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  2. Sadly I am now in Florida or I could be interested
  3. RIP man. Genuine rock legend, married one of the most beautiful women in the world and it lasted 28 years (they separated in 2018) and together they had 2 sons. He had an amazing life, and I loved his music. Sad he's gone.
  4. All my radio gods are dying now...
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  6. Rough week for the kitties and horsies. Raiders looked good enough for 3 quarters but they spotted the Chiefs 28 in the 2nd. Steelers are 0-2 so that's cool
  7. https://heavy.com/entertainment/2019/09/ric-ocasek-dead-cause-of-death/ Time is an evil and vindictive bastard. RIP Ric. You made a big impression on my youth.
  8. Co-ed Daughters of Important Scientists and Industrialists (CDISI, pronounced cee-dee-see) sounds like a great name for a superhero group.
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    Sitting at his desk, Jason pored over memos and project reports. He signed off on some, rejected others, and wrote questions in others. Over on a couch, using the coffee table, Jessica had her own papers spread out in relatively neat piles. The intercom buzzed. A glance told Jason it was the reception desk and it was being relayed from Jessica's desk. Jason tapped a button. “Yes?” “Mr. Scott, there's a woman here that would like to speak with you. A Mrs. Palmer. She doesn't have an appointment.” With the tap of another button Jason's monitor lit up. With a few more tappings Jason was seeing the security feed from reception. Standing at the front desk was Marlene's mother. “I'll have Jessica escort her to my office.” Hearing her name, Jessica began piling up her papers. “Yes, sir,” came the response from the intercom. Jason tapped another button. “Beth.” He watched Jessica walk out. “Yes?” “My office.” “Five minutes.” Jason broke the connection. * * * * * By the time Beth got to Jason's office he was standing at the window staring out. He barely acknowledged her presence when she entered. She slipped into his chair, brought up her own desktop on his monitor and resumed her work until Jessica returned with Meredith Palmer. A flash of sunlight on silver caught her eye. Jason held a chain and was rubbing his thumb on the stone. “You're thinking about her.” Jason nodded and drop his chin. His fingers slipped into his vest pocket and the chain disappeared. “I should have taken that away from you.” “You're more than welcome to try. You should have let me make you one.” Beth smiled. “Pass. On both counts.” When Jessica opened the door, Beth rose. “Hi, Mom,” she said smiling. “Beth?” Mrs. Palmer gave her a questioning look before looking at Jason. “Jason.” Turning slowly to face her, Jason greeted her with, “Mrs. Palmer.” “May I get you anything, Mrs. Palmer?” Jessica asked. “Coffee? Tea?” “No, thank you.” “So, what can I do for you Mrs. Palmer?” Jason asked. Standing a little bit straighter, she said, “You can do for me the truth. Where is my daughter?” “Mrs. Palmer...” “Don't give me a repeat of the song and dance you gave me and my husband! Where is Marlene?” “...please, have a seat,” Jason finished. “Jessica, a pitcher of water and glasses, please.” “Yes, sir.” Jessica left to get the requested items. “Mom, please,” Beth said indicating a couch, “sit.” Sighing, Mrs. Palmer sat and slipped the strap of her bag off her shoulder. Beth sat with her. Looking pointedly at Jason, Mrs. Palmer said, “I used to like you. I want to like you. I need to know where my daughter is.” “Mrs. Palmer, I didn't lie to you or your husband. I do not know where Marlene is.” Jason sat across from the women. “The last she was seen was in my apartment in New York.” Opening her bag, she pulled out a journal. “Do you know what this is?” she asked, holding it towards Jason. “Sandy and Marlene fell in love with the design. Summer between our junior and senior years I got each of them a case of them.” She set the journal on the table between them. “Sandy stored most of hers at the cabin. Marlene was still using hers.” “I've been keeping Marlene's house clean.” “I sent a cleaning crew for that.” “It was appreciated, but it is my daughter's house. I will keep it clean for her. Until she comes home. But this journal,” she tapped the book, “it tells...Marlene wrote about you. It tells about what happened before you left for New York.” Jason nodded. “And what do you plan on doing with the knowledge you now have? Blackmail me?” “You, your friends, you're heroes. Why aren't you looking for Marlene?” “They are. I'm not.” “What?” “My friends.” Jason shrugged, “Also Marlene's