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  2. For what it's worth (and mostly for Tjack): that style of lab coat is called "double-breasted." Old school or not, they are still readily available, and were in regular use up until the entire medical field stopped wearing actual uniforms and everyone decided that scrubs were just fine for every aspect of the field. Nothing says "professional" like spending the day in rumpled pajamas, I suppose. At any rate, double-breasted lab coats can still be found (an in colors) in use in facilities where getting soaked or sprayed with something hazardous or biological is highl
  3. I am a big fan of a steady, progressive history (that's what Marvel Comics tried to do, at first) but its not typical of comic books and I do not think that is what the Champions Universe is trying to do.
  4. I like the lack of deep details from 1-3. oddly, I _also_ like the organization book as laid out in 4e (but for some reason, not for Viper. I'd use it for a whole new organization: some of the ideas-- like the computer in charge of everything-- were just a little to out there for my personal taste with regard to what is essentially a global terrorist network. I like the uniforms from 5e, simply because they look like actual uniforms as opposed to left over props from something else. Problematic to that, I also fully accept that helmets of the proportions sh
  5. Two weeks since my second dose - I'm fully vaccinated. I'm also still wearing a mask. No known or observable super powers.
  6. "V" is intense Another brick but it is her backstory that makes her interesting. The description was a person who was BIG on training. I didn't want to go former armed service (I have one coming up though). Also I noticed a lack of DNPC, so I gave her one (this is sort of reverse Superman). To strengthen her .... well Strength 70 and Con 33, Spd 5. If you really want to up her some Damage Reduction (even 25%) would make her MUCH more durable. To weaken her, Strength 60 Con 25 and no Reduced End on Strength.
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  8. Exposed midriffs and baggy pants. Oh wait, that’s today again.
  9. Over on RPGnet I have been fleshing out my pantheon a bit Feedback welcome God of Commerce: Also the traveler, the explorer, of keeping your word, oaths (for good or ill). The god of the legal cheat. The collector, the god of wonder and exuberance! Master of language. (any other ideas?) God of Justice: The balancer, the god of just endings. God of vengeance. the god of honour, (any other ideas?) Goddess of Earth: Mistress of Agriculture. Lady of Seasons. Birth, death and milestones. Queen of the Forest/Jungle. The herbalist / poisoner. (any other ideas?) God of
  10. I had a villain named Bombshell once. She was drop-dead gorgeous, but her name came from the fact that she could literally create bombs (they were like telekinetic energy spheres that could explode). Obviously she would throw bombs in combat, but what made her a real headache for the heroes was that she could create a number of bombs and hold them to be triggered when she wanted. She invariably had a bomb set someplace where innocents could get hurt if the heroes didn't stop it or let her go when they thought they had finally captured her. She wasn't really a killer, but collateral damage
  11. I understand there are modern bubble lights that aren’t filled with kerosene or whatever it was that made the originals into pretty Molotovs.
  12. YES! Nearly everything in there looks intriguing. Looks like a lot of D&D convertions (which are both useful and interesting to see someone's take on it), interesting sounding original creatures. Shard sounds like something from Shadow World. Rust Slug? hehe Also the Appendices look very cool and useful. Biomes? Useful bits? Chaos effects? Weird skies? All awesome sounding stuff.
  13. Axiom ≠ axion. I understand and respect axioms and their role. Axions, by contrast, recall to mind a cartoon that I think was once in the New Yorker, albeit about a different trendy physics theory thing. It was of someone walking past a bookstore, and the sign in the story window said, "Tonight's Talk: Is string theory bull---t?" --- On a different note... Rats. Just heard from Bad Karma Team 1. Got my hopes up too soon. --- Oh, and finally my dean's office has admitted that Chegg is for cheaters and that it is a problem, and reminds us of the proper
  14. My in-laws still have a string of bubble lights. And, thanks to "A Charlie Brown Christmas", I still want an aluminum Christmas tree...
  15. Yes! Very similar to how I make character sheets for convention games; effects are on the sheet, I have the build in case it becomes relevant. I ran "Nazi Death Zombies of the Congo!" this way. What the player cares about the elephant rifle: It hits *hard*. Accurate at long range. Two shots, then takes time to reload. So make those shots count.
  16. Sure. I suppose it's like literature, some is timeless, some isn't. Shakespeare's plays have been brought forward into various time periods and still worked. 1815's Emma adapted neatly to the screen in 1995's Clueless. Maybe I'm just noticing it acutely in these cases as I actually lived in and remember much of the Silver Age time period - and, lacking the good sense to have died young, also inhabit the current day.
  17. Wonders ceased centuries ago. Gen X might be the last generation that remembers them.
  18. You make a very strong argument, and as I think about it there are several Champions "Iconics" that make more sense in 1985 than now and suffer from the movement. I do think some characters are more mobile than others. You are very correct on your look at Iron Man, and I feel like every take on the Fantastic Four that severs them from their cold war origins has weakened them. I'm pretty sure the new Superman TV show starts with Clark Kent getting laid off from the daily planet because journalism isn't really a stable career anymore. Spiderman's "Geeky Kid with a responsibility
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