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  2. Not necessarily. The Father Christmas Letters included a pitched battle between elves and goblins in one story.
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  4. I still prefer THAC0 over BAB, although I'm not averse to the latter. Considering I prefer B/X and 2E over the other editions, it shouldn't be surprising.
  5. THAC0 isn't nearly as complicated as I had once imagined; most factors that influence it (Strength/Dexterity, Weapon Specialization, the enchantment bonus of any given weapon, et cetera) are calculated and recorded in advance. One point in its favor: it keeps the player guessing more than D&D 3.0+'s BAB versus AC. --- --- ---
  6. What if it isn’t hungry? What if you invaded its territory, threatened its cubs, or interrupted its mating season?
  7. Wait until he starts referring to himself in the third person.
  8. I don't think any of the History Channels carries historical programming any more. And Vice's news/documentary programming is pretty good when I have time to watch it.
  9. I'm just happy they got rid of that stupid digital font for the numbers. Now their unis actually look okay. I've had to redirect my hatred to the Rams' stupid gradient numbers.
  10. To a lot of things you aren't equal to a meal. A ration would, at best, be an appetizer.
  11. I'd advise you to avoid processed soy or any overly-processed stuff (like Quorn meat substitutes, though they taste better than the soy stuff). Plant-based is only worthwhile if you're not eating a bunch of processed stuff.
  12. How would you build a "Time Pause" power that affects one person at a time. My first instinct says entangle, but that strong characters can step back into normal time easier doesn't seem right. I then considered an Ego Based Entangle, but as Nitrosynchretic pointed out above, that only affect the attack value. What would you suggest?
  13. That happens to a man when he gets older. Not to me of course. But they have little blue pills now to help you with that. How else am I supposed to drag you out to the trunk of my car?
  14. Sounds like the early part of the Daily Grind. CES
  15. Roses are red Violets are black Do not ever Put me in a sack
  16. Lilith? But the woman in that painting doesn't look anything like Bebe Neuwirth!
  17. Nuclear war would pretty much solve all the problems we're facing right now. I'm not claiming it's the ideal solution, but....
  18. ...and now the aforementioned Falcons have the same number of wins as my Donkeys. Atlanta actually looked fairly decent* in tonight's game. Carolina looked okay, I guess, considering they have no offensive line at all. Gonna be a long season for Teddy Bridgewater. Or a really short one, if they can't protect him better than that. -- *In terms of their play, anyway. Their uniforms still look like something from the Arena League. But they no longer have that weird thing on the sleeves, which I guess is an improvement.
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