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RDU Neil

Heroic Level Combat Vet

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Can anyone point me to a write-up/character sheet for a combat vet, ex-military, private security, trained PMC type of character?


I'm just looking for alternative takes on the kind of stats and skill sets one might expect to see... of if there is a certain 6th Ed Hero product that has those write-ups in it?



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Oh... I'd already found John Wick... thank you! While over-powered (as any lone action star carrying an entire movie often is) for PCs, I tweaked this build just a little and kept it as what the "best-of the best-of the best" would possibly look like in my Secret Worlds campaign. (note: I finally saw JW2, and while an abysmal action movie, it was a stunning art film from a cinematography and choreography, POV. If the next movie follows this trajectory, JW3 might lack not just a plot and substance, but even dialogue and character... the whole thing becoming a 2 hour, kaleidoscopic dance routine with guns.)


And thank you, IndianaJoe... I did find those 5th Edition skill lists for special forces, etc. It was a good start, but I guess I'll have to build my own. I always liked the old books, that had things like full write-ups for "low level ninja, medium level ninja, god-like ninja" as reference. I'd really hoped to find something like that... "realistic SAS vet, cinematic SAS vet, super-heroic SAS vet" or whatever.

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