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  2. I wouldn't put too much stock in that sort of feedback. Steve Peterson revealed at numerous GenCons past that when asked what genre they'd like to see Hero Games focus on, "Pulp Action" was frequently and passionately suggested by Hero players, but then when it came time to actually buy the pulp-themed products, nobody bought them. It was as if players like the idea of the genre, but didn't care to spend their money on it. I would argue that the superhero genre is in the same boat today.
  3. ^^ The Pendragon Emerges, 1940. Arthur King was always teased about his name, growing up as he did in Glastonbury in the 1920s and 30s. At the start of World War Two, he joined the RAF and qualified as a pilot. During a training mission, Lt. King crashed his Spitfire in Dozmery Pool. Trapped in the plane, he sank beneath the lake. To his surprise he awakened on a fog-shrouded island being attended by a beautiful woman in a white dress. "Arthur, you have indeed returned in England's Greatest hour of need, brought to me by the wings of Merlin. As before, you shall lead England against a terrible foe to the East." The picture here is of Arthur, now the Superhero The Pendragon, emerging from the Pool just before his flight to Dunkirk. (So, going full Arthurian Myth here: LAdy of the lake, Arthur King, a Spitfire's engine was a Merlin, England's Darkest Hour)
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  5. Let's hope she's wrong about most of them. Marvel has been good about making a decent film out of some weak concepts but they'd really be pushing that with some of these concepts.
  6. Fun game. Now I'll have to dig my copy out.
  7. +20 PRE Defense; +5 Ego Defense, limited duration: 10 minutes. OAF: dog biscuit. Gotcha covered.
  8. You knew this was coming so I will not disappoint you or anyone else. [General Zod mode] why do you say this to me when you know I will kill you for it ? [/General Zod mode]
  9. Leo Winsor is the heroic Griffen Ramped, protector of the realm of England. He is a standard brick type. As long as he is on English soil, he cannot be permanently killed (Regeneration with Resurrection adder, can be negated by removing his mystical link to England). Note: he lines his boots with dirt from home, so just taking him from England will not kill him unless you remove the dirt. On the other side of the equation is his evil twin brother, Lobo Winsor. He is the crime lord Lord Griffin and has the exact same powers as his twin. Neither twin goes masked. Leo is a national hero, while his brother kills everyone who discovers who he is and does not work for his villainous agency. Note: it is up to the GM if there really is a twin brother, or a split personality, or if it is a Sentery/Void thing.
  10. Prepare to feel the fists of The Griffin ! Come rain, come shine The Griffin is relentless. He is stoic. Not for him a quiet night in by the fireside. Not for him 2.4 kids, a house in the suburbs and a cushy office job. No, The Griffin is there to fight crime. Muggers, loan sharks, vandals, pimps, drug pushers all have fallen victim to him. No crime is too small to escape his notice which means that meglamaniacs and their minions are also on his radar. The Griffin has no mask. You always see his face. And although he is violent he does not maim indiscriminately.
  11. As to the whole Season 8 sucked, a writer for Scientific American spotted that it was a shift in storytelling method that may have been responsible for many characters gaining plot armor in this last season. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/the-real-reason-fans-hate-the-last-season-of-game-of-thrones/?redirect=1 This article also hints at maybe why I dislike overly cinematic campaigns, and possibly my distaste for Narrative based gameplay.
  12. I really liked the series, but this last season felt like a microwaved desser, after a fine, chef prepared, seven course meal. Too rushed and flat. The structure of a good ending was there but the ornamentation and build up was missing. This is shot gave me chills, even if the symbolism was obvious and heavy handed.
  13. Well he does see ghosts, but 3 PRE guard dog would kind of defeat the purpose.
  14. I still think getting more Herosystem players involves a robust implementation of the rules on Roll20.net, or Fantasy Grounds. It needs to be where the players are. As for Michael Surbrook’s migration not producing 5e material, Ingotta admit that 5e is fun and supports miniatures play well, but doesn’t get in the way and sprout arguments the way previous editions of D&D did. It’s fun for what it does, and I don’t blame him for moving on.
  15. Try to make something out of this guy :
  16. So breeders of magic dogs would be a top profession, and a necessary one. Well high magic was required, might as well have talking dogs too.
  17. So what was the benefit of paying points for high COM and FBI agent for my PC if the guy who sold back 2 COM and took a DF gets bonuses (another inmate) and I get penalties (I smell bacon). Points are a limited resource for players to define advantages for their characters. If they do not provide any advantages, why were they spent? So, if we will throw out the mechanical results of interaction skills (for which people paid points) in favour of role playing, will we also throw out the mechanical results of combat rolls (for which people also paid points) in favour of good role playing? The dice say you are KOd, but you role played determined heroism so well that you are still conscious, not stunned and get +3 OCV and +3 DCs on your attacks. Why not toss all mechanics and resolve everything based on role playing and character description? All that resolution mechanics do is provide an objective methodology for determining success and failure so that we can say "I am playing a serious strategic game" and not admit that this is pretty similar to 5 year olds playing "let's pretend" in the sandbox. As long as Hero takes the approach of getting what you pay for and paying for what you get, I consider SA to be consistent, and "no mechanics COM" to be inconsistent, with the Hero approach.
  18. The real-life inspiration for the Sphere of Annihilation.
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