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(Superdraft) The All Star Holiday Defenders

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This month's superdraft is all about the holidays. The premise is simple. Some villain is ruining holidays for people. It is up to the heroes to stop him. The draft will start on Mon, Nov 6 at 6pm EST. I think daylight savings ends on Sun. So be aware of that.

The first pick is the holiday. The pick is exclusive. If someone grabs Arbor Day, it's off the table. I am willing to allow non-holiday holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day, Black Friday, The Force of May for the purposes of the draft.

The second pick is a hero that the drafter thinks fits the holiday. If someone grabs Arbor Day for example, characters like Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, The Heap would be what I would expect in that slot.

The holiday hero might need help. Four picks are for his team.

One pick is for the villain who wants to ruin the holiday.

Three options are for settings, other holidays, other heroes and villains.

That's ten picks before the end of the month.

The standard rules for fictional people only, one identity, etc etc apply.



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