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A club for people who are interested in the Here There Be Monsters urban fantasy campaign setting. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx

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  2. I like this campaign story line and want to see it where it goes. While I'm fully engaged and committed to its progression, I do admit that my long-term memory failed me for some of the story details. Perhaps I've grown spoiled by your story recaps, but this is a case where a summary might help reorient us. Also you can utter the words RTFM, which are always fun to say.
  3. Ok, so here are my thoughts: 1) Normally if 1 player can't make it I prefer to still meet and work around it. 2) If two or more can't make it, I make a judgement call based upon where the the characters of the missing players are at narratively and whether or not their absence can be worked around without causing more trouble than it is worth. 3) However, currently the team is in a critical place where I actually want everyone at the table. Particularly considering we just spent an entire episode / session jumping thru the necessary hoops to get the team back together in a way that avoided a deus ex machina. 4) Unfortunately due to the holidays the current "action" has gotten stretched out in real world time over the course of a couple of calendar months and I feel like it has sucked away the urgency / emotional impact of the stakes involved for the characters. In the game world, the stakes are quite high, time is of the essence, and the situation is quite dire. In the real world, it may be hard for some of us at the end of January to remember and / or care about stuff that happened in November and to still feel the anxiety and engagement I hope was present when the current leg of the adventure unspooled. Now, real life presents us with challenges to all being in the same place at the same time and I get it. Work is important. Family is important. Shit happens, and when push comes to shove meeting to play a game or indulge a hobby is obviously of lower priority. However, I feel like we have a good thing going with this group and I at least am having fun with the campaign and would like for us to find a way to move past all of the recent disruption and continue. So...here's what I want to happen and then we can discuss if we all agree and if we can make it happen: I want us to all be present for the next session, which will hopefully be Feb 8, and for us to all make an attempt to re-engage with the in-game narrative and try to get back into the headspace of feeling trepidation for the characters and caring about what's going to happen next. For my part, I will take a beat at the beginning of the session to reframe the scene and do my best to sink the hook for all of you. If some of us are at a point where we need to take a step back from the campaign and focus on other things, or if we are tired of the campaign and don't want to continue that's ok too...I just ask that we all be transparent about where our heads are at.
  4. I'm still available this weekend. If we end up skipping, let me know when the next session is.
  5. I have a partial conflict for our 25th game. The wife and I have been invited to a Chinese New Years celebration from 3 pm to whenever. I could come late, but since @L0rd_Magg0t already cannot attend do we want to bump our next game to February?
  6. Unfortunately I am not available Jan 25. Have to cover over night nite shift.
  7. HtbM face to face session @ At Ease Games, 5pm
  8. Evenstar flares on disk of night...I fall, R'lyeh rises to full height... Hidden shapes in cyclopean vaults...surge forth from schismatic faults... That is not dead which can eternal lie...and with strange aeons even death may die...
  9. I'll see you fine folk this afternoon. I'll be curious to see @WilyQ's new character.
  10. Here There Be Monsters face to face session @ At Ease Games, 5pm
  11. Sorry for delayed response, I've had a grueling week. I'll be running a session today (January 11, 2020) @ At Ease Games, starting at 5pm.
  12. What time will we start? I'm available as early as 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
  13. I'm hoping to resume running sessions on Jan 11th if everyone can make it.
  14. I want everyone at the table for this session; so we'll postpone until January. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

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