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  2. You can choose not to play any sounds at all in the app by going to the settings screen and flipping a switch. It was the first thing I thought of when Doc requested this feature 😂 All of the audio files add up to about 1.1m of bloat in the app. That's roughly a 10% increase in size on the Android side... not too bad. The PDFs I used to distribute with the app took up about the same space. Actual runtime memory should be low too because I load sounds on demand and not all at once. But yes, no one needs this feature but it's a nice little option for people to use if they want to. Also, I need something to keep me busy while I wait for the poll to finish 😉
  3. The end is near. The villain is telling us his master plan.
  4. My money is on her faking her death to protect her father.
  5. Missed Shot, page 172 Missed Shots Ordinarily, a Ranged attack that misses its target simply misses — it doesn’t hit another character. If the GM thinks there’s a possibility an attack could hit an unintended target instead, the attacker attempts an Attack Roll against that target’s DCV using his base OCV Characteristic at -3; if he succeeds, the attack hits that target.
  6. I will make an effort to be there, since I live in the area again.
  7. You can unattune to Signature Items and then those points go back into your attunement pool. p363 the cp cost for sig items is just to differentiate them from regular magic items. The text on the cards is meant to inspire how to use a particular aspect of that god. You should not use the text directly in your narrative of why the Enaros wants to help you. The villains do not benefit directly. I have played sessions where the GM gets cards (1 per player works) for the adventure. It changes the dynamic—it does reinforce the Enaros as not always being on the players’ side, but it can create conflict between players and GM as well as diminish the value of their cards. It certainly works and I considered including that guidance in the game but the approach and mechanic was already a lot for many players that hadn’t played with a fate mechanic, let alone one where they had to role play a god to justify the fate intrusion.
  8. massey

    How to Wildfire

    Big attack, knocks self unconscious when used (may require outside help to re-enter suit and wake up).
  9. Well, I am surprised I beat Cygnia to this one... They kill her and stick her body in a fridge and let the Hardy Boys investigate, in a Nancy Drew comic. Knowing but written by an all-male team likely not to be properly thought through...
  10. Rob nodded at the message. Looks like a test run for whatever will happen during the play.
  11. I'd be more inclined to reject the naked advantage in a framework if the casters were not allowed to buy spells in a framework. I think a Martial with a Weapons Tricks multipower is a fair comparison to a Spells multipower, and the Weapon Tricks will often need naked advantages. Alternatively, I suppose you could build a slot of "2d6 HkA, Advantage, OIF Weapon of Opportunity, Damage cannot exceed normal damage for weapon used". That would force the weapon user to account for the full AP of the advantaged attack, like the spellcaster does. I'd want to see both in play and compare them, so I'd probably do a couple of builds under both approaches, pick the one that seems most appropriate and introduce it as a playtest to be assessed and, if it works poorly in play, we'll shift over. If my game included a lot of "metamagic" as well - spellcasters buying naked advantages outside the frameworks, used on spells within the frameworks, then I'd be even more inclined to give the warriors naked advantages in a framework. I like the "learned over time" approach a lot. In one game, I wanted to buy +1 SPD. Initially, I invested 3 points (+1 SPD, 8- Activation). Roll PS 12. If it succeeds, he gets the extra SPD next turn. I bought it up one activation roll at a time (even where the point cost did not change, and spending xp on other things in the meantime) until it hit 15-. Then I shelled out the 2 xp to get rid of the activation roll.
  12. But isn't that where my fries are made?
  13. Ah Jack, you mistake need and want. 😄 I think with just the default sounds it will make little difference. If someone wants lots of sounds then the size will not matter to them... Personally, since I asked for it, I think I will have fun using it. I feel greedy, but if Sentry is looking for further advancement, I would love a way of sharing the rolls made, so being able to set up a small group, the five of us round the table using the app and when a roll is made, it shares the result to everyone in the group... I think an app like this removes some of the drudgery (though plenty of my players love rolling dice, many of them hate counting them up!). I think it should also provide the potential of engaging more senses in the game - sounds can be really evocative and superheroes, to me, are about flash and colour. That is what attracted me to comics when I was a kid and it is what keeps drawing me back to superheroes in my gaming. Doc
  14. Hey I resemble that remark! 😁
  15. I feel like I'm wading through a field of strawmen. Actually, since it was a chocolate factory they are less likely to be strawmen than oompa-loompas.
  16. Today
  17. I'm speculating so take this with a grain of salt, but probably because they are already power constructs with advantages and limitations figured in. If you add them to a power framework you're likely to add more advantages and limitations on top of that instead of in the original formula of AP*(1+Adv) / (1 + Lim) which will skew the costs.
  18. My title will be 'Oh No ! Friendship and Magic come to the Evil Kingdom !'
  19. I looked at FHC and I found a chart for Behind Cover and the penalty is based on how much is covered. So where did you find the flat -3 OCV? I couldn’t find it. (Not saying that it isn’t there, I just couldn’t find it.) *PS to be sure you mean by FHC as fantasy hero complete not fantasy hero companion, right?
  20. A note on adding sounds: does anyone actually need sounds in an app like this? It only came to mind as I keep the sound switched off by default when I'm using a computer, whether it's a 'phone/tablet or PC, and it seems as though sounds files would add to the program size quite a bit.
  21. Minor correction. FHC presents the wording a little different but the rule for escaping the grab is the same as Core. When breaking out of a grab (or entangle) if you roll beat the body score of the grabber, you escape with a half action. If you beat the score by x2 then you have a full phase in which to act.
  22. Zod is actually dangerous but then again I am going by the version of Ming in Larry 'Buster' Crabbe's version of Flash Gordon. Original Film vs remake film throwdown 28 Scarface 1932 vs Scarface 1983
  23. Space. The final frontier. These are the movements of Cancer's telescope. It's continuing mission to explore strange new windows,'to seek out new sophmores and new freshmen undressing, to boldly crow about in the bar !
  24. It's hard to argue against the Rat Pack, but I will in this case. The ensemble cast was amazing. Almost enough so as to make you forget that Ocean's 12 ever happened. General Zod vs. Ming the Merciless
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