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  2. Yes. But...i would rather have a book.
  3. Nicely put. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Hawkeye-an-Avenger-He-seems-to-be-useless/answer/Kevin-Yue-1
  4. I don't think I'll be available on the 30th, but there's a slim chance I might be. I was told family will be visiting for the holiday weekend, but plans could change. I am available on the 16th.
  5. In my book, you are still way ahead of us. I was in the stadium for last year's shootout loss to the Timbers. In-person hurts much more, and I got sick to boot (since we didn't get out of the stadium until about quarter to 11, and I had to lecture at 8AM the next morning).
  6. Frankly, for introductory use, I would stick with one trick ponies for the most part. If you have a Superman, you really don't need a brick, an energy projector or a speedster.
  7. Today
  8. Dracula 1958 This is the Hammer Films version of the Dracula story and stars two men who became stalwarts of the company, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as Dracula and Van Helsing respectively. Lee is hypnotic as the vampire and the film contains one of the best climaxes of the series or arguably any of the Hammer films as Van Helsing runs the length of a table and rips open the curtains to let sun into a room where he is battling Dracula. He then forces Dracula into sunlight turning him to ash.
  9. In the name of balance, I have to point out that we only have Amy Robach's vent that the story she'd prepared was solid enough to withstand scrutiny. ABC News made the assertion that "not all of our reporting met our standards to air." Many stories are spiked if editors determine they don't have enough substantiation to be credible. And we have more than one recent example of premature reports having to be rolled back when they were discovered to be in error. Hindsight may be perfect, but it doesn't help decision making in the moment. And it would be dangerous to always take the word of an individual over the word of corporate, just because they're corporate.
  10. The Sounders have two Cups now. Congratulations. Now the Timbers need to win one in 2020 to even things out..
  11. I was about to say "hopefully a dull saber", but if he had hit someone accidentally whether it was dull or sharp would have made little difference (either way it would hurt).
  12. Yep; totally get that--and when we're doing big field combat, I tend to break movement up into segments as well. The house rule was to resolve a Davie-related tactical issue: "I've been 'hit' by the Field of Flames speel (dammit! That's what it was called! Finally remembered it!) and I've deduced that the guy with the wand has an SPD3, and if I stand here in the middle of it for the next two segments, the SPD4 guy with the sword will have to either hold or find a new target, but I can still use my mercurial sandals to get out of here before i get hit again.... " Yeah- that's way more irritating than you can imagine.
  13. Oh No ! Another poster has changed the wording underneath their username ! Will this madness ever end ? And what was wrong exactly with educating Asian mallards ?
  14. Some of those old loincloth and axe films were fun and interesting despite usually being terribly written and acted. Deathstalker 2 is one of the best. Sword and the Sorcerer was much better than its budget allowed it to be.
  15. Given the poor quality of network TV I've been watching either Hogan's Heroes, Married with Children, or Deep Space Nine if it's a good Dominion War episode.
  16. Hrm...that presents some difficulties...the story hook was intended to be anchored around Murgy and establishing both a personal nemesis for him and furthering his seeking immortality arc, wrapping up act 2 of the arc...and more talky and plot revealing and less shooty. But, family first, these things happen. Before I start juggling story elements to work around this I would like some visibility into the future. Can and will everyone be present on Nov 30th? @King Red @Steve @Durzan Malakim @WilyQ @L0rd_Magg0t @Scything
  17. NBC also gives up on shows a lot more quickly than CW will. CW is willing to give a faltering show another few breaks before giving up on it, and NBC basically gives them six episodes to make them a million dollars. Except for late night and news divisions which can do lousy and still be kept around because what else are you gonna run in that time slot?
  18. Two notes related to that: when my parents and I saw Toy Story back when it was released, I wondered aloud if the reactions in the audience were like those to Snow White when it was released. They thought it was a silly question. I seemed to know just what a watershed moment Toy Story was, and that film animation had been changed forever in one stroke. But Snow white really was that transformative The difference between the rotoscoped human characters (Now, the Queen, the unnamed Prince) and the more "cartoony" hand-drawn ones (the Dwarves, the Old Witch) are jarring, but the experience obviously told the Disney animators what worked and what didn't (the Fleischer Brothers' Gulliver's Travels had the same problem). As a result, they found a much more natural compromise in Pinocchio, probably the first animated feature that could truly be described as a great film as opposed to just being a great animated feature.
  19. Here in the land that Eli Whitney and Sam Colt built, the stick is back down on the priority list a bit.
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