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  2. Because nature abhors a paradox and Nebula disappearing would have created many of them.
  3. That might be how they are describing it now, Matt, but the Hulk explains to Rhodie why they can't just kill Thanos as a baby in the womb because that wouldn't help them in the present at all. Think about Nebula. The old one killed the young one. Why didn't she just vanish? She would have if they were using the river and not the many worlds. CES
  4. There are many synonyms for sailors that might be good: gob, hearty, jack, jack-tar, mariner, navigator, salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, shipman, swab, swabbie (also swabby), tar. Salt and tar seem to be pretty common in fiction. Here were some other related terms that also seemed interesting: coxswain, lubber and limey.
  5. Actually the Mobile thing makes sense, that works to explain the cost. The other ones like any area though :/
  6. My big problem with WW84 was the ethical dilemma of a man literally losing his life so that Steve can "live" again. Not very heroic to be honest. She doesn't question the morality of this even once in the movie. Lord's plan and motives are also executed very clumsily throughout. Wiig's Cheetah was actually a pretty good character until the tacked on "animal" transformation...which was beyond forced. The movie was way too long for the story it was telling as well. I didn't hate it, but it was nowhere near as good as the 2017 film.
  7. This is how things usually worked with Marvel Comics time travel (there were exceptions, maybe linked to the different methods of time travel used) up until 2015. But when the company had its Crisis on Infinite Earths-style reboot that year, the setup changed. The various alternate Earths/universes are parallels now rather than branching divergent timelines, and time travelers can go back in the past or come back from the future and make real changes that rewrite their histories.
  8. But the far more interesting and important news is, new case numbers have dropped notably for several days in a row now. It's too early to say anything too strong, but it's quite hopeful.
  9. She is Groot! Sort of.... Again a workable, solid, flavourful build. Again lots of hooks, Can make a good solo or team player.
  10. This is where we don't have enough information. Given that Thanos has been killed twice in one timeline, as I see it we have a two different options as to how this can work and still keep the "you can't change the past" rule in place: (It also occurs to me that the Black Order & very likely a bunch of the chitauri all die twice as well) 1) Past Thanos is from a different timeline which existed briefly but no longer does. That timeline was created the moment the stones were taken, existed to the end of the universe, then "unwound" once the stones were put b
  11. I can tell you personally from experience, I and my GM for Shadowrun had wildly different views on what was Common Sense. Every character I made purchased that Merit simply to help ease the understanding gap between us. Still died due to cleaning roomba, but it helped at least. For the groups I run in, Googling an answer will help you know some of the names and where you might need to start to look for information, but nothing more. Finding information may be a bit easier, but a lot of it will be wrong and contradicting. Using that information is a whole other matter. That's what s
  12. The Russo Brothers started with The Winter Soldier, did Civil War, and then went on to close the Avengers movies. In interviews they stated that Cap went back. It was intended that Cap went back from the time they started with Cap. "I'll take it back because I've always taken it, and I always will."
  13. As always, Terry Pratchett was the master of naturalistic place names. Even when he was making jokes he was creating places where people would actually live. Beyond that, it doesn't hurt to look at actual ports. Even those with relatively short histories have history, society and geography baked into them. Why is this area known as Lady Furgnell's Chair? Because....
  14. There was no Gem. As for the Vision... it was complicated, but in a comic booky kind of way so I was fairly down with it. Spoilers for Wandavision: There were two Visions in Wandavision. The "Normal" red and green one was created by Wanda, but there was mention made that both Wanda's Powers and the original Visions personality/Soul had come from the mind stone, so her version was pretty accurate, self-willed, and had a "spark" of life that was beyond her control. The implication was that she had conjured him, but her Infi
  15. And before anyone brings it up, while the Waterfront has many brothls I don't think there's a specific neighborhood that's notorious for them like, IIRC, London's Isle of Dogs or Whitechapel. Or rather there's a red-light district but it isn't on the waterfront. Dean Shomshak
  16. The closest reasoning I can think for it's pricing is that it provides both mobility and "immunity" to the effect in one. The target of the effect doesn't suffer from the effect is what I mean by the "immunity." As for the mobility, the other Area of Effect options require the Mobile Advantage to move, and that even requires one to use their Attack Action to move it. Surface instead just... coats something. Provides a Shell of some sort. If that something is a person, they can move of their own will and "Impact" others with the Power. While that may be an explanation for why it is
  17. I might have another neighborhood named after a type of ship, so that's welcome. Villers' Men, Ships and the Sea gave various classic Eurocentric sorts, but eh, I'm not sure I want a neighborhood named Sloop or Barkentine. Of course I should have checked Wikipedia, but until last night I was limited to very slow dial-up. It'll take a while to get used to having time to look things up. The horrible district the city guards won't go even in groups is the Shambles. It was the city's first harbor, but eventually filled with silt and garbage faster than it could be dredged.
  18. I was thinking of their warehouses, and where their ships dock: "Medici Wharf" or "East India Docks" - that kind of thing. More generally, a neighbourhood can take on the name of the most prominent feature - "down by the Arsenal" can become "the Arsenal".
  19. Thanks. I had understood he was a construct, but I didn't know if he was fully created by her or just animated. And I suspect that they are planning on dealing with the whole timeline thing in Phase 4, especially when you figure Spiderman - No Way Home, Antman and Wasp - Quantumania and Dr. Strange - into the Multiverse. I also suspect that the eternals will be a result of the changed timeline (perhaps they will make them the embodiments of the Stones, reconstituted in living beings, would be an interesting take and explain where they were when Thanos was snapping the universe).
  20. This would seem to permit novel and disturbing forms of taxation and robbery. I thought of Interfering with this to permit trade in years of life, but I am not yet sure tat Folly would think of that. But Folly might not turn out to be the most destructive god here, after all. I shall have to up my game. Dean Shomshak
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