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Odd Robot Personalities

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Robots. Droids. Synthethics. However you call them, they are a staple of SciFi. But they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I noticed a number of very interesting variations in particular in Star Wars the Old Republic. Having 8 base Classes, the Developers tried to give most of them at least one unique "Quirky Droid" companion.


C2-N2 - shared droid for all Republic Characters. C2 is a costodian droid of Spaceships, and such every Republic Player aquries on with his ship. Apparently the series is "overlerly focussed on Comfort" and pleasing his master. If he does not have a Critical Crafting result he calls that "less then Ideal".
His Alliance Alert propably speaks for itself:


2V-R8 - shared Droid for all Imperial Characters. 2V is a custodian droid of Spaceships, and such every Imperial Player aquries on with his ship. this Series is programmed for panical fear of "being deactivated" wich apparently pleases Sith Lords in particular.


It is noticeable that they were originally desgined to be not useable as Combat Companion (and reference that in early Dialog), they can make a good early game healer. Until the Companions rework, where every companion can become any role.


M1-4X aka "the Patriot bot". This is the Troopers  Companon. Being designed for Republci Special Forces, it is loyal to a fault. When being suborned by a Traitor, he even goes out of his way to help you defeat him.


SCORPIO - Imperial Agent companion, and most likely one of the most dangerous entities in the game. I consider her a danger on the Level of the Sith Emperor and similar entities, just having interacted with her in teh Agent Storyline. Designed to "self itterate" this droid has no remorse and no loyality to anyone but itself. The only reason it could even be secured as Imperial Agent companion was the ability to hardcode it to "not be able to attack or leave the side" of the Character.

It speaks with a soft female voice, but sentences like "I can make your death come unexpectedly" make it clear what her intetnions are.




T7-01 - the Jedi Fanboy and R2 expy. He was actually in half the original Trailers, once as droid to Niko Okaar, once as Droid to a Jedi Master on Corousant. And later he becomes Droid to the Jedi Knight.


There is a number of other Droid Characters worth noting, but finding Videos from the can be hard.



Something I only heard of (but never actually played) is Subsurface Circular. It was on Extra Credits and "it is full of Colorfull Characters" despite being 100% Robots:


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Douglas Adams went to town with this in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Unfortunately, I can see "Genuine People Personalities" becoming an actual thing.


Not that I wouldn't go for a Marvin digital assistant, myself.


"Marvin, what's the weather like today?"



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