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  2. Whoops. I voted 'Modern' but I meant to vote 'Recent.' I usually set my campaigns where superpowers are new developments.
  3. Welp, still going as of this morning. Sleep schedule sucks and appetite is really off but the fever seems to be a little less and shorter each day.
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  5. Washington Redskins are retiring their name! https://abc11.com/sports/washington-redskins-retire-team-name-and-logo/6314438/#:~:text=-- Washington's NFL team announced,name being racist and insensitive.&text=It remains unclear what the team will be called in future seasons. Still wish they'd kept the name and just changed the logo, just because MY high school mascot was a potato
  6. I go with small 'waves' all the way back to prehistory. The last three 'waves' have come in the 90 years, and stacked on each one and have hit all the world. The past norm was one at a time with 250 to 1000 or more years between them over only a small area, say only middle east.
  7. A Heist on Time and a Half: Inside The Most Corrupt Police Squad In The Nation
  8. 'Aww, Mum !' 'When I say wash behind the ears, I mean wash behind the ears !'
  9. I have that issue of the Dragon with the Dragon being taken to school.
  10. About 45 years too late for me.
  11. Original Star Trek was really more of an anthology series, with a recurring cast, like many other shows of the time. We didn't get solid continuity until the movies, and they managed it by essentially throwing out most of the weirdness of the original series.
  12. I'm just wondering whether there will be new face mask penalties this year.
  13. I tend to go with Modern but it is also the case of how. Spontaneous mutations ? Yes. The Gestalt waves as it is stated in the Gestalt book. Then there is the good old alien intervention/manipulation and Weird Science.
  14. The ranges are deliberately vague. Feel free to explain your choice in the comments. I'm going with modern because it allows the world to feel familiar, without requiring explanation of why all these super-gadgets and strange powers haven't greatly affected history.
  15. I had to go to a funeral for a beloved Uncle. All us kids were devastated, We all decided to go see a movie afterwards. It was Independence Day. The over the top ness of it made us forget the rest of the day for a while.
  16. Well, that would make a pretty big difference. According to the NY times article I read the lawyers were still working through the possible ramifications to taxation, environmental rules and adoptions. If the only impact is prosecution of Native Americans then it's going to be relatively small overall. If it ends up interfering with taxation, House of Representatives seats, etc. then it's going to be a much bigger deal.
  17. How about lots of movies and tv shows have pro- home nation messages and lots of tv shows and movies don't...yeesh.
  18. Anyone know if the 50s tv serial The Quatermass Experiment was an influence on Star Trek?
  19. Well, originally from Wessex, now the Lady of Mercia.
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