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  3. "If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you."
  4. Agreed, should not be a feature of our criminal justice system.
  5. The question to me is, how long will it take to rein things back? If we discount right around Christmas, when testing was likely WAY down, the 7 day average has been 200K+ since Dec. 7th. Over 150K (including both Thanksgiving and Christmas periods) since Nov. 15th, so 2 full months. And note that 150K new cases a day is a million a week; a million cases means 15-20,000 dead. And 5 million cases since Christmas...3 weeks ago...so yeah, 500K dead by Valentine's is looking very possible. If it takes 8 more weeks to get back to even 150K new cases a day, that's another 125-150,00
  6. I doubt you'd even need to open a real cash business. Just incorporate a company and get yourself a business address. Then start depositing cash into the bank. Sparkle Car Wash Inc., at 952 SW 58th Street, Office 2B. If somebody drives by it's just a cheap office building and office 2B has your logo on the door. The lights are off, but there's a mail slot, and if you look inside you'll see some furniture. There are flowers (fake ones) on the receptionist's desk. It just looks like people stepped out of the office for a bit. Anyway, every day you have somebody come by and dep
  7. Can't say I've ever been comfortable with prison rape jokes.
  8. Add Transmit to Perfect Pitch - problem solved
  9. Yes, I'm asking for help tracking down a CU datum. Please get your mockery out of the way up front... ๐Ÿ˜” I know I've read the story of how the classic 4E superhero, Seeker, became a fictional replacement for Nighthawk in the licensed "Champions comic series" within the official 5E/6E CU, because Nighthawk who was a member of the Champions team at the time, refused permission to use his name and image. But for the life of me I can't find the published print source of the story. Anyone remember where it is? My status as CU oracle hangs in the balance. ๐Ÿ™
  10. That's far more reasonable for pod then I expected. I would have guessed 40 to 45 range for print
  11. I LOVE Thor. Particularly Shakespearean serious Thor. However, given EVERYTHING he has gone through in the MCU, I am still ok with with his overall character arc and how he has character has transformed. He leaned heavily into the ridiculous in Thor: Ragnarok but I think he still came out ok. I say 'THEE NAY' to all those who disapprove.
  12. Easy. He becomes a hidden partner of a multinational corporation smoothing the way via the henchman or hired supervillain mentalist.
  13. Oo! Now I have a practical reason to become Vice Lord of the Hudson City Strip. I can convert cash into credit, and help out the workers there! Unions, housing, harm reduction, medical care, runaway watch...if I got money from elsewhere they won't even be a drain. No doubt some jerks'll try to start a problem, but only one easily solved via superpowers. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. It's actually a bit embarrassing. I still have a copy of it and yet I completely forgot it existed till your post.
  15. Fury using the Watcher's all-seeing eyes (don't rant don't rant don't rant...)
  16. I'll just start ranting if I broach the whole subject of the "Original Sin" storyline.
  17. Yeah, well, maybe not so lucky when they have to take a shower with the bigger guys...
  18. 1) Absolutely not. Mainly because, itโ€™s not in the rules and thereโ€™s no need to create a handwave/house rule that does this, it would be wacky bonkers unbalanced. The closest you could get would be if a bunch of summoned creatures cooperated with the mage, but just casting on its own? Nah. 2) Yes, because everyone is either using spells or innate abilities that operate like spells. I also use LTE because being in the Metaverse is draining.
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