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Jason S.Walters
Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Fantasy Hero by G Elkins Hero System Products: The Mind's Eye. Students of Psionics, Known as Psions, use the powers of their mind to work extraordinary abilities. They require an iron discipline, and constantly strive to mold their minds to their greatest potential. Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be a Psion?
A supplement to introduce Psionics into a Fanstasy Hero Campaign. Contains over 30 Psionci abilities to choose from. Comes with PDF and HD files.

Jason S.Walters
Kazei 5: System Upgrade. This volume by Michael Surbrook will give Kazei 5 fans more cyberware, more esper powers, more cyberspace programs, as well as more weapons, gear, and vehicles. There will also be several new NPCs, articles on various cyberpunk and near-future technology subjects, an examination of the Lace and Steel show as a campaign setting, scenarios, and floor plans. At least one of the scenarios will be set during Jinsei’s invasion of the Zero Zone, while another will be set in the Shadows Angelus alternate Kazei 5 setting.

Jason S.Walters
Hero Games is proud to present a new supplement for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts: The Fantasy Codex! Empower your Wizard! Almost a thousand new spells for your fantasy game, detailed and organized for use by GMs and Players alike. Designed for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts, this collection of magic may be adapted for any fantasy setting.
Unlock spells like Grimstaff’s Grand Enhancement, Cinder Spray, Tornado, and Call Aether Spite! Learn magical spells from five different orders and seventeen magical schools! Summon not just elementals but a keep or siege weapons! Cast spells to baffle and confound your enemies! The Fantasy Codex is packed with unique and creative magic for your spell caster to learn and use... and for your GM to use against you.

Jason S.Walters
We've looked at our numbers, and concluded that we can afford international shipping if we reduce the size of our print run. That means FHC will go out of print sooner and be less profitable in the long run, but that we're not leaving our international fans out in the cold. (The print run will still be big enough to have copies for distribution to game stores and to sell on the Herogames.com website after the kickstarter for a while.) So we've added the LEGIONNAIRE level at $60 for a signed book, PDF, and Character Pack, shipped anywhere in the world. You can add additional books to that level for $30 each, just like the backers in the USA.

Jason S.Walters
Due to requests from fans of Hero abroad, we are extending our international deadline by five more days! Now if we reach our $15,000 goal by May 22nd, we'll add the $60 “Legionnaire” Level with international shipping included. And at $11,393 – roughly 75% of our needed funding – we're really not that far from the finish line today!
And remember: if you're an international customer, you can pledge at the Journeyman Level ($20) now, then change your pledge with the blue "Manage Pledge" button to the Legionnaire Level should we get to add that. Or, if you're feeling particularly supportive, you can choose the $20 reward but pledge $60 now to get us to $15,000 faster, and then drop back to $20 if we don't make that goal by May 22nd.

Jason S.Walters
Now that we've reached $10,000, we'd like to announce some stretch goals. We'll unlock them as we achieve them, and make them available to you the backer!
$17,000 Fantasy Hero Bonus Pack. This will include 12 ready-to-play sample characters, an additional sample adventure, and an expanded setting derived from the adventure in Fantasy Hero Complete. All characters created in the Bonus Pack will be included in the Hero Designer Character Pack, and all backers at the Journeyman ($20) level up will receive it.
$27,000 Fantasy Grimoire. We will print and make available a 240-page book of spells and magic items with an original cover.
$37,000 Fantasy Bestieary. We will print and make available a 240-page book of monsters and enemies with an original cover.

Jason S.Walters
Hero Games is proud to announce that we will be launching a Kickstarter project in May to create a new core Fantasy Hero book. Like Champions Complete, Fantasy Hero Complete will be a 240 page, moderately priced black & white soft-cover paperback. It will also be a stand-alone product containing all of the rules necessary to play Fantasy Hero with no other book required. FHC will include spells, monsters, magic items, and a sample dungeon delving adventure in addition to all of the Skills, Perks, Powers, and Complications relevant to the fantasy genre. Experienced players will find it to be a handy, easy-to-use addition to their Fantasy Hero library, while new players will be able to sit down with a copy, create characters, and start having fun!
Fantasy Hero Complete will be written by veteran Hero System author Michael Surbrook, with an original cover by Sam Flegal and interior layout by Ruben Smith-Zempel. With thirty years of play behind it, our goal is to include everything Fantasy Hero gamers need, and nothing they don't. New players will love the unmatched freedom of the Hero System, which allows them to create and play exactly the hero they imagine. Longtime fans will appreciate a tight, concise new approach, presenting the full game system at a fraction of its former length.
We haven't decided on what the stretch goals for this project will be. Some possibilities include an expanded setting to accompany the sample dungeon, reprints of the Hero System Grimoire or Hero System Bestiary, special dice, or even an entirely new fantasy supplement! We would very much like your input before we decide. So feel free to go over to the Hero Boards and let us know what you would like to see in terms of content, stretch goals, and backer tiers for Fantasy Hero Complete!

Jason S.Walters
Hero Games is proud to present the first adventure for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts: The Lost Castle! Long ago a mad king built a fantastic complex to survive in case of disaster beneath his castle. Eventually the king's madness caused the once-rich kingdom to falter and in time it simply faded away, yet another of the lost human kingdoms long ago when the elves ruled. When adventurers stumble upon the ruins, there's much more than meets the eye.
The Lost Castle is a Fantasy Hero adventure for 4-8 characters no more than 1000 points total, combined.