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A club for people who are interested in the Here There Be Monsters urban fantasy campaign setting. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx
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  2. I miss it as well; we had just gotten to the climax of Act 2, poised for the home stretch. And then...quarantine! I still suspect it is all merely a stratagem of Mr. Timothy Ledoux; the difference between fiction and reality are as naught to one such as he; the 4th wall is the least thing he has shattered in a long existence occupied by the ceaseless pursuit of unwholesome power. I have kept my hand in with Here There Be Monsters a bit in the interim however, slowly but surely chipping away at porting content. I finished porting the Zombie Apocalypse Vignette this weekend and am pretty happy with the results... Zombie Apocalypse
  3. Thank you for the updates. I’m working from home right now, and my daughter is out of school through early April. I think we should plan on social distancing being a thing for at least another 2-4 weeks.
  4. I'm looking into online gaming alternatives for my D&D game. I've used Fantasy Grounds for D&D, but I don't know how well it will support Hero or Cortex Plus. It may be easier to do the game mechanics portion through talking like we do in a face-to-face game. We certainly all have dice and can roll them and declare our results. We can save video for maps and our lovely faces. This assumes of course everyone has access to the necessary hardware: computer with camera and software. We can always go on hiatus if need be.
  5. So, given the givens of the current state of reality, I think it is probably best to postpone face to face sessions until things have returned to normal. If social distancing becomes the new normal for more than a couple weeks I'll look into getting an online virtual table top type of solution going. In the meantime, I've been chipping away at adding more meat to the Cortex Plus Heroic port. I did more character writeups , more Ability Trait writeups, and filled in the details on how dice pools are formed, how plot points work, and so on. In days to come I'll be porting over setting content, vignettes, npcs / monsters, and so forth. It might be of interest to some of you, and of course feedback is welcome. Obviously, I hope all of you & your families are well. Stay healthy and safe!
  6. Thanks for the information @King Red. Hopefully we can still meet at someone's house if people are healthy and willing.
  7. FYI Beginning Monday, March 16, all the gaming tables will be closed for the At Ease Game Store in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. All tournaments, all events will be cancelled until further notice. The store will now officially close earlier at 7 p.m. instead of 11 p.m. May you all stay healthy, Conrad
  8. I’m fine with meeting at Durzan’s or Killer Shrike’s House in a couple of weeks, if they’re still willing to host then. That said, my wife’s worries about this virus continue to grow, so I might have to bow out of the game for a few months to keep her happy, even if it’s held at someone’s house. I’ll let you know in a few weeks if it’s getting that way. KS, I hope your daughter is better soon. I’ve been through that experience with my own little girl a few times. Each time is always worrisome for a parent.
  9. I hope your daughter gets better soon. Let us know if our next game can be at one of our houses. I live in Mira Mesa so could host a game on the march 21st if needed. Let me now what location preferences you have.
  10. Scything and I unexpectedly can't be there tomorrow; my daughter came home from school today not feeling well and just started puking all over the place. It may or may not be contagious, but no reason to risk it. Sorry for the late notice, I was psyched to wrap up the arc, but that's how it goes when you are a parent.
  11. My house is available if need be, but I hear that @Killer Shrike has a killer game table to use.
  12. Are we gaming this Saturday? FYI, due to my wife's ever-increasing concerns about the coronavirus outbreaks in the US, this will be my last game weekend for a while unless we change to meeting at someone's house.
  13. Starting to do the bump on the character files heading into Act 3 of Arc 4. Accepted versions of Joey, Jack, and Murgy are up, and proposals for @Steve / Beretta; @King Red / Killroy w/ Weaponmaster [Firearms], and @WilyQ / Drew are proffered. I will update this post as final versions shape up and are accepted.
  14. Placeholder: because I've been too busy to keep the adventure log up to date but intended to back fill it with at least a summary if / when time allows.
  15. I printed out a copy of Beretta in preparation of Jaeger piloting her. I can always bring a copy if it's needed.
  16. Excellent. FYI: I'm not printing out or bringing PC character sheets this week, as there have been no changes. Hopefully everyone held on to their copy from last session.
  17. Because of the rain, our family plans were canceled, so I’m available tonight after all. I’ll see you all in a few hours.
  18. until
    I planning to run a face to face HtbM session tomorrow at 5pm @ At Ease Games

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