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Michael Surbrook's Ghosts, Ghouls, and Gole...

Mar 14 2017 12:13 PM | in HERO System News

The title says it all. Michael Surbrook's Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems is LIVEon KS as of today. Help us bring yet another HERO System project to life!

Jason Walters, Publisher

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Hero System 5th Edition Core Book Available in POD

Mar 09 2017 12:21 PM | in HERO System News

If you never had a chance to pick up physical copy of the Hero System Fifth Edition Revised back-in-the-day, it is now available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG in black-and-white paperback format for the reduced price of $40.00.

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Strike Force Wins BAMFSIES

Mar 08 2017 04:49 PM | in HERO System News

The BAMFSIES Gamer's Choice awards are out, and Strike Force was selected by the gaming public via an open poll as this years winner! Hurray for the HERO System!

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Hero System 6th Edition Core Books Available in...

Feb 21 2017 02:54 PM | in HERO System News

If you never had a chance to pick up physical copies of HERO System 6th Edition: Character Creation or HERO System 6th Edition: Combat and Adventuring they are now available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG in black-and-white paperback format for the reduced price of $40.00 and $30.00, respectively.

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Upcoming Project: Michael Surbrook's Ghosts...

Feb 15 2017 11:19 AM | in HERO System News

A Kickstarter for Michael Surbrook's Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems will be going live on March 10th!

"Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems is a roleplyaing game guide to these darkness-dwelling creatures of folklore and myth for the Hero System, Savage Worlds, and Mutants & Masterminds. Emphasis has been placed on presenting these creatures as close to their traditional descriptions as possible - although a few “cinematic,” Hollywood-inspired versions of some of the more popular entries are included. In this book you will find information on vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts, ghouls, wights, and zombies, as well as more obscure creatures like the old hag and the witiko. In addition, there are dozens of "monster" sheets, each representing a basic creature template you can further customize as desired. Finally, there are a number of monster sheets for such infamous beings a Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and the Beast of Le Gévaudan."

It's currently up for feeback from fans on Kickstarter HERE should you like to offer your opinions.

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Remembering Aaron Allston and Strike Force

Feb 28 2016 01:49 PM | in HERO System News

With 36 hours left to go on the Strike Force Kickstarter project, Ross Watson remembers Aaron Allston on his personal blog.

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2016 Third Party Hero System Release Schedule

Jan 15 2016 12:56 PM | in HERO System News

After taking a survey of publishers who license the Hero System for the purposes of releasing their own work, we've put together a schedule for the coming year. I hope you will find it informative and continue to support their work as you have in the past.

2016 Hero System Release Schedule
  • Monster Mash: Draklings (New Creatures for Fantasy Hero) – Greg Elkins Design, Released
  • S.I.D.s Report: Psiforce – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
  • Wondrous Treasures: Belts, Sashes & Girdles – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
  • Aaron Allston's Strike Force – High Rock Press, 2016 Q1 Kickstarter
  • Chasing a Golden Buck Version Two - Beautifulharmony Multimedia, 2016 Q1
  • Realm of The White Worm (Adventure) – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • Monster Mash: Phase Spider & Thornleg Spider – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • S.I.D.s Report: Shadow Coven – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth! - High Rock Press, 2016 Q2 Kickstarter
(See more below the fold!)

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Strike Force Designer Diary Three: Michael Surb...

Jan 12 2016 11:47 PM | in HERO System News

In my previous Designer Diary I spoke about the sheer size of the files I had been tasked to sort and read through. Now I want to talk about the sheer size of Aaron’s universe—and it was a full universe.

Initially, when Aaron started running, there was just Earth. But that quickly changed, as Phosphene, Denis Loubet’s PC, was descended from travelers from another dimension. Aaron also had two PCs who were aliens, which meant he needed to start detailing what outer space was like. And as the campaign continued, the size and scope of the universe expanded. It soon came to resemble (in my opinion) the DC Comics universe, with multiple alternate Earths. (See more below the fold!)

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Strike Force Designer Diary Two: Ross Watson Sp...

Jan 07 2016 02:52 PM | in HERO System News

In 1989, I found myself admiring an RPG I had never seen before. It was what I like to call “the big blue book.” The title splashed across an awesome George Perez cover art said: Champions. It was the 4th edition of the game, and it captured me like few other games ever had. Little did I know that one of the supplements for this game, published one year earlier, would change the way I played RPGs forever.

That supplement was called Strike Force, and it was penned by a man I came to know as a friend and a very talented, creative writer: Aaron Allston. Strike Force was not just a setting book, or an enemies book, or a GM’s book. It was all three, and yet it was also something more than the sum of its parts. Strike Force was the first book that ever taught me what it was like to run a long-term RPG campaign, to seize the superhero tropes and themes and make them fit into the experience of a role-playing game. Strike Force was the first time I was taught that different players want different things out of a gaming experience – common knowledge these days, but a revelation back then. (More below the fold!)

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RIP Aaron Allston

Feb 28 2014 11:10 PM | in HERO System News

Like many of you, I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of author and game designer Aaron Allston, who collapsed yesterday during an appearance at VisionCon in Springfield, Missouri and died shortly thereafter. His death effects me on both a personal and professional level. On a personal level, he a gentleman in the literal sense of the word: a gentle-man with whom it was always a pleasure to speak. I also admired his work: The Circle/M.E.T.E. Was one of my favorite roleplaying supplements as a teenager, and I also fondly remember Autoduel Champions. (I mean: who doesn't? It ruled.) On a professional level, as the current president of Hero Games I mourn the loss of one of the creative giants of the Hero System and a driving force behind the modern versions of Champions.

So so long Aaron: see you in the great dealer's room in the sky. I can't wait to hear about your current projects when I get there.

Jason Walters, President Hero Games

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Blackwyrm Update: Larger Than Life In Layout

Feb 11 2014 11:29 AM | in HERO System News

Coming this summer from BlackWyrm Games, Michael Surbrook's Larger Than Life is a guide to the world of American tall-tales. It presents more than 20 different well-known (and not so well-known) archetypes from American folklore, ranging from Blackbeard the Pirate to Nikola Tesla the Inventor. Along the way you’ll also encounter soldiers, sailors, and scouts, as well as backwoodsmen, lumberjacks, mountain men, outlaws, lawmen, emperors, and Indian chiefs.

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Site Re-Launch!

Dec 27 2013 12:00 AM | in HERO System News

You've probably noticed that the site has undergone something of a change...

We're pleased to introduce you to the new (and improved) HERO Games site. We've updated the software package that this site utilizes, focusing on integration and improved functionality for you (yes, you!). The site, store, and all other sections are now driven through the same database -- requiring only one registration. We've kept the old forum registrations active in order to maintain all forum content.

There are more new features than we can comfortably list here, but of particular note is the addition of more payment options as well as the easy purchase and use of gift certificates for the store.

The one downside is that we are not able to merge the old online store accounts into the new system. This means that your purchase history, downloads, etc. have been reset. But fear not! We're going to keep the old site up and running for a short while, allowing you to access your old account and re-download any items that you need.

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