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Meriquai Falls PDF is now available!

New from Dale Robbins! The world of Meriquai Falls is full of surprises. So many villains and heroes in a modest Midwest city with little to offer compared to its coastal sisters is surprising enough. But when the world's most beloved teen adventurer hero from nearby Kansas City flips heel and forms a villainous mercenary company with her former archnemesis, everyone is in shock!

Meriquai Falls: The Hands of Domination includes six full character sheets and biographies for Katie Powers, aka Scarlet Saber, and her company of mercenaries willing to work with any villain for the right price. You can use these villains in a Meriquai Falls campaign, a Champions Universe campaign, or your own homebrew campaign.

Will your heroes be able to defeat the Hands of Domination? And, in the end, will they even want to?