friends. They're heroes. And if I know them at all, they haven't given up searching for Marlene.” “But you have.” Beth reached for Meredith's hand. “Mom...” “No, Mrs. Palmer, I haven't given up. I haven't stopped looking for her. And I won't.” Beth gave Jason a guilty look. “Find her! Whether to marry her or to bury her, you find her! You bring her home! You owe her that much!” “Then why are you sitting here? Why aren't you out looking?” Mrs. Palmer gripped Beth's hand. “Because I have responsibilities here. After the explosion I withdrew. A friend gave me some information that gave me a direction to look. And I went. I caught hell from some people for taking off,” Jason explained. “I was one of them, mom. Jason didn't say anything to anyone. He just disappeared,” Beth said. Jason gave Beth a quick smile. “That's not exactly true, Beth. Learned a long time ago to leave a trail of bread crumbs. Kris knew where I was. Not necessarily what I was doing, but she knew where I was. When I got more information that sent me elsewhere, she knew where I was going.” Jason leaned forward, forearms resting on his legs. He pressed his fingertips together between his spread knees. “I have a penchant for doing things my own way. We all do, really. We have our own contacts and connections that we foster. Kris, being a doctor, has the medical community. Also others she can reach out to. Other heroes. Some villains.”
  11. Yes. It was a necessary side effect of turning a solo hero into a team dynamic. In a way, I think it may have been more fun, for me. I was expecting it to be just a dunk. But it was better than I expected. I guess I expected a C- and it delivered a C+. Also, I've been rewatching Halt and Catch Fire. I just finished season 1, and am starting on 2. It's nice that each season was only 10 episodes, and covered a different era. There's little room for plot dragging.
  12. You just described me and most of what can be laughingly called "award winning" movies these days. Or heck, most of the movies at all these days. Every time I think of a movie that was just a "great and fun time", it winds up being from years ago.
  13. Cowboys & Aliens: One of the discs lurking in my Netflix DVD.com queue, I sat down to watch it today. Well, when I say that I "sat down", what I really mean to say is that I would frequently pause the disc and tinker with something around me*. The movie should have been a slam-dunk, but is instead an overly-long film with occasional bursts of action. (Netflix Blu-ray) *So, it turns out, it's a bad idea to leave alkaline batteries in unused remotes for long periods of time. Vinegar works well to remove the crusty residue, and Q-Tips are handy for reaching into the little nooks. This process was more entertaining to me than certain sections of the movie.
  14. Five Golden Dragons Set in Hong Kong the dragons of the title are criminals who run the gold trade in the Far East. Four of them are played by well known faces who are cameoing as they have come in to meet the 5th who is resident in Hong Kong. Dan Duryea, Christopher Lee, George Raft and Brian Donlevy are the guest dragons. Bob Cummings is the nominal star. But he is not that good. Cell This is the film version of Stephen King's book of the same name When mobile phones pick up a pulse it turns people into homicidal loonies akin to zombies but able to broadcast some sort of signal at night. John Cusack stars and Samuel L Jackson guest stars. Not a bad King adaptation. Animal Park The BBC are back at Longleat with Ben Fogle and Kate Humble for three weeks of programmes looking at the safari park and its animals. They had sadness with the death of one of the Koalas who had only been in the park for 6 months and one of the tigers suffering fatal wounds after it got into an enclosure with a different breed of tiger. They also had the giddy pleasure of the first Tiger cubs born in the park in well over a decade to the park's Amur Tigers. Want to see a porcupine and a skunk interact ? You've come to the right place. Although the skunk got quills for his pains. Arabian Adventure Oliver Tobias is a prince hoping to woo Emma Samms. But he must undergo a quest for evil caliph Christopher Lee to prove his worth. Peter Cushing, Shame Rimmer, John Ratzenberger, Mickey Rooney and Milo O'Shea are also in the cast. It is fun. Not as good as Golden Voyage of Sinbad but what is ? Supergirl Season 3 I liked this. First we get Morgan Edge as nasty industrialist with a good bit of foreshadowing for Reign. We get a new actress playing mummy to Kara and the Manhunter's dad is alive on Mars so is brought to Earth. And we get the