a world war becauseof the alliances both sides have made.


Like the show, PCs will be students (15-20) working for Commonwealth Intelligence undercover at the Queens Mayfaire Academy in London, a prestigious school. So we have Victorian/Edwardian Steampunk Spy Drama, in high school


the main characters in the anime:

   Dorothy: Trained in Intel from an orphanage in the Commonwealth, Dorothy is 20 years old, but pretending to be a high schooler (See 21 Jump Street). skilled in espionage and combat-trained, she's the Driver and gun-maintenance expert, and the main point of contact with control. Nominal Leader of the team


Ange Le Carre: 17. Also trained in the same orphanage as Dorothy, Ange is the most 'James Bond Like': a master actor (she can change roles and personality at the drop of a hat) and eternal liar. She's skill with pistols and has a unique, miniaturized Cavorite ball that lets her nullify or change the direction of gravity around her, and objects she touches. The most skilled at spycraft, she tends to be the leader in the field. She's also a dead look-alike to ....


Princess Charlotte: The Queen's favorite grandchild, but otherwise has no political support. She's 17. She and Ange were childhood friends, but no one else knows this, and look enough alike that Ange in a wig can pass for her (think "The Prince and the Pauper"). She's joined the Commonwealth in hopes of moving up in the line of succession, in order to make changes that would lead to the removal of the wall and reuniting Albion, and allow her and Ange to stay together.


Beatrice: Charlotte's closest friend, age 16. Child of a minor baron who was a Mad Scientist. He experimented on her, including replacing her voicebox with a mechanical one, and possibly other changes. This allows her to perfectly mimic any voice she's ever heard. Initially reluctant, she has joined teh rest of the team primarity out of loyalty to the Princess, who was the only person to treat her nicely after she was turned into a Cyborg. Not very good in combat, but small, cute and easy to overlook in person and her ability to mimic voices makes her very good at information gathering. In addition she's very mechanically adept at her own voicebox maintenance and with large steam machinery.


Chise: A Samurai/Ninja girl (also 16) from Japan who was assigned by the Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom to join this group of commonwealth spies (aftr the Princess helped prevent an assassin from killing him, He has agreed to work with both sides). Chise is assigned to see which side will make the better ally for Japan. The best hand-to-hand combatant around, and Fish out of water.



Obviously, Player Characters would not be this same team, but it shoudl give you some idea of what a proper PC should be like. But we have a little bit of steampunk-style Cybernetics and High-tech devices (Like Cavorite), james bond-style action and 'cases' sent from control. And not everyone's agenda in sync.


my question is how should I set up character generation to allow, say, a Cavorite ball...but only ONE miniaturized anti-gravity machine as such a small device is considered bleeding edge technology. Limited cyberware but not total replacement, Bond-style gadgetry with a steampunk twist. A PC should have a 'niche' they can fill but should also have secrets and slightly different agendas.


Within the show, Cavorite is basically top secret military-only tech (though there are some civiliian passenger airships, the Air Force stll runs the Cavorite engines). Its also highly toxic (Cavorite poisoning requires hospitalization and extremely expensive surgery), and Ange's C-Ball is very temperamental - it can only be used for short periods (maybe 5 minutes) before overheating and the Cavorite cracking, bit it can be refrigerated to extend use. Normally its required to be in a large engine, in order to power the Air Fleet (though they are more Dreadnoughts with airbags than Zeppelins).  so the miniaturized Cavorite Ball is cutting edge tech - one mission in the show is sabotaging a kingdom research into a C-ball.  Also, in broad strokes at least 'First Men on the Moon'  is part of the backstory - Selenites are mentioned as existing.




How would you build the cavorite ball?  Beatrices voice changing?  any other steampunk spy gadgetry?


whats a viable point value for PCs?


Initial thoughts on the C-ball is 6 (maybe 8) inches flight, STR 25/30 only for holding objects (either teammates or lifting a weight as much as a small car), STR 10 Clinging (wallwalking), and Missile Deflection - with it activated even machine guns seem to just miss.  


Not sure about how I'd do the mimicry.

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