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  2. That’s who I think my buddy didn’t care for the way Thor went too. My kids and I aren’t as invested So the switch wasn’t as bad. Plus I heard it was because of the shift in tone is a reason why Hemmsworth stayed with Thor.
  3. Exclusive: Tom Welling, Lynda Carter Returning For Crisis On Infinite Earths
  4. Oooo, I do like Lionclaw. Do you have any other British heroes or villains?
  5. steriaca

    Dome City

    I see The Skull as an elaborate plotter. And with his insanity, his plots need not make sense. So, whatever he has planned after the dome, it should be BIG, takes time to set up, and should target HIS ENIMEYS FOR DESTRUCTION. Sorry for the capital letters attack, but I felt it was deadly needed. As for the hired gun to reprogram the autonatronic entertainers, that would be CyberJack. He is another "evolved", but much more saner than Skull. Skull ordered him to turn the Prince A. Pal characters into Five Nights At Freddy's style murder machines. And that includes children. Finding that distasteful, he decided on his own to exclude children on the kill list for the reprograming. He sees nothing wrong with killing adults. His powers are cyber-control (mind control only with mechanical class of minds, telepathy only with mechanical classvif mind). He was also ordered to turn the video game cabnets into bombs, but he loves video games just too much to do that. CyberJack hides out in the security office, after turning the security guard into "Big Buba" (wrapping electronics and mechanisms, killing him in the process). Big Bubba acts like a bodyguard for CyberJack. Should the heroes try to make sure the guard's body is unharmed as they fight him? I'm sure the guard's family would like to burry him.
  6. And I've used it before with no problems. So I'm really confused. It's like HD got possessed. This is the trace from last night. I'm also adding one from just now (problem still exists). trace.log trace.log
  7. Hugh Neilson

    Dome City

    Like most cinema, we don't see everything that goes on between the action, and I can't recall any Marvel movie where the threat has been public for any period of time. The Sokovia Accords, leading from Age of Ultron to Civil War, seem to indicate there is a response - that one was worldwide. The only "break" I would envision in that circumstance is just enough "break" to make it even worse as tank shells rain down on the interior before the Dome seals itself up again. The PCs need to bring the dome down and end the threat to the city. It seems like the Dome reduces, but does not eliminate, wind and light, which leaves a scarcity, but not an absence, of power. But we have enough to keep the animatronics for that scene in Act 2 going? Not really an issue - they don't have to be powered up at the outset, and can even be described as shut down due to the lack of power - until they start moving under their own volition. Is he trying to impress those in the town, or the outside world as well? Not killing them right away is as much a comics trope as a Bond trope anyway, and the Skull seems like the type who would want a real spectacle demonstrating his power, not bullets to the backs of their heads. "I've even left a way out...but your inferior intellects will never discover it in time!" Big picture, we know that the big fights should have a "what if the heroes lose?" plan. They can be customized in as we develop more details. Another trope is the villain with all of the heroes' powers. Both of these are tough to pull off if we are not making the GM design the villains, though. Maybe those ideas need to be shelved. I don't see the "hole in the dome" being essential. Air and light get through, so water could as well. The Skull has a way through anyway. In the comics, escape and return another day is much more common than in the movies, where dead adversaries are the norm. I think we tag "MCU" mainly because it's the most likely draw for players, but there's a lot of different subgenre feels to MCU. They tend to use less codenames, and masks come off a lot so we see the actors' faces, but MCU has been more true to the comics overall than most predecessor Super films. I think the "common thread" in the first arc was only the building of the Avengers, and only really a thread in hindsight. By then, they knew they had something, so we started seeing hints of the Infinity Stones, retrofitting some past Maguffins and some films adding new ones as their Maguffins. Some movies show a flow, but others are pretty standalone. The writers referred to the Ant-Man sequel being much shorter than Infinity War with the reality that they were doing an action-adventure flick, not a cosmic epic. Why do we keep publishing the old heroes? Why make a new electric powered villain if we already have one? To our scenario, the Skull might or might not have an escape plan - he's smart enough to see the need and crazed enough to assume it's not needed. If we need him to return later, fine, but that return should probably have a sidebar like "wait, he died" for gamers where they saw the body, to suggest tweaks to make it work even if the original Skull is stone cold dead. And I would rather see him appear to die then slip away to fight another day, even if he DID get away. In any case, I agree he has re-use potential. Maybe he's gone in our next arc, behind the scenes for a bit after that, eventually discovered to be the one pulling the strings, and we have a second confrontation only when he is ready to release his new Master Plan. He does not have to appear in every scenario, and every appearance does not have to see him battle the PCs, or even be physically present.
  8. Comic-book Thor has long been my favorite superhero. Hemsworth started out close to him, but isn't any longer. I realize I'm biased, and I don't care. 😛 Of all non-comic media, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes came closest to conveying that Thor.
  9. Today
  10. You know James Bond is Time Lord... right? https://www.tor.com/2012/11/16/skyfall-proves-that-james-bond-is-a-time-lord/ It really is the only explanation that works.
  11. I had a dream last night that I was at a conference, and I overheard some people at the next table talking about something called Squarebox. I asked them what it was, and one of them said, "It's totally cool. I went to one of their presentations and they gave me this awesome laptop bag. You should check it out." And yes, it was a really nice laptop bag with a blue and white logo that said Squarebox. But then they started talking about something else and never really told me what it was. From that point forward, my day was inundated with Squarebox. They had banners and signs and stickers and badges. They had pens and notebooks and stress toys and even Rubik's Cubes with the Squarebox logo in different colors on each side. There was an app (for Apple and Android) that you could download for the full Squarebox experience. There was even a social media campaign (follow @squarebox on Twitter!). It was everywhere. So, I went to one of their presentations. It was about 20 minutes long and consisted of several attractive twenty-somethings talking about how revolutionary Squarebox was and how it had changed their lives. At the end, people were lined up at both exits, credit cards in hand, to sign up for it. In the midst of all this, I never learned what Squarebox actually was. Was it a product or a service? Software suite? Diet plan? Online community? Lifestyle brand? I had no idea, and neither did anyone else. But whatever it was, everyone had to have it. If any of you end up having this dream and actually find out what Squarebox is, will you please tell me? I'd sure appreciate it. #squarebox
  12. steriaca