Legion of Superheroes. Mon El is back and married to Saturn Girl. (Obviously this is wrong her hubby is Lightning Lad). Saturn Girl is also not blonde. And Brianiac 5 is blue and not green. We have the Crisis on Earth X crossover which I have seen 2 episodes of. But liked despite this. Yet again they link previous Superman films/series with Sarah Douglas in the cast which was a treat. And Supergirl is reunited with her Mum. There really was not enough for Winn to do or so I felt so it was not a surprise to see him leave at the end of the season. Vuelta a Espana 2019 The last Grand Tour of the season is the youngest of the three. A lot of the big name riders were not here except for Valverde and Quintana for Movistar and the latter was leaving the team at the end of the season. One of the other favourites was Primoz Roglic of Jumbo Visma. He ended up the winner but for the first few stages it was Miguel Angel Lopez who was leading or losing the Red Jersey one day to win it back the next. This changed after the individual Time Trial which Roglic won and then held onto the Red Jersey until the end of the race despite any attacks made on his lead. The battle for second through fifth was where the action really took place and Movistar really could not decide what to do and how to do it. This was a theme throughout the race. Quintana was the Red Jersey the stage before the individual time trial but Valverde was the main contender after that. Quintana looked finished until stage 17 when he got into a big breakaway and ended up taking five minutes back and going into second place. The other major battle was between Lopez and Tadej Pogacar for the White Jersey as young rider and position of the podium. Pogacar ended up winning three stages and the White Jersey outright. He is someone to watch as he is only 20. Pogacar ended up as third overall with Valverde second. Despite the fact that I only get to see an hour's highlights each day it is still entertaining. And it was nice to see Toledo, the original Spanish capitol, again. Several other favourites got knocked out due to crashes or minor illnesses although one pulled out for the World Road Race which is coming later this year. One of Roglic's team mates Sepp Kuss won a stage and was hand slapping the crowd as he approached the finish line. And I mention this as he is American. There were no British riders inning any stages this year. Team Ineos (ex Team Sky) were not really a threat
  15. Glad everything went okay, DT. Continued good wishes for your mother. My situation isn't as bad, but still annoying.... I crashed my new drone while test flying it. One motor wasn't working. I watched a video on YouTube about how to fix your drones and tried a solution. Now two motors aren't working. And I seem to have lost one of my bottles of fluorescent paint that I need for a project.
  16. All very good suggestions. In the history of my superhero universe, the Menace was limited by the technology of the time, and his own damaged memory banks. In face during the Golden Age his Computer Programming was replaced with Lightning Calculator. He was a member of The Forces of Evil, a loose association of super-villains that attempts various criminal acts. Two of his most famous crimes were 1. In disguise he recruited Adonis to seduce Ultrawoman, planning to kill him in front of her making it look like she caused his suicide, inflicting mental torment on her for years. What neither the Menace nor Adonis knew was that Ultrawoman is the daughter of Hera who warned her about him. Although she prevented the death of Adonis, Menace almost killed her by covering her with a quick hardening coating of Atlantium. 2. A series of computer thefts led the FBI to send Ultrawoman to a college in Los Angeles. Working with Miss Liberty, who was taking a leave of absence from the LAPD to get a degree in criminal psychology, they prevent the Menace from replacing the Coed Daughters of important scientist and industrialist with robots.
  17. I have, and it's not unenjoyable-- it's reminiscent of some of the 80s prime-time stuff, in its scripting, really-- but (and I realize it was done primarily to institute dialogue and to water-down the idea that on all the earth there was at least _one_ person so knowledgeable) I found the need for multiple "Librarians" to kind of weaken the premise; the idea lost something. Still good fun, but not as, if you catch my meaning there. I just stumbled across it shortly before posting it here. I watched a few other bits of hers, and laughed myself to tears. She's quite talented.
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