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Need Adventure Recommendations

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Hi Hero Gang!


I am currently using Hero to run a campaign similar to the TV show Supernatural but maybe a bit more serious...


Can folks recommend some products from ANY system that I could buy that I could lovingly convert to Hero?


Yeah...not MHI specific but I thought it best fit this forum...  ;)


*GAME ON!*  :D


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Well, I can suggest a few adventures that already are in Hero System. ;)  They're all PDFs purchasable from the Hero website store for very reasonable prices. If you've already seen these, John, feel free to ignore them with my apologies. I'll put their descriptions in Spoiler tags in case your players read these pages.


Our own Jason Walters published a couple of adventures that I think fit your needs.

The Crossroads Blues involves a mystical villain who wants to summon the Devil to grant him the talent to become a famous musician. To do this without selling his soul, the villain creates zombies to steal four items of power associated with great blues musicians. The adventure was written for Champions Sixth Edition, but all the combat foes in it are zombies, so just controlling the number and power level of the zombies will scale it for heroic-level characters.



Jason's other adventure is in Digital Hero #15, for Fifth Edition.

"Dreadwood, Missouri" takes your PCs to to an American frontier ghost town haunted by spirits who hunger for revenge on the living, under demonic domination. The PCs basically have to survive and escape, although destroying the demon removes the greatest threat. It's an adventure for the Western Hero heroic sub-genre, but would not be hard to adapt to modern day. However, it would reinforce the flavor of the scenario if your PCs are already running from something they'd be willing to brave a ghost town to avoid.



The last adventure is also in DH, issue #4.

"Totem Hunters" is an adventure and mini-setting by Dale Robbins, part of his Meriquai Falls mystical city setting for Champions. However, this adventure is for heroic characters, and is set in the fictional town of Revolution which can be placed most anywhere in the US, so no further knowledge of Meriquai Falls is needed. It's largely a mystery-solving scenario, a series of mysterious supernatural events leading to a couple of restless spirits which must move on. But "physical" confrontations with the ghosts are also accommodated.



Note that the default antagonists in all three adventures refer to write-ups in the Hero System Bestiary.

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I am a fan of Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic and its attendant supplements.


"Protecting America from everything!" 


Another, less tongue-in-cheek, option is anything in the Delta Green line.


And, let us not forget Urban Fantasy Hero from Hero Games!


Other hero books I found useful for this kind of game are the Grimoire, Demon, and The Mystic World.


The write ups for vodoo, black magic, and witchcraft in the former were time savers.


The latter two, however, were more useful as inspiration. All the stats have to be downscaled for heroic play.

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A little off the wall but potentially good for inspiration is the Secrets of the Kargatane website. It has many PDF files full of information. Most of it was for the Ravenloft setting but some was for Masque of the Red Death, which is more historical Earth horror. All of it can serve as a springboard for your imagination. The best part is that all of it is free.


Link: http://www.kargatane.com/

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