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  2. If you're willing to bail on all the players, then you can't also assert that it's Shurmur's fault and say "it's not that he doesn't have good players." First and foremost: if you don't have a QB, you have no offense. Period. The end. The Broncos have no QB. That said, they really are pathetic so that isn't the ONLY problem they have. Not stopping anyone...man, did we see that at the end. Just over 5 minutes to go...8 yards, 20 yards, 7 yards, 3 yards and first down, 7 yards, 3 yards and first down, 3 yards, 5 yards, penalty sets Browns back to make it 3rd and 7....and 8 yards to cap it off. First down, take a kneed, game over. 7 solid runs...the Browns' back gets credit for busting it to get those extra yards several times, and made those plays...2 play-action slants. All very predictable plays for a team holding onto a thin lead late. 5 minute drill for 62 yards. NOT ACCEPTABLE defensive performance. But this is where Denver had looked to be. Hey, Mr. P, you had your bright shiny start...it coulda been worse..... As it is, yeah, I think the Broncos are headed for a top 10 draft pick and complete (practical, if not mathematical) elimination by Thanksgiving.
  3. Ever have one of those days where all is well... except it isn't?
  4. A flying superhero with sonic powers, Screaming Eagle!
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  6. BLOCK Chain The PR experts charged with assembling The Informers, where desperate to complete the team before their planned first appearance, so when they received an application from a "Block-Chain" defending an impoverished neighborhood, sent her an acceptance email without a second thought. She turned out to be a chain-weilding street-level martial artist, defending her block from gangs - with no STEM connection at all. Undeterred, they called their principle who provided her with new nanotech chain of self-replicating links keyed to her so that it moved lije an extension of her will, and, if broken or snatched away would repair itself and return to her. In the meantime, they gave her a crash course in cryptocurrency buzzwords, but it turns out, the discipline and determination to train course I up to superheroic levels of martial skills works on book learning, too, and she was quickly giving expert-sounding lectures on the subject... and in just a few months had even mastered it, to further surprise of all involved. "When Bulldozer grabbed hold of my chain, he thought he could use his greater size and strength to drag me around, but each link of the chain builds itself with its own authentication, so it moves only how I want it to." So, I was responsible for that debacle, so I'm just throw'n it out there. Whoever wants to post the next team idea, go for it.
  7. Q: How dare you mock the King of the High School Vampire Club! Now yuou will -- suffer? A: Ir's those dang Whywolves you really need to worry about.
  8. So this infrastructure bill has been cut back so much that I don't even see why they're freaking bothering with it anymore. The reduced bill will be inadequate and will just be used as evidence of failure in the mid terms and the next presidential election. As usual, progressives compromise while the Right gives up....nothing. It'd be nice if sanity, justice, and progress won once in a while. Sigh....I'm so tired of being disappointed in America.
  9. You didn't tell me you'd written a new book. Well done!
  10. Sometimes Florida does something right.
  11. Not aimed at anyone specifically!!! Just the best thread for it.
  12. Honestly, my first thought was, "Gator got 'im."
  13. < rant > Hope springs eternal and all that, but I'm just done. After the Broncos lose this game, as it seems they are destined to do, it's time for a fire sale. It's time to burn this franchise to the ground and start over. Vic Fangio has got to go. As a head coach and as a defensive coordinator, he's failed to get any production out of his team. Tackling has been non-existent. They can't generate takeaways, and they can't stop the other team from moving the ball. Even when they don't allow a score, they allow the other team to chew up precious time on the clock. You can't win games that way. Pat Shurmur has got to go. His offense has been uninspired and ineffective. It's not that he doesn't have good players, it's that he appears to have no clue whatsoever how to use them. The Broncos can't move the ball, and on the rare occasions when they do, they can't generate points. Their third down conversion percentage is abysmal. Actually, I take that back. They'd need to convert something like six consecutive third downs to reach the level of abysmal. And as for the players ... time to clean house. Sell any player that any other team is willing to take and let's rack up some draft picks. Sell Justin Simmons. We can probably get a second or third for him. Sell Drew Lock. With all the injuries out there, there's got to be some team desperate enough to take on his contract. Promote Brett Rypen to second string. Sell Melvin Gordon. Considering his production and his propensity for dropping the ball at the most inopportune times, he's not worth what we're paying him. I'd say sell Von Miller, but after that injury in the first half, I don't know but he's going to be worth much. Sell Devante Spencer. Kick returners need to run, not dance. Basically, sell anyone with more than three or four years of experience for whatever we can get. Build a new lineup through free agency and the draft, and commit to a process of rebuilding. It worked for Cleveland. It could work for the Broncos. Two exceptions to the above, though: kicker Brandon McManus and punter Sam Martin. They're basically the MVPs of this team right now, which is sad. Other than them? Let's flip this house. Outside of the Detroit Lions, I don't see a lot of likely wins remaining on Denver's schedule. Why lose with expensive (but mediocre) talent when we can spend the season evaluating the young players and figure out who's worth keeping for the future? We all know the old saying about the definition of insanity. Something has got to change with the Broncos, and the sooner and more drastic, the better. Of course, none of this will matter until Denver gets to stable ownership group. Maybe next year. < /rant >
  14. Murderer murders girlfriend, steals her van and credit card, runs home, hides in the Everglades, Swamp Thing finds him and metes out justice. QED.
  15. Maybe post-retirement I can run a Hero system game. Not sure what genre. My gaming group is packed with butt-kickers and power-gamers, so it isn't clear genre matters as long as there are lots of bad guys to wipe the floor with.
  16. Is it possible to draft Jon Gruden?
  17. A fanblog has pointed out Geno Smith for Seattle has averaged 3.3 yards per pass attempt, which is not only execrable, it is less (by an amount that is lost in the rounding) than Alex Collins' 3.3 yards per carry average for Seattle, which is also distinctly below league average in that category. I think the biggest question remaining is how the Jets are to botch the really nice 1st round pick they already have from Seattle.
  18. FBI: Human remains found in Florida are those of Gabby Petito's missing boyfriend Not much of a resolution. I don't suppose we'll ever know really what happened.
  19. Nice to see you're still alive! We'd started to murmur things.....
  20. You've got that backwards. The IRS was started by demonic accountants.
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