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Since the demise of Hero Central, I've been looking for a platform to host an online Champions PbP campaign.  I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a site they've had success with.  I play much more of a storytelling style game then a tactical one, so I don't need maps.  I've toyed with rPol since it has a Hero System die roller, but it seems like it lacks a few features I'm looking for.  I have also found an online die roller that allows for timestamped results to be cut and pasted into forums.  I've heard of games being hosted on sites such as Google Groups.  


Thanks in advance.

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You might check out: http://www.unseenservant.us/forum/  It's a friendly place with a simple, though relatively versatile die roller. The die roller allows you to set up simple macros which comes in handy. I'm currently playing in a MechWarrior game over there and it's been a breeze to make and post die rolls. It's a nice example of a place that takes basic, solid tool (the die roller) and uses it really well.

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