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This is a PBP campaign rpg that contains my two campaigns from Champions: TEAM ALPHA and THE COURT OF DREAMS. Both will be played as either PBP rpgs or PBEM games if that is your preference if anyone is interested please contact me via PM or simply email me. If You want to create your PCs,go to the TEAM ALPHA game and Download your own Fillable CS.

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  2. Gonna Need Your CS again Mark because I can't find in in my email. Just post it here in the club.
  3. As a change to the above, Sun-Spell is Tabatha Jean "Tabby" Clark. Someone else will be playing Solar-Star.
  4. I'm playing Animalia, Sun-Spell, and Solar-Star, her knight. It's possible that Judy Kaplan will be Sun-Spell and Tim Clark, her lover, will be Solar-Star.
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