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  2. In a neighborhood where snow has been melting off, some structures will still have snow on the roof long after others have lost all of it. Many of these may be uninhabited outbuildings (garage, workshop, garden shed), but if it is the main house, the house is likely to be empty (the heat is turned off or down low). Such houses are candidates for plunder.
  3. Come August and September, depending on what date you are using, it will be the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae
  4. I've heard of new ideas for police partnerships but this is a little ridiculous
  5. It turns out that I have missed entering quite a large number of films etc from last year Captain America: Civil War Surprisingly I missed putting this one down. Very enjoyable and a good lead in for Black Panther. They may hav missed a trick by killing odd all the other potential Winter Soldiers but still. Ghostbusters 2016 The fault in the film is not that it replaces all the men with women. The fault is that it does not engage the audience. It is not bad, the effects are great it just does not hold the attention. Worth seeing once. The Imitation Game Part of the tale of Alan Turing and how they built a machine to decrypt the German Enigma device. It made a great leap when Turing and his team worked out that a salutation to the Fuhrer was included in most messages. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Turing. Star Trek Beyond It is not bad but it is not Star Trek. And they destroy the ship before the end of the five year mission. Yet more sacrilege. Again worth one look. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows I have not seen part 1 of the reboot. I liked this. Seamus the wrestler becomes one of the goons fighting the turtles. Interesting take on Krang. Terminator Genisys In this version of the saga they reboot the first film and also turn John Connor into a villain. Not really the right idea.
  6. "Well, sir, when a Indian Daddy loves an Indian Mommy VERY MUCH..." -Private Smartass, right before the arrow hit him in the head.
  7. PART SEVEN- The Secret of the Prince “WHAT DID YOU DO?” screamed The Elder, rushing over to the dangling body of Prince Jessup, the blood dripping from the wound. The Dagger of Time remained plunged into the boy’s chest. The Elder looked at the pale face of the boy he spent years protecting as the boy’s breathing became rapid. The Elder removed his golden helmet as Jessup’s tear-filled eyes connected with The Elder for one final time. One deep gasp of air was all that remained as the life drained from his eyes. “You knew this is what…” started DeClercq, but he was interrupted by the powerful hand of The Elder clutching around his neck and lifting him off the ground. The legendary warrior’s face watered with tears at the loss, his teeth clenched in hate. DeClercq slapped helplessly at the arm, afraid that he finally may have pushed this man too far. A flash of bright light was sent directly into The Elder’s face from the wizard’s hand, temporarily blinding the warrior. He dropped the wizard to the ground, grasping at his face. “Don’t… pretend… that… you didn’t know… this ...is what… had to ...happen,” said DeClercq, holding his throat and trying to gasp for whatever air he could get into his lungs. Dropping to his knees, The Elder finally cleared his vision. He looked back at DeClercq with a deep seeded hatred burning inside his soul. “The boy was innocent. He had nothing to do with any of this,” whispered The Elder. “Wrong. The boy was everything.” DeClercq replied. “Since our ‘queen’ decided to put him at the center of this fraud, this was always to be his fate, as tragic as it may be. Now, get up. The Galadral forces will be here momentarily and you need to be ready.” DeClercq callously strolled right beside the grieving warrior, walking straight to the hanging body. With a snarky smirk, DeClercq removed the Dagger of Time from the chest of the boy. The remaining blood on the blade seemed to absorb into the metal like a sponge. As he departed, The Elder reached for his helmet. Turning the helmet so he could look at the front of it, The Elder longed for a day when this golden piece of armor stood for something, inspired the denizens of Galadral. Where had that man gone? Reaching over to the pool of Jessup’s blood that had puddled up on the ground, The Elder swept his gauntlet through the liquid, smearing it across the golden helmet. He repeated this motion over and over until the blood stains streaked across the helmet’s visage. Placing the soiled helmet back on his head, The Elder stood to his feet. “Now… The Elder is dead too,” he said.
