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  3. Do you really want somebody to be able to tell you to “Go suck a bird!”?
  4. Here we go in domestic <urk urk urk urk> tranquility as the term approaches < URK URK URK URK > and the plan is that I'll be on campus for < URK URK URK URK > teaching this < *R*A*L*P*H* > (ewww).
  5. I'm currently running 2 PF games. In the first one the heroes are on an epic quest to find an ancient artifact from the dawn of time. Not because they want it but because they felt guilty about robbing someone (the someone was technically dead at the time and her wizard's tower taken over by a powerful demon) and want to make it up to her by giving her a present. The heroes are currently in the City of Dis in Hell looking for... gossip. The heroes want some information and the information broker they have found will swap for the name of the new lover of the Provost Marshall of Dis. Future installments will involve talking in riddles to an ancient being. Breaking into a vault run by Beholders; this one is straight out of an old Dragon mag. Searching for a ship lost in the Astral Sea and (when found) trying to get the ship's log before the horrible monster eats them. Negotiating with agents of Chaos. Sneaking past a legion of Inevitables. And all the while in a race with agents of that original powerful demon from the wizard's tower who is also after the macguffin. In the second one the heroes have been looking for a way to take back their fortress and protect their homeland from the nasty undeads. This involved a quest for something. They were unsure what the something until they finally found the macguffins - a bunch of powerful undead killing weapons. Along the way they chased and failed to catch a traitor. Repeatedly. Rescued a beautiful man from some sea hags and then from his Marid ex-lover. Helped a wizard achieve lichdom. Put a demon of pestilence back in its prison. They are now in negotiations with the original BBEG to kill the BBEG's boss in return for the BBEG getting the hell out of their homeland and never coming back.
  6. Title: Double Trinity Location: Midtown High School (also known as the Midtown School of Science and Technology) (Spider-Man) Mentor: Steve “So you got detention” Rogers (Coach of Varsity team) Superstar: Clark Kent Popular Kid: Tony Stark Teacher’s Pet: Diana Prince Troublemaker: Bruce Wayne Free Spirit: Thor Odinson The Antagonist: Darkseid The Dragon: Victor Von Doom (School principal) Option: T’Challa (New kid) Option: Peter Parker (Science teacher)
  7. Perhaps my inquiry is based on faulty assumptions but read me out. If Orchardsville is in any way based on real-world Orchard Lake (which is about the right direction and distance from Detroit) then, unless you count the chain stores along the main street, there’s bugger-all to do unless villains hide bases there rather than any other bedroom community. “But the action’s in Millennium City” you say. True, it’s a relatively short (~16 mi/~25.7 km, if the distances are about the same) drive, but can your turbo teen get to the scene of the crime fast enough? And what’s the range of your teen teleporter? To say nothing of weekdays and curfew. Or is it assumed the happenings’ll be in the city where our hero(one)s’ll just happen to be? Seems contrived even for comics. Or, again, am I missing something?
  8. Well it was on the road, so that's moderately impressive. Flip side? It was the NFC East they were playing, the division nobody wants. Did I say NFC East? Silly me....they're both afterthoughts, so I blame that for my brain fart....52 games under .500 as of right now, which is the worst overall division-combined record out there. AL Central is -21. A little diving into the records...outside their division, Colorado is .500...41-41. Outside their division, Atlanta is 37-40, and Philly is 36-43.
  9. Had to laugh at this one: Pac-12 power ratings: Special expanded edition (because BYU owns the South)
  10. I've got an intro scenario that I've run a couple of times - the opposition are all VIPER agents. I used the ones from the VIPER sourcebook. They're dug in behind some defences in a captured UNTIL base. Their mission is to get the macguffin out of the vault and get away through the basement and into sewer and subway tunnels. I've run it twice and both times the heroes ripped through the agents with no problem. It could have gone a bit worse for the heroes but in both cases the heroes took the time to scout the opposition and so avoided the obvious traps. Fun was had by all! So I guess that puts me in the "agents as window dressing" category. But window dressing that can be problematic in the right scenario.
  11. Eh; you can't see the dents from that angle. turns out that no matter what you tell your hired help about the turning radius on a twenty-one foot long truck, they are still going to try to turn it around in a stand of planted pines. I didnt really "get into" anything as I got older. Riding, writing, and wrenching have been my passions since I was a kid. I have gotten _out_ of a few things as my age advanced: chasing women (I caught one, so....), hair styling (no need anymore), and a thirty-four inch belt (like I said, I caught one. I can relax a bit now. ) I have also gotten out of drag racing (too expensive and too much time that I don't have anymore) and out of dirtbike racing (too old and I heal too slow). I still dabble on a bit of street racing (I know; I know- believe me, I know! I just finished watching that trial myself). thinking about it, I havent done any leather tanning or bookbinding in a couple of decades, either (I quit because I didn't want to learn and invest in the modern veggie-based dyes, etc, and the traditional,stuff was getting hard to source in less than industrial quantities). I grew up farming, so there is _zero- chance I want to sink a food plot in my backyard, though I do put in a few tomatoes every year just because they keep telling me you can't grow them around here, and I have both a grapefruit and a fig tree that are hyper-productive, but I think that is because I ignore them as hard as possible. Monte (the across-the-pond neighbor-lady's cat has drug up a couole of buddies, but I am not terribly into that either. looking back at it, i've been pretty fortunate: almost everything,I have ever wanted to do, I did while I was young enough to do it fully and well. the last couple of years I have worked half-heartedly at rebuilding my Hero Games collection, but really, I have regained everything I ever had (for what it's worth, the third-party magazines are the hardest), so now it's just picking a few things from 5 and 6e that sort of interest me. the only thing I can really pretend is a new interest is the plan I am working on to build a camper I can pull behind the Valkyrie. Apparently my wife is getting too old to sleep in a hammock tied to the bike and a tree under a tarp hung the same way. And, in her words, "I want something I can shower in!" i've got something workable that excites me, but I doubt I will ever have time or funds to pull that off, so I am not terribly excited by that, either. crap. I think I might be done living.....!
  12. Maybe, but probably not. Hacker groups makes a lot more sense. Or similar, actively hostile agents. The anti-vaxers are the targets, and the media types are the enablers. At least on the larger scale. On a smaller scale, yeah, the picture you're painting is quite plausible.
  13. "After we talk to Katherine, we're going to patrol the Diamond District," Batgirl replies. "There's a lot of skyscraper apartment complexes and gem brokers in it."
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