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Jason S.Walters

Instant Enemy #6

By Jason S.Walters, in Store Item News,

Instant Enemy #6 (Hero 6 Edition): Cal-Balt is now available from rpgnow!
Cal-Balt the Invincible hails from a timeline torn apart by terrible Chronal energies. Now Cal-Balt roams the time-stream hunting those with time-travel powers. He knows that the time-stream was devastated by someone in the past. Cal-Balt will not stop until the one who did the damage is destroyed. His amazing power-armor, combined with his own formidable powers make Cal-Balt the Invincible a true terror.
You can check it out here.

Jason S.Walters
Need adversaries for you Fantasy Hero campaign. Here you will find three new groups to add to your campaign. From a golem like race led by a mad wizard, an insect race killing and devouring all they find and a group of mages trying to take over the realm. All you need to keep you players on their toes.
Includes a 90 page PDF, Hero Design Files and Cardboard Miniatures
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Jason S.Walters
Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find.
This series houses information on varies information on just such treasures.
Armor - There are legends that tell of heroes with varies kinds of armor. From leather to plate, armor that can let the wearer fly to armor that can let the wearer disappear. There is armor for every situation and here you will find 34 sets of armor that can do almost anything.
The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.
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Jason S.Walters
Welcome to Issue #3
This PDF contains a full write up of Captain Conspiracy. An agent of a secret society dedicated to bringing about a New World Order. The society uses the Captain as a tool to spread terror and mistrust across the world. When not acting publicly, he uses his abilities to assassinate key officials to destabilize world governments.
You can check it out here.

Jason S.Walters
New From Greg Elkins!
The Grimoire Arcana is a much sought after spell book that holds the source of several lost forms of magic. The tome took centuries and loss of many lives to compile. It was torn into two sections decades ago and the two sections hidden in different areas of the realm.
The book you now hold is a copy of the first half of the tome. It holds the secrets to five different forms of magic, Archery Magic, Bardic Magic, Crystalline Magic, Seduction Magic and Unstable Magic.
The knowledge of these forms of magic can change anyone forever.
Includes 100 spells in a 40 page PDF as well as Hero Designer files for all magic spells.
T​ake a look at it here!
​Or, for the version without the Hero Designer Files, check it out here!