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A club for people who are interested in the Here There Be Monsters urban fantasy campaign setting. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx

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  2. Killroy saved the day vs a huge tentacular monstrosity known as a Q'gthik hiding in a still lake to waylay unwary passerby's (a blatant Watcher in the Water rip off). The other three Hunters had been rendered unconscious and had been pulled under the waters to either drown or be devoured...take your pick. Having smartly set himself up as a sniper should, Killroy shot out one of the thing's eyes (and rolled one off max damage in the process), and finally finished it off with a head shot. Murgatroyd really earned his keep as well, between timely use of his Hermetic Circle, ring of blasting, and general arcane knowledge. His Supernatural Resistance also paid for itself protecting him from suffering the tainted consequences of learning dark secrets of a Cthonic nature, forbidden knowledge that let him give smart counsel to his teammates.
  3. I'm tickled to see two iconics that I submitted being used as PCs. Hopefully they acquit themselves fairly. I envy those who can play. 😉 I'm stuck playing D&D of all things these days. But at least I have a gaming group to play tabletop with, so I shouldn't complain overly.
  4. The first two sessions were detailed in this thread in the Dark Champions forum: The Tears of Tierrasola. The third session was played last Saturday, face to face at a local game store. We buddy'd up with a couple of players from another group of players...@Steve and @Durzan Malakim who played Killroy and Murgatroyd respectively. After the modern equivalent of "the king has a quest for you" to move past the usual awkwardness of getting a new group of PC's together, the Hunters agreed to take on the contract and were teleported to a suburban house in Las Vegas where the rift to the other dimension was being contained. As soon as the arcanists keeping the rift sealed let it open, the Hunters were immediately plunged into the $#!^ as three monstrous tentacles plunged through the tear in reality. Adapting to the danger with admirable aplomb, the four ad hoc allies managed to destroy the Cthonic tendrils, and then bravely crossed over. Finding themselves in a dismal otherworld, the Hunters proceeded to push onward in an attempt to find the Heartstone, steal or ruin it, and then GTFO back to base to collect their fat stacks of cash. Fun was had, tentacle faced monsters were killed, and TPK was narrowly avoided. A good night of gaming. Hopefully part 2 will be as engaging.
  5. We're three sessions in to what I hope will prove to be a recurring episodic campaign (a collection of one to three session adventures, in between other campaigns in different settings run by revolving GM's). In sessions 1 and 2, the salty ex-SWAT Lt. turned Monster Hunter Drew Altman and the wet-behind-the-ears teenager Joey Manegarm who's adolescent inexperience is belied by his supernatural nature as a descendant of the Get of Fenrir (which also makes him Loki-spawn, but whose counting?), unexpectedly met and had to rise to the challenge when a swarm of Revenants overran the coffee shop in idyllic Tierrasola where they both happened to be partaking of caffeinated beverages. Combining forces to discover and defeat a powerful Black Wizard, the unlikely duo proved to be an effective team. In session 3, Drew and Joey were invited by Section M along with lone gunman and surly vengeance seeker James Killroy, as well as the aloof ritualist Wizard known as Murgatroyd, to be sent through a tear in the dimensional fabric separating their own reality from a darker one corrupted by Cthonic forces, apparently caused by the misadventures of the infamous Mysterian and Arcanist Miles Hendricks. Something on the other side is trying to come through, prevented only by the actions of a beleaguered and tiring team of specialist arcanists, and Section M wants the Hunters to go thru the rift to put a stop to it. An artifact described by Miles from his time on the other side, the Heartstone, is believed to be the key to the endeavor, and the Hunters' mission is simple...capture or destroy it and then if possible survive long enough to be extracted. The danger is immense. But so is the bounty...$1,000,000 for each surviving Hunter upon success...a nearly unheard of amount for a single contract.
  6. This club is for those who contribute to the Here There Be Monsters (HtbM) setting, play in a HtbM campaign, or are just interested in the material. Unfortunately, the very lengthy old thread from the Dark Champions forum where the modern 6e iteration of the setting was built collaboratively on these boards did not survive the most recent archival purge. Similarly, a G+ group for the setting recently died as well along with the rest of G+. Luckily, most of the usable game content is preserved on killershrike.com at http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx, but the real world creative collaboration and design process captured in the forums and on G+ are gone. New characters, story ideas, resources, campaign related information, and so forth will appear here as time goes by. Hopefully this venue will outlast the previous two.
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