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  2. At the end of fourth quarter last year, as I was finalizing grades and trying to deal with my mom's death, I had one kid in my honors chemistry class who wanted to have all kinds of conversations about why he needed an A instead of the A- he had earned--maintaining his 4.0, the many hours he had spent working on practice problems, the numerous YouTube videos he had watched trying to understand concepts, that sort of thing. Over the course of about a week I told him that neither the number of hours he had spent doing homework, nor the number of videos he had watched, nor his GPA from other classes, determined his grade in my class. What determined his grade in my class was how he had performed on the assessments. The scores he earned gave him an A-, so an A- is what he got. So, having just posted final grades for first quarter this year, the same kid who is now in my honors physics class, sent me a canvas message wanting to discuss his grade and how to bump it up the extra one and a half percent he needs to get it to an A. My response, and I quote: "I feel like we've had this conversation before."
  3. Shield Bash was a standard in DragonQuest.
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  5. The LA Times story cited, did say a projectile; the cinematographer was winged (makes me thing, REALLY bad luck...probably got a major blood vessel?) and the other person also hit, IIRC. So yes, it does sound like a live round, and yes, there's no bloody freaking way live rounds should be in the staging area, much less loaded into a prop gun. This factor could be the clincher for jail time for the props people. And yes, I think the production company has no prayer of surviving. Their insurance company will very likely refuse to pay any claims from this...and the layer upon layer upon layer of GROSS!!!!!! screwups, from what's being reported, should be more than sufficient grounds. So the...what, 8 digit wrongful death claim...maybe 9 digit? That'll come out of the production company, but by the same token, they've got no assets. Whether the company partners can be held liable as individuals will be a separate point.
  6. I don’t restrict martial arts in campaigns I run, especially weapon based martial arts. My players are free to create appropriate martial arts for their concept. Martial Arts don’t have to be of an eastern style there are plenty of combat techniques from all cultures. The training of a medieval knight can easily be considered a martial art. If the character wants something that does not fit the culture I am running I will try and work with them to allow them to play the character they want, but I may veto some things. Letting them be from a different part of the world may be cliché but will often work. If the player is getting too off the wall there may be some consequences to their choices. For example if they want to specialize in an exotic weapon the chances of finding a magical version of their chosen weapon is going to be slim to nonexistent. I will let the player know this but if they still want to do that I will usually let them. There are some obvious limits like no lightsabers or high tech weapons in my Fantasy Hero games.
  7. Judge also a person of color. She's probably just p****d off.
  8. Probably because the blanks will cause the same subconscious reactions in actors as a live round would, adding to the verisimilitude of the scene. Just a guess. It appears only one shot was fired, killing one person and seriously injuring another. Probably an actual live round in this case. Which should not be within a mile of a movie set using prop guns. Big civil suit incoming. Hopefully puts the idiot production company out of business.
  9. HeroGM


    He's played Champions yes, I've commented a few times about him doing a cover for Dark Champions and from his replies I'd say he's gamed at least D&D. Zircher of course did Hero stuff along with Storn. And of course Albert D. is gone (RIP 😭) and he was working for comicraft as a letterer for awhile. Oh and Panosian of course worked at FGU along with Willingham (who did TSR). Phil Foglio from what I've seen still games and does comics. I put some $$ down for Anybodies, not to turn this into an ad.
  10. Ohhh boy....from that article... Jail time might not be on the table yet, but serious charges absolutely are. Not sure of the exact charge but something like "reckless negligence resulting in death" frames the incident fairly well, I would say. Whether anyone goes to jail is somewhat separate. What's the past history, is this a one-off or is there pattern and practice? The production company is going to be crucified in civil court; the career of the woman who died was really taking off, so her future earnings would be substantial. That's before we get into the *massive* pain and suffering damages. If safely procedures aren't followed, the production company's got no defense, I'm pretty sure. Even without that, the company is responsible for mitigating the KNOWN danger...the moreso because the actors *might not* know that a gun with blanks is still a potentially lethal instrument. I think the law would hold the company to a higher standard in ensuring that such an incident did not happen. If there were shots from a supposedly unloaded gun days before?? Oh man. But that's on the civil liabilities side. The criminal side...yeah, I think there will be charges, but as said, I'm not sure there will be jail time. I'd even say that there won't be trials here, because there won't be much of a defense...depending on who's charged with what, of course. BUT, pleading guilty to reckless endangerment or somesuch, *guarantees* that there'd be no leg to stand on, come the civil suit. On the flip side there...the props guys feel like they'll be the most likely to be charged, and they aren't necessarily beholden to the production company. They could well take a plea deal. Part of that is commonly the allocution...the statement of what happened. THAT will bury the production company.
  11. I just replaced my cat's litter box with a FedEx box. Now when it is full, I just tape it shut and leave it on my porch for someone to steal.
  12. I allowed ancient and modern styles and modified the details to suit my setting.
  13. That happens a lot actually. I see a lot of fairly high budget films where the muzzle flash is obviously added in post. The last film I remember seeing this in was Army of the Dead, the Dave Bautista postapocalyptic zombie heist Aliens ripoff. It looks the same from film to film so it might literally be some kind of Final Cut Pro plugin, like the one YouTubers use to post lightsaber duels. We're gradually getting more information. This L.A. Times article noted that there were at least two accidental firearm discharges on set in the days leading up to the shooting. People are going to jail for this one.
  14. Yeah, Milk Duds are top shelf stuff IMO. The rest is forgettable.
  15. Forgot -- hubby is a fan of Milk Duds too
  16. I remembered my favorite human fighter has Martial Arts with Axes too. I just never named the martial art style.
  17. The amazing fact from reading that article: Bob Newhart is still alive. He's 92 now.
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  19. When I've run fantasy games set in Hero's Turakian Age setting, I usually allowed Martial Arts from that setting that would be culturally appropriate to PCs and NPCs, including those suggested in the Fantasy Hero genre book, particularly the "Dwarven War-Art." Other martial arts from the TA setting book are Tharusidarion ("The Silver Dance"), Elven sword fighting; Ulronai-Chitheru, the armed style of Ulronai warrior-mages; Tashala Kenar ("Moon-Dueling"), the sword art of the female paladin order, the Sisterhood of Salea; Tran-Dhuk, the armed-unarmed art of the pseudo-Oriental land of Thon-Sa; and its variant Haidara practiced by the warrior-priests of Vendiya.
  20. Oh I do. One of my characters is quite aggressive with a shield. I also created a martial art for creatures with long stiff tails that they would tie maces and axes to.
  21. At this point, why even use blanks? Why not just add the smoke, sound, etc. in post production?
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