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The concept here is to make an open living city which GMs can use as a setting for their games. All information here should be freely available to players and GM. Please read the rules and regulation post.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Brobdingnagian Originally seen at the destruction of Greenfield, some say he's the cause the of the destruction, falling from the sky as a god kicked out from heaven or an alien from another planet. He has been seen at a couple of minor robberies of banks somehow disappearing before people can catch him. Brobdingnagian.hdc
  3. Known paranormals who hang out around around this part of town.
  4. Mr. Boogeyman sees himself as a master villain but usually hires himself out as muscle. He sees himself as a big league villain and while he's good at crowd control has yet to live down the term "Hides when you toss a large teddy bear at him." Whether that term is true or not, is feverishly denied by Mr. Boogeyman (but is mostly likely the truth). Mr. Boogeyman.hdc
  5. Known Paranormals who hang out around this section of town.
  6. The One Armed Bandit The newspapers call him "the one arm bandit" as his left arm is a minigun. He robs mostly banks and armored cars and tends to attack wealthier places. He seems to have it out for anyone who looks middle eastern often destroying their material possessions, beating the crap and/or scaring the daylights out of them. So far the police have not been able to catch him, though they have suspects. Gatling.hdc
  7. Started putting in paranormals. To be honest, I don't know why I keep this club active since its seems only I post here, but its become something of a personal crusade.
  8. The Black Turtle is one of five powerful martial artists living in Little Asia. He has an apartment and dojo in northern Little Asia. Most Little Asia residents just call him the Turtle. He is known to the police as a trouble maker and has a long string of crimes related to fighting to his name. Zhi Ming - Black Turtle.hdc
  9. Known Paranormals who frequent the area
  10. Mr Tentacle is a major enforcer for the mob in Babylon City, tending to hang out between here and the docks where he usually works. Mr Tentacle.hdc
  11. Still a bit busy with taxes, campaign stuff, etc. I know its just excuses but things are really piling up that I need to get done now. Sorry for the delays.
  12. Various Super powered people who seem to hang out in the Tenderloin.
  13. Second Chances Halfway House Second Chances is a boarding house set up to assist supervillains in their efforts at reintegrating back into society after they've served out their sentences or for those who've gotten released early for good behavior or after serving on the in the government's version of the Suicide Squad. It's a government-sponsored halfway house dealing in former supervillains. Qualified former supervillains are watched and allow to reintegrate into society. Funding for the effort is moderate to low depending on the current government attitude towards "reformed" supervillains so the house was put in a fiscally responsible location (a poorer section of the city). Strangely, this has reduced the number of complaints about the house and increased it success rate compared to similar houses in other cities. Originally created by Steve
  14. Fresh Hair The beauty salon is run by the fabulous Anastassia Epstein or "Ana". Her salon has 4 stations and is constantly busy, though she reserves time for truly pathetic cases. Her ability to restyle and re-imagine hair to its best effect is only half the reason people, both men and women, come to Ana's. While performing her hair miracles, Ana talks to her customers and appears to be able to draw out whatever is bothering them and relieving them of some of the burden of their problems. Some have likened Ana's with a therapy appointment only more productive and it comes with a free hair cut. The costs for the salon appointment per hour is about the same or higher, though no one complains after the appointment.
  15. The Palais An old brownstone apartment building which has been around since the 1880s. The accommodations are dirt cheap but so is the building. The current owners have been indicted for various housing violations and are barely skirting by, just like the rats and cockroaches in the building. Interestingly enough the area around the building is fairly free of crime. This was due to the masked vigilante known as the Sheppard operating out of an old speakeasy in the basement of the building. Unfortunately, the Sheppard a little while ago finally met a grizzly end while trying to save people from a burning building but the base was never discovered.
  16. Aftermath Enterprises Aftermath specializes in the reconstruction and recreation of cities after devastation caused by super battles. They employ teams of unique individuals and are able to recreate locations almost perfectly in a fraction of the time. Aftermath Enterprises has a policy of 105, which means after paying costs, the company seeks only 10% profit. This unique commodity pricing has lead to Aftermath having major branch offices in every major metropolitan city in the world and that 10% profit margin reaching $1 billion a year.
  17. O'Reilly US Merchant Command and Coordination Center This partial military base was set up to facilitate actions of the merchant marines in this area during World War II. Today, the area acts as a coordination center and a veterans affairs unit for the Merchant Marines. Due to the volume of goods passing through the waters of Babylon City, O'Reilly's base has expanded and provides passing mariners others amenities such as store, the merchant marines bank, and urgent care facility. It also acts as part of the coast guard base of operations since World War I, though its use in modern times is limited mostly to natural disaster coordination.
