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  2. The most straightforward way to represent Mecha in the HERO System is as huge vehicles. Unfortunately, the vehicle combat rules in HERO usually leave most players unsatisfied, particularly if they are looking for an experience akin to Battletech or Car Wars. Aside from the old Robot Warriors book that LL mentioned, I'm not aware of any official publication(s) that offer more detailed rules for Mecha-as-vehicles combat in HERO.
  3. It varies wildly. Target and Costco open an hour early for the olds, which has the effect of forcing them to stand in long lines outside the store for an hour. Otherwise the markets mainly control crowds through the simple expedient of having bare shelves. Stores have been limiting quantities of staples like toilet paper, milk, eggs, Spam, and portuguese sausage, but they still run out. Most have taped off lines on the floor to space customers out in the checkout lines. I finally wore a mask and gloves to the market last night. I felt really self conscious about it, until I got inside and saw that about half the other customers were doing the same. It still made the whole trip feel like a moon mission, and not in a good way.
  4. I haven't seen flow management yet, but I'm also avoiding early morning. That's been the big crowds; mid-afternoon when I generally manage to get out, is reasonably quiet. Albertson's says no reusable bags on the conveyor belt...which is conservative but fine. They allow customers to bag, using their own bags, at the far side....there's also a pull-out for bags. Nat Grocers asked customers to do their own bagging.
  5. I guess it depends on which cultural and literary traditions one's fantasy campaign is modeled after. European folklore from the medieval period is all about clear lines between good and evil, and characterizing "the other" as either savages or servants of the Devil (or both). A fantasy RPG that lives in that atmosphere of medieval superstition and fear of the unknown, which would likely include magic and those who wield it or are made of it, is going to be quite comfortable with axioms like All Orcs are Evil and All High Elves are Noble, etc. It is then up to the PCs to stand as exceptions to the stereotypes, giving them yet another way to feel like special snowflakes. In the "wrong hands", I guess that sort of campaign could serve to merely reinforce attitudes that are distasteful to contemporary groupthink, but in the hands of skillful, educated, and culturally enlightened GMs, these stereotypes could be used to teach valuable lessons.
  6. Hmm... the closest thing to a mech I can remember under Steve Long's Line-Editor-ship is the Black Talon battlesuit for Dr. Destroyer's agents, more recently written up in Champions Villains Volume One. That was written like a character in powered armor rather than a mech. However, pre-Fourth Edition Hero Games published a whole genre book for mechs, Robot Warriors, as well as a mini-campaign/mech source book, Robot Gladiators. As you can see from those links the books are available from the HG website store in PDF form for very reasonable prices. The books were written for their own genre-unique iteration of Hero System, as a type of vehicle with unique rules. However, our forum colleague Chris Goodwin has created extensive guidelines for converting that system to Fifth and Sixth Edition Hero, and generously posted those guidelines for free: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F5zZrj9HLpqiFsoavT63F8TUesqZb4ibYDk00Kg7zuw/edit I would just add that the genre-emulating advice and guidelines in RW is based on examples of mecha popular in the West in the mid-1980s, and will probably seem a little narrow and dated today.
  7. Q: With this COVID problem, what is the biggest complaint that most people are making now? A: The time for that is last week.
  8. They’re good with them. And TPU is not carcinogenic.
  9. Ahah! That’s where that idea came from. I was discussing this the other day, but couldn’t remember the source. I like this idea more and more, and it fits really well with a long-time conversation my buddy and I have been having about this.
  10. Make sure to check with the hospital before you start. Depending on the filament used, they may refuse the masks because they are carcinogenic, but it depends on how desperate they are. I've inquired with my local hospital, and they said they would take face shields, but not printed masks. They'll take handsewn masks though. I've heard stories of other hospitals taking them though, so who knows.
  11. Curious about the routines your local supermarkets have adopted. Mine have instituted maximum-occupancy rules: people are lining up outside the entrance (six feet apart) to be let in to shop one at a time, only as someone else leaves. One market has an attendant at the door with hand-sanitizer spray for each person entering. They're also having customers bag their own items. Another market is asking people not to bring their own reusable cloth bags -- just take the store's bags. As the cashier who told me that remarked, "one more to send to the Philippines."
  12. Getting setup with a new 3D printer (courtesy of my brother’s company 3DUniverse) - going to start making N95 masks, faceshields, and potentially multiplexing connectors for the two ventilators at our local (rural) hospital. Should be an interesting way to spend the shutdown.
  13. Not quite the right sword for that to be Ogami Itto. The dotanuki is chunkier.
  14. Maybe if they did a "Free Ventilator with every new car" deal?
  15. Fasten your seatbelts: March auto sales have crashed by anywhere from 30% to 50% in the U.S.
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  17. It's not the weapon, it's the master who uses them. Storytelling 101: He's saving the hit-himself-in-the-crotch scene for the climax.
  18. I threw out my idea (for dealing with multiple fantasy races) on another thread. They're all the creation of some ancient civilization (elder gods, traditional gods, ultra-tech/magical mortal civilization, whatever), and effectively different breeds of humanoid. Humans are what you get when any of the other races don't carefully police their bloodlines, i.e., mutts. The elves (and dwarves and goblins and et cetera) have specific appearances (as opposed to humans, who can vary widely) because that appearance is *the definition* of an "elf" or "dwarf" or whatever (again, like breeds of dog). Vary from it by too much, and you're considered a "half-elf" (etc). Vary even farther, and you're just another mutt (i.e., human). Some cultures practice infanticide on those who don't meet the criteria, others will simply banish you, or just view you as definitely a second-class citizen or worse, and would never let you marry their daughters. In this world, humans are more numerous than the other races (they can breed like rabbits and nobody cares--other races have to police such things, so tend to be fewer in number), but also the least respected--albeit, to quote the News Monster from Futurama, "numerous and belligerant." This is *why* elves are graceful and beautiful (they were playthings). Dwarves were bred to labor in mines and other enclosed places. Halflings were intended as quiet, unobtrusive servants). Giants, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and the like were bred as cannon fodder. More exotic forms ( minotaurs, for instance) were bred to be hunted for sport. This rationale satisfies my desire to explain how and why so many different intelligent races co-exist.
  19. Trend is starting to look a *little* better in Italy: https://www.statista.com/chart/21099/coronavirus-in-italy/ Unfortunately, Spain does not appear to have peaked, and their death toll today is the highest, by a fairly wide margin. EDIT.......ouch. Ouch. US death count went from ~ 700 to > 1000. Well past Spain.
  20. Q: what makes you think we'l;l soon be overrun with frogs and/or locusts? A: I've been cooped up too long.
  21. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! Again! [Quote selection edited for clarity; no intention to change the meaning of the content should be inferred. If it happened, that's entirely my fault. ] Conversely, I have very little problems with an _individual character_ who has decided that all other races are evil and should be slaughtered, so long as it's understood by everyone else at the table _and_ the character's own player that the "evil" is _entirely_ within that one character.
  22. I seem to recall a Vehicles book for 5th Edition that included a writeup for a mecha (the only one I ever recall seeing in an official Hero product, not surprising given that Steve Long reportedly disliked them), Now mecha are ridiculous as a weapons system, but keep showing up in popular culture anyway (you could say the Hulkbuster armor Iron Man used has some characteristics of a traditional mecha, and the Jaegers of Pacific Rim are classic examples in American popular culture). What I want to know is how a piloted mecha actually works in Hero.
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