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  2. Mmmm...I think Russell Westbrook fits that description a bit better. I'd call Cam's Rebel Without A Clue.
  3. I was thinking of Norah as a jazz pianist rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a jazz vocalist, in something of the same vein as Diana Krall.
  4. I have also used degree of success to determine how long a task takes for skills that have a more nebulous time frame. So for character using a Mechanic skill to repair a vehicle or a scholar doing research with a KS, or a gadgeteer using Electronics and some SS to invent a new gizmo, the more they make their roll by the faster they complete the task. That said, I have also set the time it takes to complete such tasks with an eye toward pacing the plot or for dramatic purpose, so it depends on the situation.
  5. The producers of the show recently announced that they will have a series of interim/guest hosts until a permanent replacement is chosen. It's not entirely surprising that the first of these will be Ken Jennings.
  6. currently at a three way tie for second. Only three total go through...
  7. Because it isn't. Herd immunity doesn't occur with only 1/3 of the people showing antibodies.
  8. Metal Guru This skilled woman is a whizz with anything metal from strengthening it to making it brittle to making it more malleable. She has an aversion to anyone who goes around casually killing people or those whose plans endanger a multitude just for the sake of it. The guru can act remotely by sending mannequins of metal to do the job, or enter the fray herself with a tech suit that deflects bullets. The Guru can also understand computers and security systems.
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  10. In honor of Thanksgiving, here's an oldie but a... well, can't say goodie. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims.
  11. America’s Dive Bars Are Among Those Hit Hardest by Alex Trebek’s Death
  12. Like anything in the hero system skill can be purchased multiple ways. Having a KS, or PS of something accomplished by a full skill is perfectly legitimate and should be encouraged. You can even have different skills of the same name as purchased differently. Generally KS only give you the knowledge of the subject and don’t allow you to actually do anything. PS give you the ability to do something but limited knowledge of the subject. So someone with KS plumbing knows a lot about plumbing and its history, but can’t fix anything. Someone with a PS plumbing would be able to fix the sink, bu
  13. It's not complicated but it's long. Basically you buy +X DC's that only work when the previous attack hits. But you can't just buy it once, you have to buy it as many times as necessary to reach your maximum conceived damage. So if you start at 10 DC's base you have to buy +2 DC's five times to reach 20 DC max. The Limitation on each successive DC add should be higher than the previous and you can also link them. The Limitation will also depend on your OCV,. If you typically need a 15 or less to hit the campaign average opponent don't expect much of a Limitation but if
  14. The way to do it is to purchase a high dice attack and put increasing limitations on each dice past the base. So purchase the normal amount of damage for his punch with no limitations and put ¼ limitation on the first increment, then a ½ on the next, and /34 on the next until you reach the maximum dice. Check with your GM for what he thinks the limitation is worth. If your campaign has limits on damage this probably is not going to work without a waiver from the GM.
  15. The signature song of the late great Bobby Hatfield, one half of the Righteous Brothers (with Bill Medley). This is a recording of his live performance of "Unchained Melody" on the Andy Williams Show in 1965, one of the most romantic songs ever written, performed by one of the most soulful vocalists who ever lived.
  16. http://ffn.nodwick.com/ffnstrips/2020-11-24.png
  17. Hey Rocky! Wanna watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat?
  18. Wait. The thing that all the experts were saying turned out to be true? And the glib contrarian was wrong? This cannot be!
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