  8. Today
  9. A Villain: Playing the role of McKai, the apprentice of Sebastian DeClercq is Finn Wolfhard
  10. Optional Character: Michael Ironside channelling. well Michael Ironside. He is the General
  11. One-Eyed Willy cannot navigate for *bleep*.
  12. Designated Heir: William Atherton as Duke Hath Thornpeck, Uncle (Mother's side) to the King and (spoiler) secretly covets the throne! Obligatory Fantasy race: Paizo Goblins, most in service to the Mountain King out of sheer terror
  13. Because adding STR to HKA and making a separate normal STR attack is effectively using STR twice, while most multiple attacks use each purchased ability only once. How many people have seen characters routinely use HKA + STR? Why would we not do this? How many posters on this thread would let Throg, the 30 STR Barbarian, routinely strike with his Greatsword with full STR adds, plus a 6d6 normal attack (both augmented by any HTH levels applied to add damage)?
  14. For Heroic games, where equipment does not cost points, the build for equipment is largely irrelevant. Having melee weapons built as, say, "1d6+1 HKA, plus 1d6+1 HKA, 1 DC per 5 STR in excess of 6 STR Min" works just as well as the present model. If anything, it opens up more options. Some weapons might require more or less STR per added DC, or cap at more or less than double, or be especially suited for swift, agile maneuvers (e.g. +1 DC per 3 DEX over 12). Every other Hero concept says "if that's what it should logically do, that is what you should logically pay for as part of the build". Why can't I have a bow with stronger pull that does more damage? Those exist in real life. Why doesn't my "Life Support: immune to the heat of the sun and the cold of the vaccuum" provide the slightest defense from a flamethrower or a cold blast? Like punches and kicks, when augmented with CSLs and Martial Arts? Or should the martial arts maneuver have base damage that cannot be more than doubled with STR? Brass knuckles add +1d6, and cap out at 2d6? Breaking a chair over someone's head allows a 10 STR character to do more damage, but results in a 30 STR character doing less damage? Yes, that's very intuitive... Treating HKA like every other attack power, and providing a couple of sample builds where the KA is greater when higher STR is applied (capping out at the total KA paid for even if you have more STR) is also a compromise of play balance and suspension of disbelief. As is the D&D "no max to added damage" model, where no one, however strong, is better off to punch bare-handed than stab with a knife. That seems pretty intuitive as well See above for real life. In Hero, we simulate real life by reasoning from effect and paying the points to build that effect, not arguing about what, logically, our special effects should provide in terms of game benefits. I wonder how different this discussion would be if 2e had not implemented the doubling rule on HKAs, Fantasy Hero had implemented something based on Real Weapons, and 6e added it to HKAs for the first time. Why doesn't a doubling rule apply to other attacks augmented by skill levels or ranged martial arts? Surely your Spark of Flame can only burn so hot?
  15. I think it is perceived as "different" because that Brick gets STR to do damage, the benefits of growth, etc. and he pays END for the use of those abilities, or pays extra to avoid paying END. Your systems can be perceived as "Everybody can have 0 END on all of their powers and abilities for free. We'll handle long-term exertion on a case-by-case, common and dramatic sense, basis. Oh, everyone but spellcasters. Spellcasters have to go back to using END, and they must do so using the END Reserve approach." The comment has been made that paying for magic skill is reasonable, because the spellcasters will also get a discount, however small, for RSR on all of their spells. If no one else is required to spend END on their abilities (that is, we have made "0 END" a freebie), then perhaps the spellcasters should get the -1/2 limitation for "costs END" as a required limitation on their spells, or at least whichever spells cost END, rather than this being automatic. Just like Joe the Fighter gets the -1/2 limitation for Costs END on his 'Flurry of Steel' +2 OCV, Costs END -1/2. That could be implemented just as easily by having Joe use END normally. If you want a limitation for Costs END, then you opt back in to the END system. You could also let the spellcasters choose between an END reserve (which I assume Joe could buy) and casting their spells with a STUN, instead of END, cost (i.e. using the same rule Joe uses). Perhaps that is a more unusual brand of magic that uses the personal energy of the caster, rather than some pool from "outside" which is always what an END reserve feels like.
  16. Yes, and I apologize, I'm behind on updating the list
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