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Support Your Local Geek Squad character template Hero Designer 6e charact

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Character template for a little different kind of Monster Hunter International game on www.herocentral.net


Face to face role-playing gamers become involved in events way beyond their experience and competency level when they encounter real-life monsters and learn they can get paid for killing them, which is the only way for them to survive the encounters anyway!

Low powered, Hero System 6th edition as described in the licensed, "Monster Hunter International" rule and setting book.

NOTE: CHARACTERS MAY DIE! "Low Powered" means teamwork will be essential, and just getting unlucky could result in a "party wipe out", so please don't play if having a character die would traumatize you irreparably.

Character Creation: Starting characters to be built on fifteen character(15) points, total. All fifteen character points (15) must be matched by Complications.

I. Things not allowed (or not included) in the MHI rulebook: Combat Luck, Missile Deflection, etc.

II. Things imposed as Campaign "House Rules":

Characteristics are Base 8 and Max 13 with x2 cost per point over 13; CV's base 3 with x2 cost over 4; Speed base 2 with x2 cost over 2; PD & ED base 2 w x2 cost over 3; Talents and Perks and Skills x2 cost after first 3 points.

Characters are unemployed and geeks (pick an area of specialization: board games (includes strategy games), card games (includes deck based, i.e. "Magic" ™), comic books, computer games, movies (Action, Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, etc), Role Playing games, video games, etc).

Player characters must be human with no magic spells or previous knowledge about the real world of monsters and magic

Campaign disadvantages that all characters must take for no points:

Wealth: poor

Social Limitation: negative 3d6/-3 modifier to PRE-based rolls (special effect can vary from geek to geek)

Distinctive Features: Geek Clique (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable)

Hunted: Geek Clique character belongs to 11- (As Pow, NCI, Watching)

Rivalry: Geek Clique character belongs to 11- (As Pow, NCI, Watching)

Additionally, each character must have a Complication that keeps them from being on the actual, MHI team, something that either got them "washed out" of training or kept them from being invited at all, either Physical or Psychological or something else we collaborate on (it can be a "mystery complication" that the PC isn't aware of too).

Each character needs to have an area of "Geek specialization" which represents a useless area of expertise. Examples: "Civil War Re-enactment", "Superheroes", "Star Wars", "Prime Numbers", etc.

Characters will get six (6) free points of Knowledge Skills in this area of expertise, but they must be useless and impractical.


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