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Campaign cities

When considering which background to use as your campaign city, you have 4 main options. 


Granted,  you could include Hidden Lands or other settings but i feel that 4 were the most detailed.  


They are:  Hudson City, Millennium City, Vibora Bay, and San Angelo.   Of course each is a fictional city and if there are more than 4, I don't have that book.


Hudson City is geared towards the Dark Champions genre.  It has a nice, wide river and a large lake.  I'm not partial to Dark Champions.   It's too dark for my taste.  But I like the layout of this city and I have used the map as a guide.   It is located in New Jersey. 


Millennium City is a very modern city.  It used to be Detroit,  until Dr. Destroyer destroyed it. I used to live in that area, so I couldn't bring myself to use it as a campaign City.  


Vibora Bay is more mystical in it's history and resides in Florida.  It doesn't have a river and corners the ocean. 


San Angelo has 4 books directly connected to it.  San Angelo, City of heroes, Denizens of San Angelo. Enemies of San Antonio,  and the Dragon's Gate.  This is the background I'm using for my current campaign.  


It has 2 rivers and a lake.  It is set in California.  I like this setting the best so far.  I have not read The Dragon’s Gate yet or the Denizens book, but I have picked out a name or 2 from Denizens.   


I have just started this game and have used Photon and Amok from the main book.  Photon was more of a cameo so far.   And the heroes are battling Amok right now as I print this.  


Granted. I probably should go into more detail about each setting, but have decided to let you read the ones you want and choose for yourself. 


That is all for now, Thanks for reading. 

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