    Dome City

    Recap: Game is divided into three episodes. Episode 1: Heroes gather into the city (either they operate out of there or gather because they heard that something big is going down there). They get trapped inside the city once The Skull puts up the dome. They start there investigations, quell riots, face Skull agents, etc. Gole: Teach the system. Episode 2: Heroes get closer to the truth about the Skull and the dome while the Skull gets even more crazy. Gole: More teaching, but also story goles of finding a way through the dome and giving the heroes a choice...stay inside and help the city out or not. Shame on the players who decide to leave the city to it's own devices. Episode 3: The Skull makes his demands. Heroes work to remove the dome, either from the outside (blow up the batteries) or from the inside (destroy the projector). Then find The Skull before he excapes. Goles: To make a satisfactory end to the adventure. Everything else is filler.
  13. I totally want to be a contestant on So You Want To Be A Superhero. The O'Malleys were driving through Nevada on their way to California for Jim O'Malley's mother's funeral, when their car suddenly died. Then, the doors all locked and the radio began flipping between stations, playing just a word or phrase at a time. "You... will not... be... harmed... you... will... listen... you... will... decide..." Then, a bright light shone on the road in front of them, and to their surprise Nana O'Malley was standing there, carrying a large parcel and a small picnic basket. As she walked up to the car, Jim's window lowered an inch. Nana O'Malley smiled. "Jimmy, so nice to see you. And my, how you kids have grown! What are you, now, Tim, thirteen? What a handsome young man you are! I'm sorry I missed your high school graduation last month, Jenny, but I just couldn't travel." Almost as an afterthought, she added, "Heather, you're looking good." "Mom," said Jim, "what are you... I thought..." "Yes, I'm dead," she said. "My own darn fault for smoking all those years. But these nice alien folks came down and picked me up, said they're going to take me to a better place. Before we go, though, I need to give you these." She nodded at the parcel. "They're suits, with incredible powers. You need to use them to save the world. There's going to be a big war if you don't find a way to stop it. I'm not sure how, but the suits will help. I'll just put these in the trunk." She turned toward the back of the car, then stopped and waved the picnic basket. "Oh, and I made some cookies for your trip. I know how much you all like my snickerdoodles. Heather, I put the recipe inside the basket, not that I expect you to use it. But maybe Jenny might try it someday." After she placed the parcel and basket in the trunk (which had seemingly opened of its own accord), she walked back to Jim's window. "Now, you be the brave, strong man I know you to be, Jimmy. And you kids, listen to your parents and do good. I'm sure I'm going to be so proud of you." Another pause. "Heather, I suppose you'll do as well." She walked away, ignoring Jim's pleas for her to stop and the family's failed attempts to unlock and open the car doors. When she got to the center of the beam of light, Nana O'Malley turned back, smiled and waved... and disappeared. And thus was born The Omicron Family, aka the Greatest American Family. Thankfully, they didn't lose the instruction manuals. (Well, Timmy misplaced his, but it helped having three other copies.) Using the suits, they managed to stop a rogue Air Force general from starting World War III, and went on to do many amazing things.
  14. Yeah...other than some general issues Java has had of late (under MacOS) with modal dialogs initially displaying beneath others (they come to the foreground with a click...so it's a triple-click on the Modifier in this case), I'm not showing any issues. Can you post the trace.log file after the issue occurs for you?
  15. I don't want to deviate too much from the original poster's question but i am really curious. If you don't use Class of Minds, do you let Telepaths use their powers on anything that would normally require a specific class of minds--robots for example?
  16. Weird cause I tried it and had no problems with it.
  17. Perhaps I really don’t know for sure. If the movie goes in that direction do you really think that there still won’t be “outrage”? Bond finally broke the mold only to be killed-the agony.
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