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  2. AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine After Admitting Mistake
  3. Besides the stories, I find what passes for artwork in most contemporary comics very disheartening. The art of graphic storytelling is dying. Most artists create what amounts to collections of splash pages. There's no action flow, no shifting perspective, no support of the narrative through-line. What I hear among criticisms of the industry, is that artists today focus on creating imagery they can sell on a poster or t-shirt, rather than serving the story.
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  5. Xander, don't speak Latin in front of the books.
  6. The Sinner A modern day Robin Hood who targeted a wide variety of criminals and used his charisma and charm to bamboozle them out of money and into the hands of the law. He always left a mocking calling card with a stick figure with devil horns for his targets once his schemes reached a conclusion. He crossed paths with the Gentleman who overlooked his less than legal tactics to add him to the roster of the Constables.
  7. AOC Among Us: progressive firebrand to join NDP leader for online gaming sesh Friday
  8. Symptomless and spreading, South Korea battles surge in silent COVID-19 cases
  9. It's not that gerrymandering isn't enough, it's that it's no longer in contention. The GOP won control of the legislatures in virtually every state where redistricting will occur before 2024, and the newly packed SCOTUS will let them gerrymander all they want.
  10. Most comic books sales recently seem to be along the line of trade paperbacks of story arcs, rather than the individual issues. From B&N and the like.
  11. It makes me feel like a blue teddy bear.
  12. I dunno if that'll happen or not. I'm still hearing lots of talk about massive overvoting in counties and 600k votes in Pennsylvania from the people I know. No idea what to make of the progress of those legal arguments, but I at least shot down their talk of affidavits. Not cause affidavits are bad, but affidavits that they haven't confirmed are valid are a problem... that's why they were tossed to begin with. Like, at minimum you have to physically meet the person claiming it. At least to confirm they exist. Still a huge argument of why mail in ballots a
  13. There was already discussion of adding teams to the playoffs so that’s definitely on the table. The Ravens outbreak is spilling over into Week 13 now, since apparently they were supposed to play Dallas next Thursday.
  14. Wouldn't something like that trigger the inclusion of a #8 seed?
  15. Mark is in the process of moving out of California. I will not say where he is going, but I know. Check on him after the new Year, is all I can say.
  16. Twitter is the worst thing to happen to the comic book industry, ever. Writers and editors are writing for their peers on Twitter, many of who are their editors, They are not writing for the customers, and do not waste an opportunity to denigrate them. They want the accolades of their peers, and to avoid "Cancellation" but the ever more powerful "whisper Network", that can end a persons career for saying the wrong thing, or remaining silent. I used to work in the comics industry. Friends who are still peripherally involved are getting out, because it's become partican and political, and they
  17. I trust we will get our just desserts. The invading turkeys, on the other hand, deserve no dessert.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiD8nGD0Q6w
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