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  2. I had completely forgotten about this song. Of course, I hadn't heard it since the 70s.
  3. Ouch! Fwiw, I don’t know what you did, but I’m surprised that you did something that would give you 3 months.
  4. I’ll second Lonewolf here. Some players don’t mind how their built and others might. Lensmen I would not try to account every edge case. That’s why their called edge cases. That route will drive you crazy. I’d deal with them IF and WHEN they come up. if you can trust your player to not try to make a character that breaks the game then let him or her do it.
  5. Much of those words are economics. Hero needs to sell stuff to remain viable, it's best seller has always been rules, so we got them. However, I do not think I am playing a fundamentally different game than I was in 1983. I absolutely have more guidelines and I know more detail about how the designer expects all the component parts to work together. There has been a change of emphasis about the detail on the character sheet which has driven up the number of points spent (if you like that kind of thing). I would bet that watching folk play 'pure' sixth edition champions would look, sound and feel almost identical to those playing 'pure' second edition. It probably uses ShapeChange to do so. Doc
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  7. I’m not sure this is the right forum for this question, so feel free to move it to the right one. Back in 2014 I bought the 6th edition of the Hero System Skills book in PDF form. At the time I don’t think there was a dead tree version. Recently I noticed there was a hard copy for sale and I’m wondering if there were any updates to the PDF version? It didn’t seem like there was a new version I could download, so I thought I would ask.
  8. Yeah, I remember seeing something that there are people thinking the XFL should be worth a shot. Not their fault everyone got body-slammed onto a bed of nails. Rams uniforms...the saturated blue is a bit much as a main color, yeah. Not awful. The numbrs are bad...RamsWire called them reminiscent of soccer jerseys but to me it feels more like junior high. Not a fan of that typeface. And gradient color? Dunno. You know one thing is, they just want to push as many jerseys as possible. The fan's gonna buy them regardless, so figure they're appealing to the not-quite fans.
  9. There is a good point to what you said Duke Bushido. A game should have it rules changed to suit the game master and the campaign. And those changes as I have noted are all well and good and should be discussed between the GM and the players. People do specialized formats of critical hits, penalties on skills, light, etc. None of that is wrong, but its not a commonality. The one commonality is the rules as written. If you go to a HERO game on the West coast, then to a game on the East coast, and then in middle America, the only commonality is the rules as written in the book(s). If you ask how to build something using the rules, then I will point out if something isn't in the rules. It isn't that it isn't playable. It isn't that its not GM OK'd. Its just not how the rules are written to accept it. This isn't about whether you like the rule(s) or how the power plays, at least not in this particular thread. God knows, I've suggested tons of changes to the rules on this board. Its not that the writers/creators of the game created a perfect game. They are human and a "utopia game system" for everyone doesn't exist in real life. The original poster asked about how to do something in the rules, so it doesn't help if you say just "change the system". We don't know the GM/players. We don't now the rule changes they will accept or play by. We can only know the initial rules they have read or can reference.
  10. More than any other comic book character ever. Even Hawkman although both of them went through a "all their mutually contradictory origins are true" phase.. Donna went for 18 years having no civilian name because her mere existence was a continuity error. And then she got an origin right before Crisis on Infinite Earths ripped it up and one writer after another kept on trying to fix the discontinuities by adding more.
  11. I'd highly recommend avoiding trying to translate existing comics into the two statements -- particularly modern comics and most emphatically NOT anime. Champions Now is not intended to be universal, it's intended to reflect the comics of the 60s and 70s. Read some to get the idea.
  12. 1. Everything is martial arts. 2. Struggling executives in high finance in Chicago. 1. Powers change bodies irrevocably. 2. Modelling career burnout.
  13. I remember watching this on PBS with my parents back in the day. Great series.
  14. 1. Flashy Super-fights in controlled conditions are a popular spectator sport. 2. Family conflict in Baltimore.
  15. What the Professor said.
  16. Interesting idea! I only use the Marines as security details and boarding parties on naval vessels.The army plays the role of the police in my Traveller universe.
  17. My six-year-old demonstrated the beginnings of an understanding of Algebra tonight. I asked him, "What is five Q plus five Q?" He just kind of looked at me funny, so I asked him again: "What is five Q plus five Q?" After a moment, he answered, "Ten Q." And I said, "You're welcome!" (True story.)
  18. i think it robs something of the experience for players not to at least try to come up with spells, Psychs, etc.
  19. I love this so much. If anyone has a problem with that, come at me bro.
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