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  2. Simpler can be deceiving though. 5th and 6th introduced options to fine tune things which are definitely would be GM territory in 4th. For example in 5th you can have an adder which allows you to T-port and and shed any velocity you have to no velocity. That’s not an option in 4th. (Of course you can always GM it in. ) it seems every edition has something someone likes and other parts you don’t. I’m not saying 4th is bad by any means either. It’s just that simpler isn’t always simple.
  3. The first and second ed had a sample combat with Ogre and some more typical thugs, but no one ever used those typical thugs, nor were Crusader and Starburst the templates on which characters tended to be constructed. If you viewed the examples in the back as mainly "typical Supers", rather than "typical single opponents, maybe with some normal henchmen, to take on a team of four PCs", power inflation started right out of the gate. Leading to specialized VIPER agents and gear designed to make them a better match for Supers than their "rank and file agent" brethren, a great example
  4. I don't have the books in front of me, so I can't speak to the appropriateness of some of the modifiers, but the base construct looks right. Given every power must have a point of origin, Restrainable would mean, at least to me, any Grab, Entangle or similar restraint renders the power unusable. The combination is still achieving a -1 limitation, which should be just as limiting as an OAF. I'd also want to work through the mechanics - I think there are rules for changing CP for the target, and if you can change any power to any other, it seems like you could also convert a relat
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  6. Except Atlantis started with SG1's sixth season. If SG1 ended at s7, Atlantis would have likely continued.
  7. Agree with Pariah. I watched all ten seasons of SG-1, and Pariah nails it above. I didn't watch Farscape* so don't have that comparison, and wasn't aware of RDA's knee or AT's baby, but year, SG-1 should have stopped at Season 7. *Happy that Claudia Black is an Aussie. Another thing is that as it is, with ten seasons, it made Stargate Atlantis a possibility, and then afterwards, Stargate Universe. If SG-1 stopped after season 7, these sequel series may never had been produced. To my mind, there is an uncanny resemblance between the overall themes between the TNG era of Star Trek and Sta
  8. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler
  9. 4e followed the cube/square law. IIRC, 3 levels of Growth doubled your height and octupled your weight.
  10. @Hugh Neilson I totally agree with point that VIPER as presented set level of agents. One thing though is reading the small blurb on agents, VIPER as presented are supposed to be rough for Superheroes. I know when I started (in 4th) I thought Viper was just normal thugs. And if they are normal then I have to build X better than them. So if they had an example of normal thugs way back when that might’ve changed on how we built things.
  11. @cbat007, I like your player’s idea. Now since this is your first time GM’ing, I’m going to assume it’s his first time playing Champions. So let’s start the build simple for him and you and tell him that once you get more of a handle with the system, the character can be rebuilt. So let’s build 2 Powers to start. Gun Platform. So let’s say Blast (RKA if you want Killing Damage). We’ll add Indirect Advantage because it’s away from the character. Since he can change things at the quantum level you could also make it variable sfx. When you get more comfortable, variable advantage is a good choi
  12. I thought of putting the “save” mechanic as a Side Effect. The Side Effect would be that the Spell does half or no damage (depending on spell).
  13. If there isn't one, perhaps some of our old hands could make one? It does sound like a very useful thing to have.
  14. Commentary like that belongs in the politics thread.
  15. And I'm not. It was even called out in the very first paragraph of explaining the idea that the character's own abilities would likely be bought via a Mulitpower set. And Shapeshift is a whole different hill to die on that I'm not touching right now.
  16. You're not supposed to use Transform to change yourself. use Shapeshift to do external changes, and a Multipower or a Variable Power Pool to change your abilities
  17. The Growth and Shrinking powers are more granular, dealing with a linear increase in height rather than doubling, with less things rolled in automatically if I remember the explanation someone gave in another thread recently, and accompanying lower cost for intermediate heights. I'd prefer to calculate mass as the cube of the linear dimensions rather than the listed... doubling I think? But that's not a (puts on sunglasses) big deal comparatively.
  18. Season 7 was supposed to have been the last season. That's why the last episode of season 7 left Colonel O'Neill's fate deliberately vague. He could have remained in stasis in Antarctica, or he could be revived and return for one more go-round. When the series was renewed, he returned for one more go-round. Season 8 was definitely supposed to have been the last season of Stargate SG-1. Richard Dean Anderson wanted out in order to spend more time with his family and less time rehabbing his bum knee. The final defeat of the Replicators and Anubis, along with all the other System Lord
  19. 5th and 6th ed stuff is easy to convert, mostly just watch CVs and damage classes and defenses there are a few things like the expanded change enviroment and regeneration in 6th only downside is that Hero designer does not do 4th ed you pretty much have to do everything by hand there is Hero Creator software but it is really old there have been excel sheets done for 4th but I have not gone looking for them(I have tons of 4th ed stuff that I would convert to 5th or 6th as needed)
  20. It's a reverse attack roll the way I do it based on the spell casting ability of the caster. So if an attack roll would hit on a 11 or less then a saving throw works on a 10 or less. Attack roll of 13 or less would be a saving throw of 8 or less. Attack roll of 14 or less would be a saving throw of 7 or less and so on. To keep the numbers roughly matched to D&D percentages I do keep track of which classes are proficient with which saving throws and they get their proficiency modifier added in.
  21. I'll do what I can to search that. That's more involved than knowing the name of the game by far.
  22. I've looked at 4th edition Champions and I might be getting the book. The system seems simpler than 5th or 6th editions, but are there other reasons to buy into 4th (plus sourcebooks)?
  23. SG-1 should have been capped off at Season 6 or perhaps 7. Pariah...you and I had previously discussed Stargate SG-1 in the "Neat Pictures" thread. I want to know what you think of the following changes -> Season 7: Richard Dean Anderson starts his departure. Season 8: Richard Dean Anderson is around for critical episodes only. Season 9: Richard Dean Anderson leaves and Ben Browder joins to become SG-1's team leader. Season 10: Claudia Black joins SG-1.
  24. My recommendation is to narrow down what the player wants to try and do a bit more. Simply effecting the world on the quantum level and changing reality is... broad. Very broad. Worse yet, it's not the sort of broad request that the game handles well. "I want to be big," "I want to shoot fire from my hands," "I want to be as strong as a tank." All of those are very broad, and can be handled any number of ways. So too can your request. Manipulating reality at a quantum level... As far as science jargon goes, means nothing. And unfortunately, in comic science jargon, it is also unhelpfully br
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