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  2. This is a very good example of how I imagine this character. He speaks English like a native, but looks absurd.
  3. I confess I do not know how to open those.
  4. That's tragic, Sorry for your loss! My parents suspect but they don't "Know" at least I don't think they do...
  5. New observation: I was looking through the 6th ed Bestiary for some stats on a lion for a different character and in the dinosaurs section, on page 453, I found the entry for Gigantopithecus. A sentence in the second paragraph of the description reads: "Some people have speculated that it survived to the modern day in some isolated places - including the Himalayas (where it's known as the yeti) and the Pacific Northwest (where it's called 'Bigfoot' and 'sasquatch')." So, now, in addition to the great advice, questions, and links provided by the participants of this thread, I now have some official 6e stats for a bigfoot. He totals 168 pts.
  6. More Dresden updates https://io9.gizmodo.com/check-out-our-exclusive-peek-at-jim-butchers-new-dresde-1842415798 Trailer! for Peace Talks with a surprise announcement at the end and Chapter 1.
  7. A bit off-topic, but I hate looking for any news related to Britain: I never know if it's under Britain, Great Britain, England (or other country name), United Kingdom, UK (granted, those tend to be pretty close on the list, usually separated by "United States." Is the "of America" just not important to the rest of the world? Perhaps it's something like we have going on here (at least in Georgia): Hi; I'd like to get tested. What do I need to do? Hang up, call this hotline number. They will tell you to call us. Well... I'm talking to you right now... Have you called the hotline? Well, no-- You have to call the hotline first. >click< [call hotline] Hi; I've potentially been exposed by a coworker who had a houseguest who was positive. I'd like to get tested. Are you showing any symptoms? No; not yet. So you're not sick at all yet? No, Ma'am. We have a limited number of test kits available, and we are distributing them as fast as we can. We need to reserve them for patients who are symptomatic. Beg pardon? You can't take the test unless your sick. I thought early intervention was generally considered a good thing....? No, Sir; we don't have the resources to squander on healthy people right now. I don't know that I'm healthy. I have been exposed; I'd like to know if I am putting my family in danger before I actually you know-- go home to them tonight. If you're not sick, we can't test you. I see. [call clinic again] Hi, do you whatever it is you need to test me? Have you called the hotline? Yes. What did they tell you? I have to be sick in order to get tested. Are you sick? Not yet; no. [actual contempt] Then what do you want to get tested for?! I'm pretty sure that's screwing up the numbers here in the US, or at least in the south.
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  9. Doom's mask isn't stuck to his face. He's taken it off in many comic issues. It just hides his disfigurement. Bane's mask in The Dark Knight Rises provided a constant supply of anesthetic to numb him to pain. I saw nothing in the movie to suggest he couldn't take it off if he wanted to -- it's just harnessed to his head. But maybe someone else has more information.
  10. The nursing home deaths weren't "confirmed" CV cases; they didn't know what they didn't know for a while. It may be related to a horrible fact...I grabbed some data from worldometers. Turns out I grabbed the data for the 29 countries with the highest total cases. They now have testing data per million people included. OK...sort by that. Throw out China because no one knows. So...28 countries. France is #21. Country # of cases # tests/1M pop Norway 6042 21009 Switzerland 23280 19867 Germany 113296 15730 Israel 9404 13557 Austria 12942 13408 Italy 139422 13349 Portugal 13141 12630 Australia 6052 12541 Denmark 5402 11050 Canada 19438 9591 S. Korea 10384 9310 Czechia 5312 9215 Ireland 6074 8604 Spain 148220 7593 Belgium 23403 7269 USA 427101 6647 Russia 8672 6237 Netherlands 20549 5926 Sweden 8419 5416 UK 60733 4155 France 112950 3436 Chile 5546 3159 Turkey 38226 2938 Poland 5205 2623 Iran 64586 2514 Romania 4761 2454 Brazil 16188 258 India 5916 121 Also says nothing good about Britain's NHS. Or maybe something about the cultures...the people just aren't responding to the message, they're not getting tested when they should be? Who knows. I'm just hoping to look at the data and find some positives, and while I'd love to include France, as part of the bigger Western European countries bloc...can't do it with their data. There's also an awful, foreboding aspect. Bottom 2 countries there...Brazil and India. Especially, to my mind, India...because the cities there are so big. That's a series of tsunamis just sitting over the hornizon......
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  12. I'm not so concerned with universal income, but decent health care would be a plus.
  13. Dude, I don't know who first coined that "social distance" term, but I can't wait for this to be over just because of that: I am sick to _death_ (go ahead; I'm sure y'all got jokes ) of "maintaining a six-foot social distance." I can't _wait_ to return to my usual eight-foot antisocial distance.......
  14. Yup. I had my doubts about how it would work if folks might just jack up the prices, but was intrigued. Now, after this? I'm sold.
  15. Well, maybe like the deaths of the people in nursing home they had a group of positive screens they had not been reporting in their numbers and they belatedly factored them in.
  16. So, what is the plan? To have half of you work in morning and the other half work in the afternoon to permit social distancing?
  17. Well, the minigun as drawn would be a 3-shot autofire RKA and there are at least 2 different types of missile attacks. The eyestalks should give him 360-degree vision on sight group, and I'd probably throw in a couple of levels in both ranged combat and offsetting range modifiers because of them.
  18. As the judge at one point: "... Release the hat, hang the lizard."
  19. That's what some people said about the Rheinland, wasn't it?
  20. England has roughly half the number of cases as Germany but roughly 3.5 times the number of deaths. Which means whatever Germany is doing it should be looked at.
  21. I had envisioned MJ as a DNPC. So you can give yourself credit for a snipe now, too. What to do next...?
  22. The Anti-Magic Cone was (IIRC) neutralize magic no range only if in front of the eye does not work if flashed. Flesh to stone was a transform. Slow was Speed Drain Fear and the Charms were mind control/empathy Finger of death and Disintegrate were killing attacks Sleep was stun drain Inflict Moderate Wounds was an AP EB or AP KA Telekinesis was obvious. SPD was 5, Dex was 20
  23. We may be able to work from the office for half days, starting next week.
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