  18. Santa's Village A family fun setting in the 1960's, the current place shut down in the 1990's due to poor attendance. The village had a saccharine like little village where cheap Chinese made toys and candy were sold. Fun rides for all ages were available in almost carnival like atmosphere. In December, the place would come alive with a permanent Santa and reindeer. Today, weeds and broken equipment abound. Gang markings cover many of the little gingerbread shops and certain deranged criminals have made the place their base of operations at times.
  19. Statler's Emporium Statler's Emporium was created by Charles Statler in 1943. The Emporium has always purchased high end products for the high end consumer and has been notoriously profitable since its inception. The current location in Babylon City's Elysium is no coincidence as the shop has moved several times in its life, always to where the extremely wealth live. A note on the products of the Emporium. The products are just bejeweled to make them more expensive, they are cutting edge pieces of equipment. For example, other "cheaper" place may make a high end computer with fancy lights and a gold plated shell. The Emporium sells a computer at the low end of it cost sheet that could run the NYSE in the size of a laptop. They don't sell guns, they sell personal high yield defensive weapons like the fully automatic .50 caliber anti-material hunting rifle with ultra high effect flash and sound suppression and a 16 round magazine.
  20. In the city council election, Jay Waters wins new term. After a close race which required a recount, the city manager has certified the results in a win by 23 votes. Jay Waters - Incumbent, Democrat On completing his first term as councilman, Jay Waters is running on a platform of raising the minimum wage in Babylon City, increasing affordable housing, increasing premium costs on local super damage insurance, and the required licensing of local supers. "The amount of damage to the city properties when supers engage in battle is producing a huge drain on city resources. While I appreciate the efforts of these heroes to save people and prevent crime, the amount of damage and clean up costs are appalling. By increasing the cost of property damage coverage for acts of paranormal violence and by requiring supers to go through licensing and permits, we can reduce the damage to our city through training and accountability and sustain a healthy city budget." In case readers are wondering, there wasn't any votes from people so I just mirrored actual elections.
  21. St. James Park This park is covered in high trees several hundred years old. While the grounds are much newer, the city decided long ago to keep the tree here until the tree's eventually die. The last tree to die was in '76 when Commander Communist and The Minuteman fought and the tree was one of the casualties. The city soon found, that the hardwood of the tree was worth a lot of money not because of the rarity and strength of the wood, but furniture and items made from the wood elicited a city pride. Only 9 original trees remain. Newer trees have been planted in dedication ceremonies when one dies bringing about much local news and city income. St. James Park is also noted for another less grand tradition. Because of the trees and buildings around the park, the park tends to be sheltered from more extreme forms weather. As a result, the homeless will congregate around the park at night. This problem has been attempted to be rectified by the city council a number of times but to no lasting success. During the day, the park's homeless population vacates the area and even cleans up most of their refuse leaving little trace of their nightly visits.
  22. OK, been a bit busy with the holiday season 2018. Seems like whenever Christmas fall on Tuesday through Thursday, there is never enough time to do anything. I'll put a few more entries in for place and locales and then next year (or maybe at the end of this year) I'll start populating the city with NPCs.
  23. St. Paddy's Day Parade The local Irish community originally settled in the Tenderloin and started a tradition of the St. Paddy's Day parade. Restaurants host several celebration (mostly beer oriented) before during and after the parade and a good time is had by most. Unfortunately, there is a dark lining to the parade. The parade is made up of mostly Catholics and Christians. Depending on the current religious climate of the Vatican, the parade goers may include the LGBT group. Under Pope Benedict XVI, the parade took a more exclusionary route which lead off into the city's Gay Pride parade, a more minor affair to become larger than the St. Paddy's Day Parade. This led to violent clashes between right wing conservative Catholics and left wing LGBT groups. The current pope, Pope Francis, wrote letters to both parties which seems to have settled down both parties to an extent.
  24. The Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza Every 4th of July, at around 9:30PM until 10:00PM, Babylon City hosts a large fireworks display over the water. The Waterfront teems with people during this time as well as dozens of pick pockets, vandal, and other assorted netherdowells who prey on the large gathering of people. The show is hosted by the Mayor but usually has a fire/light wielding super as co-host and a famous band as musical guest. Broadcasted on a couple of local radio stations, several of the stations offer music themed and timed with the display. Television also brings about news of the display with highlights being shown on the nightly news. Police work overtime as the celebration has had in the past also hosted several supervillain rampages using the celebration either for publicity or as cover.
  25. I am catching up from last weeks cold due to father's day. I was trying to put in one new site per week but I noticed I didn't have a lot of sites where origins of supers could be had. So I am rectifying that mistake now.
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