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  2. Pop culture is deconstructing itself and is lapping it up.
  3. I couldn't think of a better thread, so putting this here. I was out looking for buried treasure and I scored a great stash! I'm not really a collector, not as much as some others I know, so if you're interested in a purchase/trade for any of these, lemme know! (But I'm keeping Loki.)
  4. My players are powerful at this point, but their teamwork tends to be off and on. The Ultimates use teamwork to make up for their relative lack of offensive punch. the contrast works.
  5. He's got 50 chances to get it right.
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  7. In an Ideal scenario, if the Bills move to San Antonio, they'd play in the Alamodome until a new stadium could be built on the Northeast side of the city along I-35. That's the second most populated area of the city and it's fairly easy to get to from anywhere(40 minutes even at rush hour). That puts it one hour from south Austin also and traffic is less on weekends so the game time rush would even out.
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  9. It is, unfortunately, deeply entrenched in modern culture. Fine, it might be a movie line, but "second place is first loser" resonated because it only said what so many already believe. I've certainly heard horror stories about similar situations...gymnastics was a big one. But not the only one. They're predominant in Eastern Europe and China...but that's merely the more blatant. Consider the best NFL runs...Pats of course, Steelers, Cowboys. Where do you put the Bills? 4 straight Super Bowls is insanely good. 4 straight losses and you're buried. Second place is first loser. Plenty of other examples. Athletes making political statements at victory ceremonies isn't something I particularly like...but it's also the only place anyone tends to pay attention to many of them, that aren't in the limelight at any other time. But silence is how oppression thrives. EDIT: scrolled down to some of the comments after the Morgan story. You want even more ugly...the Biles bashing was even nastier. "Chicken out" and "tantrum" were tossed out. That's a little different; I think that's closer to toxic masculinity. But the two notions are connected to a degree, IMO.
  10. And of course, get a coupe doing it, and they'll start echoing each other...and get cited elsewhere...and create their own positive feedback loop. I hadn't seen that, but it is seriously ugly.
  11. There is a difference between "rich" and "more money than the entire state budget of Texas." By a LOT. "Ultra high net worth" is defined as $30M in assets, less liabilities, not counting certain things. It gets a little complicated. That seems a plausible notion of "rich" these days. The Gates fortune was 4000x this......
  12. And if you need help in designing your costume, here's a sample taken from the Stuperpowers! rpg: What?
  13. This file was blocked by my Chromebook when I tried to download it. Here is some of the message I received: To help protect users, Google maintains a list of websites that are known to host malicious downloads and a list of trusted software publishers. If you're a software publisher and your binaries are flagged by Chrome, learn how to resolve malware or unwanted software issues related to your downloads. Here is the link address to resolve the issue in case the above is not clickable. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/3258249
  14. Bill and Melinda Gates Finalize Their Divorce https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/bill-and-melinda-french-gates-finalize-one-of-the-largest-divorces-in-history/ar-AAMR0I2 I would have divorced Bill for a third of what she got. I guess when you're rich, you don't have to bargain hunt.
  15. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has tested positive for COVID-19 a few days after he was at a small gathering with other senators on Sen. Joe Manchin's (D-W.V.) houseboat. https://theweek.com/delta-variant/1003288/lindsey-graham-reportedly-attended-a-small-gathering-on-joe-manchins
  16. Practice a couple of times to see if you can get the same shade of gray at least twice in a row before committing to gray.
  17. Third Officer Who Responded To Capitol Riot Has Died By Suicide https://www.huffpost.com/entry/gunther-hashida-officer-dead-capitol-riot_n_61083cafe4b064678eebfb24
  18. Storm clouds and tornadoes tend to be shades of gray.
  19. Ghostbusters 2016 really needed a strong editor, as some of the comic bits just go on too long, without a good payoff. Other scenes in the theatrical release were unexpectedly cut at awkward points (though they are restored in the extended edition). We saw Hook in the theater when it came out, and it felt very much like Spielberg had inserted Robin Williams into The Goonies, but without the warmth of that film.
  20. Jerry strikes me as the principal obstacle on the league side. I agree that San Antonio would be a better fit than Austin. Another factor is, Austin has a pro football team already. What...just because the players aren't well paid, that program is a for-profit, professional one by any sane measure.
  21. You can go to normal discussion forums of news sites and find a number of people pushing Ivermectin as a COVID cure and telling everyone that the vaccines are some sort of poison and completely unnecessary even if they weren't poison. There's big money in denialism and pushing the next quack cure. And it's absurdly easy and cheap to hire a media company to promote your conspiracy theory and drive traffic to your website. You don't even have to sell the cure to make money off of creating a conspiracy theory around it.
  22. It's a shame we can't rerun the universe because the debate every two weeks is tiresome. We know that position in the release schedule of movies is very important to it's box office take. There's jockeying back and forth between studios over release dates because it's an important factor. Taking out the identity of the Captain Marvel movie and saying "this generic movie is the must-see Marvel movie which will set up Endgame in a couple of months and be the payoff for 8-10 years of watching Marvel movies"... Personally I could see that scheduling making hundreds of millions of dollars of difference in box office. Whether it's a half a billion or not, I'm not a studio insider to have their estimations of the impact of the scheduling. I doubt that it's that much but I wouldn't be shocked if THEY thought it was close. I'm sure some number of the people who saw Captain Marvel multiple times in the theater primarily wanted to make sure they didn't miss anything which might be relevant in Endgame. That's just the nature of fandom. But some number went because they thought the movie was kickass. And that Captain Marvel was kickass. And that Nick Fury finally got a lead in a movie. And, and, and....
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