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  2. I would like to see Walter Louis "officializify" his "Viper: to Build a Better You" Adventure. It deserves it. I would like to see Robot Warriors and Robot Gladiators reworked into a stand-alone game. I would like to see Super Agents worked into a stand-alone game. As far as bringing the really old stuff forward.... Maybe update "To Serve and Protect," "The Coriolis Effect," and maybe "Demons Rule." Maybe. And decidedly both Foxbat books; he seems to be as much a part of the game's identity as is Seeker's tendency to get trashed on book covers. Most importantly, though, is making sure that CLOWN dies forever in the fires of a nuclear explosion. The whole thing about "updating old school adventures" is how unnecessary it is. If you just _have_ to have 6e overbuilt characters, then update the characters. That's all it takes. As far as old Enemies books, well Greg's doing a solid job on that already, two or four guys at a time. So that leaves new stuff, period. New stuff for whatever edition you preferred, or for all editions. But that's what we need more than new versions of already-compatible material.
  3. King Kong (1933) Without this monster movie there might not have been other ones. A filmmaker goes to the mysterious Skull Island and finds a giant gorilla who he captures and brings to New York to exhibit. Kong escapes and goes on the rampage in New York before succumbing to gunfire from airplanes and falls to his death from the top of the Empire State Building. The only person most of the public know in the cast is Fay Wray. It is interesting watching the video version rather than the censored version you get on TV as Kong eats people, strips Wray and when in New York casually tosses aside women who are not Wray to their deaths. The film has stop motion from Willis O'Brien and he manages to generate real pathos as Kong is dying and losing the girl to the hero.
  4. What makes you thing you'll pass bearing in mind I am the one setting the exam
  5. Cybermanager The one responsible for running The Babylon is the Cybermanager at least as far as the people who come here are concerned. He has cybernetic implants on his head and body which are obviously the result of injuries received in either a severe accident or intense combat. The back and side of his head are metallic as is his left arm. His appearance can be alarming to some but he is able to keep the place running with minimum fuss. He can be seen motoring around like a half track although he does have a pair of what are metal legs he is seen in interacting with guests. So far nobody in Law Enforcement and no-one on the other side of the law has been able to find out who he really is. Whether he was a supervillain, or operative thereof, or a normal person caught up in momentous events that forever changed his life is unknown, What is clear is that he cannot be controlled by outside software or mechanical apparatus as Mechanon found out the hard way. He can be seen in a suit and tie in photographs in the office..
  6. Finished Pitt at Royal Road https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25301/pitt CES
  7. @Cygnia had it right. The cops thought it was cocaine. Apparently he did too. He pled guilty because he was looking at a lot of time before the lab analysis came back. As soon as the lab said it was powered milk, he changed his plea. CES
  8. Fair enough. I’ll rethink an repost.
  9. I understand that. I don't always agree with you, Hugh, but you are the closest thing to an expert on taxes and taxation systems that we have on the board. I respect that. CES
  10. I think I'm going to start typing all my exams in Courier from now on. Just to see if anyone notices.
  11. Today
  12. That is not a goal. To create a seat of power or a capital are goals. A former capital is not a goal. To remake what was the former capital as a seat of power would be.
  13. Thats the problem with ALL sci fi, horror and adventure shows now adays. All the crappy soap opera writers finagled themselves jobs in real shows when the soap opera genre died, and they took their crappy values and hack writing style with them. Lost and shows like it only had sci fi elements in it to drag people into seeing their trash drama show in flash back mode. It become really bad now. There are no imagination, interesting concepts are not developed because they writers can only write soap opera, and the writers constantly "fights" against the story.
  14. They probably can, I don’t know. To be honest. However a quick look at the reviews suggest non-trolling.
  15. Q: So how, or better yet, why, have you managed to keep your wife from learning about the existence of Google? A: Neither have they Lucius Alexander Did the palindromedary eat my tagline?
  16. Thanks, Chris! Both answers are very helpful. If I can ever find a local game, if the GM doesn't already have a solution, I can at least propose these. DC
  17. looks like that church is about to b swallowed up by that dimensional vortex
  18. So, people can't troll the IMDB ratings?
  19. That RT score is accurate as IMDB has the show rated as 3/10 from 10k people. Individual episodes are 4.8 & 5.2.
  20. A very free hand on the color stretch there, and the wide angle distortions in the optics are a little too large for my taste, but not bad.
  21. I don't want to do either of those! You think I'm suicidal? No, I want to set up facilities like that in eastern Washington and northern Idaho! I will make millions!
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