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Brideswell is a super prison. In my world(s), its a relatively new super prison and I was thinking, I have a lot of ideas of supervillains which get used maybe once or not at all. Wouldn't it be a cool place to create a site which allows people to show off their supervillains to the world? Then the idea of creating a club at the Hero site was formed. The site is public and will not be monitored. People should feel free to post their super and normal villains here. Any applicable rights of anything put here is the right of the poster (i.e. club claims no rights). Its not monitored for content but that being said, I reserve the right to remove unwanted posts (like spam) or posts which violate the general Hero forum rules.
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  2. Anubis Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Male Age: ??? Height: 213 cm (7') Weight: 100 kg (220.46 lbs) Eye Color: brown Hair Color: Brown Handed: Right Background: Unknown. Supposedly, he just showed up one day and started serving Packmaster. In reality, he is a servant of the real Anubis and due to his kind treatment of his dogs and his powers, he's been given a guardian by the ancient God. Even if he dies, the god will send another "Anubis" next to Packmaster, though most people will not see the difference. He spe
  3. Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Male Age: 31 Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 74 kg (163.14 lbs) Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: dark Brown Handed: Right Background: Xavier, Yolanda and Zachary were hiking when they find an old oil lamp. Jokingly, they all rubbed the lamp saying "Wouldn't it be great if it were a magic lamp that contained a Genie." Surprising, a genie appeared and offered to grant them each a wish to the best of its abilities once per day. Xavier wanted to be a superhero and was granted strength, speed, invulnerability and
  4. Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Female Age: 29 Height: 167cm (5'6") Weight: 55kg (121.25 lbs) Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Handed: Right Background: She was part of the Spetznaza or Russian Special Forces. Her code name was призрак or Ghost. She was a sniper/assassination specialist in the Spetnaza. While in their service, she underwent genetic latency activation. Her powers required an amplification suit but the transmaterialization of her body gave her an edge in her assassinations. Unhappy with her lifestyle in Russia, she
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